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Oh look, fanfic! It's been a while...

BtVS, Closer to God Demons, current or former -- so much easier in bed. No white lies, no romance, only the most literal statements of desire. Lilah started out with tenderness, but Anya didn't even want that.

Dead Like Me, five dresses Daisy Adair wouldn't have wanted to die in 2. Brown and orange ankle-length batik print, 1972. Choked on a peyote button while everyone else kept on singing. They thought she was seeing visions.

The Devil Wears Prada, She Likes a Prizefight Miranda looked up again, and the look on her face had gone from uncertain to downright bewildered. "I watch for you every day," she said. "You said things to me that I have never allowed another human being to say without reprisal, and…I still watch for you to walk by. I came to your newspaper office to…and then…" She shook her head, raised a hand to rub at her right temple, and looked at Andy pleadingly. "Can you tell me why I am doing these things, Andrea?"

Harry Potter, 120 Weeks of Azkaban "842 days after people first reported having seen early chapters of a naughty novel set in the wizarding world, notes simultaneously appeared in Fortescue's and the Department of Magical Transportation announcing to a porn-addicted public that there would be no more installments." Various parirings.

House, Things To Do Before You Die "On the fifth day, House wallpapers the windshield of Wilson's Volvo with ads for very expensive Italian cars, the yellow post-it, "#2 - Buy an absurdly expensive car," tucked neatly behind one of the windshield wipers. It takes Wilson half an hour and some awkward jumping over the hood to get all of it off." In which Wilson turns thirty-eight and a half, thinks about kittens, and doesn't have a midlife crisis. But not necessarily in that order.

House, Lazy "She's going to be admitted to her top pick for med school, or batter down the dean's door to find out the reason why. The reason, if it turns out there is one, might be Greg House." Cuddy/House.

House, Ghosts "This isn't, never has been, some Hollywood romance, so he doesn't nearly run her down in a fit of absent-mindedness, and she doesn't slip away like the dreams he reaches for each morning." Wilson/Cuddy, Paris.

House, Survival, Inquiry, and Sophistication "The history of every major galactic civilization tends to pass through three distinct and recognizable phases, those of Survival, Inquiry and Sophistication, otherwise known as the How, Why, and Where phases. For instance, the first phase is characterized by the question 'How can we eat?', the second by the question 'Why do we eat?' and the third by the question, 'Where shall we have lunch?'" House/Wilson

Jeeves & Wooster, Faint Heart, Fair Maiden Honoria Glossup/Madeline Bassett "Madeline ducked her golden head and smiled up through her eyelashes appealingly. 'I know I'm just a silly, but...won't you stay a moment? I feel somehow as though we were meant to be friends, the two of us.'" Femmeslash for teh win!

Kormanfic (I want To Go Home), Supervision "I don't suppose that you would be able to tell me why I've already escaped from Alcatraz once this summer, and you haven't even bothered to show up yet?"

SGA, Happily Ever Five ways Teyla and Sora got a happy ending. After the truth, after the lie, after the storm, after the war, after long silence. Teyla/Sora. (Words cannot encompass the awesome. Seriously.)

SGA, Penitent "At night she wept in her sleep as well, and sometimes woke up with her hands bitten and bloody, as if she had tried to take revenge on them. How comforting it would be, to blame only her hands, or the fingers that pulled the trigger." Fantastic Teyla fic.

SGA, An Earthly Knight He sat down, leaning over and looking at his reflection for a while, frowning. He felt the tip of his ear. They were always that pointed? he wondered vaguely, not sure why it should bother him. I always had those spots, too, right? Tiny faint spots of iridescence just under the skin on either side of his neck, disappearing up under his hair, vanishing under his shirt. He pulled at his collar, trying to look down his body to see how far they went. He was willing to admit that it was a little odd that he didn't already know that.

Sports Night, Doing It Natalie knows something, and she wants to tell many, many people.
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A random assortment of everything except the SGA, of which there is enough for its own post later. Tangentially, I read a BSG/Dead Like Me crossover a little while ago. Does anyone else remember seeing it, and have the slightest clue where I could find it?

Bruno & Boots, Hot Commodity "So let's try this again," she said, pointing to the flow chart she and Diane had specially made for the occasion. "Boots," she tapped her makeshift pointer (which Bruno thought might have once been the bone of an unfortunate previous student) against the stick figure with a blond squiggle on top of its head, "is captain of the hockey team, co-captain of the football team and captain of the swimming team," she tapped the varying sports items drawn next to the plus sign by "Boots."

BSG/GA, The Space Between "Lying in bed her fingers find their way under the cheap fabric of the clothes she's turned into nightwear, and as hard as she tries to think about Derek, she thinks about President Roslin instead."

BTVS/AtS, Les Cousins Dangereux Connor/Dawn "Connor Summers's real memories start coming back that summer.

DS, Ten Things To Get Used To "I think that maybe the biggest shock of moving north was--not the snow, not the cold, not the dark, not the isolation, not the stupendous beauty of the landscape and the eerie feeling that you're living in the middle of the Chicago Zoo because yeah, those are bears and that's a moose and those are wolves and that's a giant fucking bird, whatever it's called. It wasn't even the fact that it gets freakin' hot here in the summertime and turns into a whole different place. No, I think the biggest shock was realizing that Benton Fraser is not like other Canadians."

DS, Aurora "Sprawled out in the bed of Fraser's truck, Ray closed his eyes and for just a moment, it was like he was eighteen all over again, lying back on the hood of the Goat and watching the stars overhead, thinking about what the future held for him. "

GA, The Plan "The thing about it, though, was that it was one of Meredith's plans. Which meant it had to have a downside. And the downside of this one was that, no matter how gorgeous he was, after a month or two of sleeping with Derek every night, she had to admit that loving heterosexual sex with a man who happened to be married was starting to get boring. Or maybe terrifying. Maybe both. At once. Because that was how it worked, for Meredith. Maximum drama, maximum trauma, all the time."

Jeeves & Wooster, fanart. There is a flamingo contained within...

Jeeves & Wooster, a story told in postcards and artefacts I cannot describe the coolness of this in mere words. Go look!

Jeeves & Wooster, With Sheep "Between the gardens and the park lies rather a large ornamental lake, and in the middle of the lake is a smallish ornamental island with a few ornamental trees and bushes. On warm summer evenings, it is quite pleasant to row out to the island and bathe from the side that is away from the hall, with a sheep or five as one's only audience. What is a dashed sight less pleasant is to find, after a refreshing splash, that the small boat and all one's clothing has vanished."

Madeleine L'Engle books, Learning Fear, Polly/Emily. Snippet.

Slings & Arrows, there's an art to the laughter (there's a science) "Turned out Oliver was right. It had all started so well; love is an antidote to madness, Oliver said, and then he had held forth on the difference between madness and insanity and good old garden-variety street performer craziness in the backseat of their taxi, while Geoffrey and Ellen kissed on the other side of the seat, oblivious to anything and everything he had to say. Except that later, after, Geoffrey remembers Oliver saying that madness is, at least, attractive, and Hamlet didn't make him crazy but Ellen might have."
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La, la, la. Down to twelve windows of tabs instead of fourteen. Expect more fic recs sporadically, as I get to it.

BtVS, The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking Oz/Xander "This is Daniel. Daniel's eighteen years old, a pretty bad bass player and a pretty good Duke Nukem player, and his friends call him Oz. When he was a kid, his friends were geeks and nerds. When he got to high school, he was friends with the same geeks and nerds, but now they played instruments which made them cool, somehow. About a year ago, he made friends with a new set of geeks and nerds, but this group fought demons instead of playing instruments. Usually Daniel -- shall we call him Oz, as his geeky, nerdy friends do? -- is very easygoing, but lately he's been quite the cranky puppy."

Discworld femmeslash ficlets, City Watch and Monstrous Regiment characters.

Discworld/HL, Death and Taxes The hair on the back of his neck stood to attention, but his body, better-trained, remained in the sprawling, curiously graceful seated position on the sand. "I haven't talked to you in years," he said, grateful for the terror that numbs the senses.

DW, Waiting to Happen Ten/Rose, "For once it all goes according to plan. There are no alien invasions, no startling discoveries of history gone awry. Just the two of them amidst the throngs of carefree tourists on holiday, just the two of them blending in."

DW, when she came back she was nobody's wife Rose/Rose "She turns a corner and it's her room, but she's already in it. The other her raises a finger to her lips, and she clutches the object in her hand convulsively rather than let it fall and raise an alarm. (She trusts herself instinctively, even if time travel has taught her so much more than that). The other her smiles, lips wide, gleaming rows of teeth, and it's a predator's smile, but she can't help smiling back."

DW/SGA, Taking Time "It didn’t really matter what he called himself as far as John was concerned, he just wanted to know if they were about to be invaded by cheerful Englishmen in blue police cubicles."

GA, Palimpsest "This is them, together. This is Addison, curled around Meredith while she talks and talks about everything and anything but the fact that she's lying in her ex-boyfriend's bed and his wife is running her fingers over the curve of her hipbone."

Good Omens fanart, What is it good for? Pepper, War. Hee.

House, Maui Gold Wilson takes House home for dinner with the parents. "No, not that. That," House said, pointing at Wilson's left hand. "You appear to have a growth on your ring finger. Looks like precious metal. Either I need to start mining you, or you're wearing your wedding ring." "Oh, that," Wilson replied nonchalantly, pointedly keeping his eyes anywhere but on House. "So?" "Well, I just thought that wearing one symbolically declared your eternal love for your significant other. And that thing hasn't left the windowsill in my kitchen for the past three weeks, so I'm assuming your parents don't know about Julie yet," House said carefully.

House snapshot "It starts when House spends a solid forty minutes looking for his Xbox, he sees the Post-It note on the back of Wilson's DVD player saying: CONSIDER THIS YOUR COMEUPPANCE."

House, Eight Days "The Macramé for Dummies book is crammed between three sets of referral paperwork and a note from transcription. Wilson stares at it half a beat before he opens the cover and a note drops out. It reads HAPPY JEW CHRISTMAS in House's distinctively disastrous handwriting."

I Want to Go Home (Kormanslash), This is going to be A Very Long Summer Rudy/Mike. "In the course of his friendship with Rudy Miller, Mike Webster had seen some terrible things – dawn over a small lake in Ontario from the vantage point of a rapidly disintegrating raft; a conga line of camp counsellors, red-faced and jovial, shaking their collective tails to ‘Lion Sleeps Tonight’ led by Rudy himself; on innumerable occasions, the cumulative garbage created by 200 or so healthy young males trapped on an island together; and, though thankfully only blurrily recollected, on the weekend after they graduated high school, the interior of what Mike was pretty sure was a bar full of transsexuals in lumberjack shirts. None of these had really prepared him for the horror that met his eyes as he stepped off the bus at the Camp Algonkian Island dock." Rudy and Mike are clones for the summer. Awesomely perfect in both tone and plot.

Jeeves and Wooster, Jeeves and an Excess of Prudence "After this, an onlooker might have observed a certain froideur in the atmosphere chez Wooster, despite Jeeves’ customary inscrutableness and my own decision to sweep the whole thing under the rug. The camaraderie between us had been put on the back burner, so to speak. Thinks were strained. All was not right with the state of Denmark. Jeeves took to acting as if I was something rather disgusting he would prefer not to have to look at. As time progressed, and the Suit and Prudence continued to hold sway, his “Indeed sir?” began to acquire a tone which would have chilled lemonade." Slash.

Jeeves and Wooster, The Matter of the Bed "Really, sir, I fear that you might find cause for admonition were I to serve as your bedfellow," Jeeves said.

Narnia/Muppets I'm going to go back there someday "Once upon a time there were many Muppets living in a very big house. And four of those Muppets were Kermit, Piggy, Pepe, and Gonzo. Gonzo was not the smallest- that would be Pepe- but he was the strangest, and sometimes he felt very alone. After all, all the other Muppets knew what they were: frog, pig, king prawn. But Gonzo was just a Gonzo. He didn't quite fit in. One day, all the Muppets were playing Hide and Seek in their house..."

SPN, Two For One Pairing: Threesome -- Dean/Brandy/Brandy's friend from Provenance. "So when it became crystal clear after a couple of beers, a phone number and a surprisingly strong grip high up on his thigh that Brandy ("with a Y") and her friend Tania ("with an I") were perfectly willing to come as a package deal, it seemed only fair to offer the blonde to Sam. Sam liked blondes. Dean liked brunettes. It didn't take higher math to figure out which one to toss Sam's way."

SPN, When Siblings eAttack
Imp67: is this sam
Imp67: sam winchester who is soooooo hot
SamIAm: Whoever this is, I'm really busy right now. If you have something to say...
Imp67: i heard you can suck whole watermelons through a garden hose
Imp67: And you're so badass when you're at a loss for words, Sammy
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Okay, I still have seven windows of open tabs, but they're, um. Less densely packed than before.

Rick Mercer is my seekrit TV boyfriend.

If you keeping refreshing the main page at, eventually you'll get a picture of Neil witha plushy Cthulhu on his head.

[ profile] heresluck is sharing Monday poems, yay! Last week's is Trying To Raise the Dead. And this week... When I was in high school, we were instructed to bring in a Canadian poem for English class. One of my classmates brought in Carrots.

These Poetry Month ecards from Endicott Studio are fantastic. So are the poems, like Journeybread Recipe by Lawrence Schimel ("1. In a tupperware wood, mix child and hood. Stir slowly. Add wolf.")

Speaking of poetry (only a month late), the first two Edna St. Vincent Millay poems here do indeed make sense after that snippet of biography I caught on CBC in the car. (And I got to where I was going JUST as they were discussing her many conquests in her all-female college...)

Portland changes its name for a day


Icons, mostly Doctor Who and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.


Angel/BtVS, "To: From: Subject: Question" Epistolary and apocalyse-y mid-series goodness.

Firefly/Sandman, Everybody Dies Alone "You’re Death," he said. She smiled and tapped her nose. "But . . . ain’t you s’posed to be ugly?"
"I think you’re confusing me with dying," said Death wryly. "That can be an ugly business, I’ll admit."

GA, Christina commentfic "Cristina lost her virginity to a boy in high school, because it seemed like something to do."

GA, Seattle Grace's Scandalous Lesbian Affair, as Told Through Sports Terminology 1. First Base: When Izzie and Addison first kiss, they're arguing. Izzie starts respectfully disagreeing with Addison on the walk from a patient's room, until they're both too upset to continue to disagree respectfully, and Addison steers Izzie into an empty patient's room so she can lose her temper.

GO, Trials and Tribulations In which Aziraphale dodges evangelists.

House, Observations Did anybody else notice how Wilson still never got his DVD player back?

SN, The Memory of Hurts "Casey." Dan was earnest. "Just think of it as another assignment, okay? One where we got incredibly lucky with the travel agent, and we know that no one is gonna look at our expense reports."

SGA, Poltergeist "Sleep to sex in under ten seconds. Maybe I'm not sorry I woke you after all." Non-work-safe snippet.

SGA, Offer Extends to the Pegasus Galaxy "You'd think the mission reports would be enough to silence the gossip. Since Elizabeth just tends to sigh, shake her head and say 'I was warned about this, I can't say I wasn't prepared. I brought it on myself by agreeing to head this mission. Did you get the grain shipment?', you'd think they'd stop. But no, it just seems to fuel the nay-sayers."

SGA, 2010 "Just try to remember not to mention aliens in your acceptance speech." And a related ficlet, Class As

SGA, The Scientific Method
"Congratulations, Colonel, I suspect you've just managed to be the first person in history to have an accidental orgy." Ancient techology made them do it!

SGA, Headbangers Ball "Traditionally, Teyla’s people sing only on the most formal and solemnof occasions, mainly to commemorate the fallen. This is music like nothing she has ever known – fiercely, relentlessly joyful, tumultuous and noisy and disorderly, and it haunts her, a thunderous tide at theback of her mind. It feels blasphemous to sing. It feels necessary. She thinks she may know why this is."

SGA, Missionary Position The Wraith was looking at Rodney again, fixedly. "Proceed," it said. "Describe your non-lethal mating procedure." One of the funniest things I've read in a good, long while.

SGA, Hold Hands and Try To Look Sincere
"for a brief moment, John was utterly, utterly sure that Rodney was going to open his mouth again and say something completely and positively true and also completely and positively inappropriate and regarding their sometimes usually-when-under-alien-duress sex life." Hee! Much fun.

SGA, Welcome to the Working Week "Oh, and by the way, it's not actually your job to make coffee. I mean, it's not in your job description or anything. But I'm telling you now: make the coffee. First of all, it's something to hold over Dr. McKay's head, because technically you could stop and he'd shrivel up like a raisin. Second, the days here are twenty-eight hours long, so trust me, you are not going to make it through the period of adjustment without your friend and mine, caffeine. Third, you only have to make the first pot, and anything after that is their job-- yeah, I think the guy before me insisted on that. Anyway, when Dr. McKay is being mean, I usually make the first pot so it makes about a cup and a half. Then I have a big cup of coffee." Fantastically realized futurefic.

SGA, The Last Full Measure of Devotion "So he sets his teeth and lets it happen." Rodney dreams of a better world. Dark. (Easily the creepiest thing I've read since Seven Circles Twisting.)

Traders, Love and Kisses Grant learned about ‘kissing on the mouth’ when he was four. Pyjama’d and teeth brushed and tucked up in blanket next to his Nana on the couch, watching actors in a black and white and gray movie, he asked: "What are they doing?"

Wilby Wonderful, ficlet "Say you meet this genie, and he tells you can have whatever your heartdesire. Anything you want," Duck says, and then he waits.
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A Christmas Carol, Safety in Numbers "Dick Wilkins, to be sure!" said Scrooge to the Ghost. "Bless me, yes. There he is. He was very much attached to me, was Dick. Poor Dick! Dear, dear!"

CSI, Inventing Games Out of Everything "It was a win-win situation. The grand slam would be talking them into a threesome, but Greg knew that was about as likely as an asteroid hitting the strip on that one no-good Monday when he was five minutes late for work."

BtVS, Second Kiss "You bloody wanker!" Spike said, throwing his other pillow at the closing door. "And are you trying to get me killed? Between your sister, Connor and Big Blue, basically I should just kiss my bollocks good-bye." Dawn/Spike

Firefly, Tussle "It’s one of them rare times when they’re dirtside, healthy, and flush. Nobody got shot during the dealings, they got the coin in hand, and Mal’s been uncharacteristically ready to wait until morning before taking off again. Jayne isn’t sure why." Jayne/Mal, darkish with consent issues. Whether that is a deterrent or a recommendation is entirely up to you.

SGA, How To Succeed In Sex Slavery Without Really Trying "And then they bring out the fur-lined manacles and the silk sheets!" Rodney yelled.

SGA, Paper Moon "But they are also famed for a spiced liquor, in addition to their love of art and beauty. It is served at all their social gatherings." Teyla patted the cushioned bench beside her, and John gave her a raffish grin. Drinkin' at the drive-in. Now that was entertainment.

SGA, Superpowers "Rodney McKay and laser beams of Lesbos." (How can you NOT read a fic with that summary?)

Some quote icons from Monstrous Regiment.


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More links coming in the not-so-distant future, now that I've fixed my internet.

Sign-up is open for the Get Cordy Laid ficathon. On the anime side of things, [ profile] yuri_challenge is now open to claim a request. (Yuri=femmeslash, for the non-anime folk on my flist.)

Some icons, including HP fanart, and Libby Bray's A Great and Terrible Beauty books.

Meg Cabot posts a vid-lit of a day in her life as a writer.

Buffy and Angel, Five Lovers Cordelia Chase Could Have Totally Had, If She'd Wanted Them "Touch her again and I’ll kill you." Oddly enough (for one of my recs), all het.

Firefly, Serenity as Told By the Muppets More fan art than fanfic. Must be seen to be believed.

Grey's Anatomy, Addison kisslets "Kissing Meredith *was* to get back at Derek. If it were for her, it would have been Izzie, all blonde and pretty and competent."

QAF US, Why Alcohol and Justin Don't Really Mix “Hey,” he says... or rather, slurs, but since everybody else at the table is also slurring he figures this is no big deal. He holds his drink aloft, some pink concoction that Emmett bought on Round Whatever-The-Fuck, and continues, “Have I mentioned that these are really, really good drinks?”

SGA, Coup! Badfic challenge. "Rodney and Atlantis trade bodies and a fight for John's luv ensues. Rodney tries to figure out a way to get his body out while Atlantis finally figures out what a man can do." [...] "When John is summoned to an early-morning meeting, he's more than happy to leave his 2IC with his hangdog expression and another two hours worth of inventory, even though Elizabeth's got that weird tone in her voice that means 'problematic' but also 'kind of cool'."

SGA, More Than "The wall clock said it was 1:45 in the afternoon; he'd left for lunch at 1:00 and a quick bank run--which gave him half an hour before Carter started calling at mind-bogglingly annoying three and a quarter minute intervals. Then, he'd call Rodney who'd send in the Air Force, so John figured that in the interest of saving NORAD, the United States Air Force, the local FBI bureau, the Colorado Springs police force, and himself a terrifyingly humiliating public relations incident he should probably get out of this hostage situation on his own."

SGA, Mission Reports "As of right this moment, mission reports will include only details pertaining to the status of negotiated treaties, trade agreements, or possible ZPMs. All medical details will be filtered through Dr. Beckett. As far as the Atlantis mission is concerned, don't ask, don't tell has been replaced by I don't want to know!" Flashfic documentation challenge.

SGA, Plants Flashfic documentation challenge. Short and sweet Katie fic.

SGA, Program Results "Subroutine: Daedalus\engineering\alphashift\boardroom.exe" Hermiod is perplexed.Flashfic documentation challenge.

SGA, Executive summary of the 2,037th ICCAAS human population assessment. Carried out by the Standing Committee on Statistics and Research of the Interstellar Commission for the Conservation of Ancients and Ancient-like Species (ICCAAS) during the 29,856th Wake Cycle. [Translated from the Wraith.] Flashfic documentation challenge.

SGA, Twenty Four Hours With a Rodneysaur "Rarr!" Rodney said, which didn't reassure John, but spending the evening trapped in a room with a small bored dinosaur was probably not going to be much fun.

SN, kissing snippet "Happy birthday," Casey said, and stuck an envelope under Danny's nose.

Check out the Wilby Wonderful Fanfiction index, maintained by [ profile] pearl_o!

Here's a Buffy-centric but widely applicable essay on writing fight scenes.

An interesting post on language and gender.
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Making my way through the many, many open tags. Haven't touched the bookmarks yet. Here's the first two windows' worth.

Pimping first: here's the sign-up post for [ profile] femslash06.

BTVS, A Slow, Steady Cadence She buried her head under Willow's pillow and spoke into the covers. "College is worse than high school. And boringer." Buffy and Willow bonding. Awww.

BTVS, Fire in your Blood Dawn/Willow, wishverse.

Firefly, Shone a Light and Called It a Star "Jayne's mind ain't been settled since they left Miranda, and this thing with Mal ain't helping matters." Jayne/Mal. Awesome Jayne voice, and the slow build-up is perfect.

Grey's Anatomy, Appendectomy "Surgery is a series of small things." Meredith misses the small things.

Mary Poppins (movie), from [ profile] femslash100, #51, lust "I can't very well go gadding about with just any Tom Henry on my day off, can I?" When Jane asked Mary why she'd come to her, this was all the answer she got. Slash.

SGA, Important: Do Not Kill the Scientist Flashfic documentation challenge. "Dear Staff Sargeant Pedersen and Kitchen Staff of Atlantis, Without me you would all be dead several times over. Since I have prevented your horrible and untimely demises please return the favour and keep these lists handy and available to all kitchen staff at all times. I would recommend memorizing their contents because yes, they are that important and yes, I will keep asking." Just fun.

SGA, Performance-Based Acquisition Flashfic documentation challenge. It's about "the incident."

SGA, Moka "Major," Rodney answered, his voice breaking with emotion. "They're roasting coffee beans." Slash. Hurt/comfort. Long and plotty, and has some very creepy moments. Also, will have you craving a really good cup of coffee. (Provided you drink it. Mmmmm, dark roast...) Highly recommended.

SGA/SV, untitled bit of crossover CRACK "When Rodney abuses his top-secret LexCorp security clearance and bursts into Lex Luthor's penthouse apartment, he finds John Sheppard wandering around in some skintight jeans and nothing else."

SGA, 404s "ZPM cannot be displayed. The ZPM you are looking for is currently unavailable. The technology might be experiencing procurement issues, the power signature you are seeking might be almost depleted or you may need to adjust your sensors to detect it." Flashfic documentation challenge.

Angel and Buffy bloopers! Awesome!

All sorts of things found in the comments thread of this femmeslash ficlet-a-thon.

From [ profile] book_icons, Harry Potter iCons.
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BtVS, Very Vampires "At the end of the day, Darla made one and Dru made one, because after decimating an entire wine cellar of exceptionally well-fed pseudoaristocrats, neither of them was really hungry for two. Dru ate Lilah. She tasted like smooth, thick chocolate and soft warm fruit and fear, so much fear, that melted as she took more and more blood. Lilah looked like a doll, and the more color drained from her skin, the more Dru adored her. Darla had to remind her to feed her, so she wouldn't be lost to time. Darla ate Lindsey. He tasted kind of like ham." Too funny.

BtVS, Drown Dawn/Lilah. "On the Giant Scoreboard of Good, she figured that going to morally ambiguous bars to ogle the same sex was really kind of a minor offense, all things considered." Lovely Dawn-voice.

DS, 10 reasons to hate Ray Kowalski by Raymond Vecchio 1. His big mouth, 2. His clothes, 3. His hands... Ray/Ray.

DS, Closet Case Ray K. and Fraser, and inlaws. "So I'm less than happy when I'm woken up by construction sounds at 3 in the morning. Only in Chicago would some dumbass think 3 am is an acceptable time for carpentry. I get up to pee, and it's the queerest thing, because the hammering and sawing sound like they're coming from my closet."

DS, Dorothy "He sat down and watched as Louis toed off the sequinned red pumps and stuck his feet up on the coffee table with a sigh." Kowalski/Gardino, and queer as queer can be.

Good Omens, A Local Habitation "He wondered on what grounds he could write off spending an afternoon spying on a hospital for young ladies with leprosy. Harassment, maybe, or voyeurism. No, harassment wouldn't do; they didn't know he was there. And while the hospital was called St. James's, he doubted that St. James had actually had a hand in building it. In fact, he was willing to bet that good old Jim had stayed as far away as possible." St. James's park has its own illustrious history. Has illustrations! (I love Aziraphale's umbrella.)

Here is Greenwood, Happiness Through Good Works "Mitsuru hit the wall next to Shinobu's bed with his fist and moaned like a mating cat. Shinobu wondered if that was Mitsuru's inspiration, either out of inexperience or perversity, or perhaps he just needed a sound that Hasukawa would recognize." (Good Greenwood fic makes me very happy!)

HP, Open Your Mind Snape/Charlie Weasley. "I'm to tell you a message," the Malfoy said, breaking Charlie's train of thought. "I've come here with Snape, who says he needs the cover the preserve offers but knows he'll trip the charms." Interesting premise and pairing here.

SGA, Fellow Traveller, part one and part two (complete). The team meets an alien who may or may not be helpful. There are misunderstandings, and Wraith. "Really," Rodney muttered, mostly absorbed in taking energy readings. "I don't recall any incompetent transvestites with head injuries in our little community. Of course, there's Dr. Pierce in Biology, but I certainly wouldn't call him incompetent..." This should totally be an episode! Gen.
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It's that time of year again--the time of seasonal fic-giving is upon us. Knowing my own procrastination quite well, I didn't sign up for any fic exchanges this year, but I do get to read everyone else's presents!

This list is mostly Yuletide fic, but with some random others as well. (Yay for Yuletide's rarefic!)

Buffy, Widening Gyres Giles/Ethan "When lighting the candles for spells, Ethan always circles the lit match first. Three times widdershins, once clockwise. Only then, finally, does he touch the flame to the wick." Warnings at the top of the fic.

Calvin and Hobbes, Transmogrification "The doctor tells them he's got something called Eighty H-D, and gives him some pills to take for it. He wonders how many HD's a kid is supposed to have, and what it means that he has 80 of them. He doesn't feel sick, but maybe he is, and if he's lucky he'll get to stay home from school. If he's even luckier, they'll raise money for him on TV and he can get parts for that new tele-porter he and Hobbes started to build." Calvin at six, ten, twelve, fourteen, sixteen, and eighteen.

A College of Magics by Caroline Stevermer, Four Yules for Jane Brailsford "Faris looked up when she saw Jane and sang out: 'With a knight of ghosts and shadows, I summoned am to tourney,' before breaking off in giggles. Faris's aim was superb; Jane soon had snow in her hair and down her gown."

Dead Like Me, And Never Lose Affection "So, what Rube has figured out in his long and illustrious (un)life is this: It's all about give and take. What is given may not be given freely, and what is taken may not be what's offered, may seem cruel or capricious, but there is an exchange." Also, there's tapioca pudding.

Dead Like Me, Some People Ride the Wave "It is not immediate, nor is it sudden. It is insidious; it creeps in and appears when George least expects it, like an unpleasant foot fungus. Except it is not unpleasant (in fact, by its very definition it is the opposite), and it is not a foot fungus." George takes up yoga.

Dead Like Me, Bedtime Story (with Strawberries and Cream) "Shut up, Daisy," snapped Roxy. "What you broke, is the law. And it don't matter if this guy's the biggest jerk in the state, you don't go around throwing rotten eggs at his car."

due South, Gift Exchange Three days before Christmas, Fraser’s mother arrived for a visit. To say that he hadn’t been expecting her was an understatement.

Fire and Hemlock by Diana Wynne Jones, The Story of Thomas Piper (As Told by Thomas Lynn) Polly said, "All right, then. Tell me the story of how you were never Laurel's, and maybe the next young thing she has her eye on will get away." (Yay! DWJ fic makes me happy!)

The Fire's Stone by Tanya Huff, The First Moving Picture Show "Dear Cousin Kesin," Darvish said, and "Nine bugger him. But not via me." He supposed this mess was to be expected. Kesin remained heir to Chandra and Chandra's father, Lord Balin, until she produced children of her own. And with all of Kesin's own offspring around to remind him of what he had to lose if Darvish did what prince-consorts do- "If Kesin's spawn weren't all such brats, this wouldn't be a problem."

Firefly, Just Desserts Zoe turned her attention back to Wash. "Husband, you haven’t denied me too many things since we’ve been married, ain’t that so?" Wash nodded, eyes going wide, as if that might be the wrong answer. "And I want you two to play nice. I want to see you two boys kiss and make up. I want to see you really feeling comfortable with each other. I want this and like I said," her wide mouth flashed a smile like a beacon in a dark sky; "You owe me one."

Harry Potter, Arctic Fires "John Lyon, keeper of the Ellesmere Fire, held both hands out to the glow of the much smaller indoor fire that lit the room. Behind him, the Hersheban beetle clock struck twelve." A lovely Potterverse take on a certain Christmas personage.

Tipping the Velvet, The Beggar's Wish "If Florence was busy from January to November, then she tripled her efforts at the year's end. She wrote enough letters, it seemed, to keep half of London's postmen hard at work, and for the whole month of December I never saw her sit down to a meal, or stay in the house for more than half an hour when she wasn't asleep. By Christmas I was threatening to tie her to the bedposts; when I said that she looked at me over the spectacles she wore for book-work, and her arch smile made me quiver." (Loves) I cannot tell you how thrilled I am by Tipping the Velvet fanfic in general, and this one in particular!

Utena, Brief Unveilings Anthy/Kozue. " 'Nothing you don’t want done,' she replied, and she was suddenly wearing a red dress, wet and heavy with water turning to blood, and her eyes swallowed her whole and brought her to a place where she could never see the light again, and she laughed while the water swirled around her and suffocated her and her body shook as she tried to get free." A lot of the fic dones't really touch on the darkness at the centre of this series, let alone how truly creepy Anthy can be. This does, very well. Mmmm.

More later!
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I am using my happy wombat icon, for though I don't have carrots, I do have chocolate-dipped ginger. Mmmmm.

Links! Many, many links! More later, when I finish with the rest of my tabs.

Babysitter's Club, Postcardathon results. This one's for [ profile] queenzulu.

BtVS, Miraculous "Giles, you have to do something," Buffy said, and there was more panic than whine in her voice. "I'm not ready for this! It's too much responsibility! I don't have room! I don't have those little walkie-talkies! I don't have--a college degree!"

BtVS, Fallen Princesses "Slayer!" Drusilla gasped through a split lip that trickled down blood. "Naughty slayer come to finish me off....the stars...! the stars....they whisper lies"

BtVS/Angel, Burkle, W., & Calendar, J. (1995). A non-linear representation of eight months in the lives of two graduate students. Really, the title says it all.

DS, more kidfic from [ profile] pearl_o here and from the same continuity by [ profile] lalejandra here. Ray Vecchio died in June, two weeks after Carrie came home for the summer.

HP, Cedric Diggory is very very gay a love story told in screencaps.

SGA, Pegasus in Flight About the boy who wanted to fly.

SGA, Alterations John hadn't always wanted to be a doctor.

SGA, Still "On PX-3456 Ronon gave Sheppard a clump of dirt."

SGA, Office Space and Other Tools of the Villanious Plot For the [ profile] undermistletoe challenge "The Billionaire's Bodyguard." “You made him wear a collar?” “Yes, though the bell was more the point of it really,” Rodney says, the corner of his mouth slanting into his distracted ‘idiots, idiots, why am I fixing the mistakes of idiots’ expression.

SGA, Bell Curve, 9/10 "You know I have this thesis I'm working on?" John asked sarcastically. "You're just looking for an excuse to cheat on me with Norton," Rodney shot back, and handed John a muffin. "Here, it's cranberry walnut. Eat it before I steal the top." And John would, because he recognized a love token from Rodney when he saw one.

SGA, The Top of the List Rodney comes to the rescue. “That guy was—look, you don’t have to deny what—happened to you, I think, I mean, I saw—“

SGA, The Spare When she pressed her back against the ridged back of her chair, her fingers white against the armrests, Elizabeth said, "It is your duty to the empire to marry Rodney McKay."

SGA, Feeding Frenzy The pairing is anyone/everyone. Incredibly un-work-safe, incredibly funny.

SGA, WWII desktop No, not fic, but damn nifty.

Young Wizards, drabble. The pairing? Lone Power/Nita.

Some Macdonald Hall quotes on icons.

[ profile] girlwank, the watch journal for [ profile] femslash_today, is collecting holiday fic challenges with femslash. So if you know any that need to be added to the list, let them know! (That would be things like the [ profile] saffic holiday challenge!)

And speaking of challenges, there's The Alantis Urban Legend Slash Challenge.

A new SGA community, [ profile] stargate_legos. Hee!

Cool Roman legion T-shirt from glarkware.

Neil Gaiman's blog: Here at we're painfully aware that, after five years of me blogging, we're alienating a whole new generation of blog-readers for whom a middle-aged male author maundering on about writing stuff is, frankly, pretty stale. We need a breath of fresh air, just like Winnie the Pooh. Therefore the rest of this blog entry will be written by Skippy, a fictional six-year-old tomboy and computer genius, with a small number of endearing catchphrases.

I wholeheartedly agree with [ profile] spike21's 10 things that technology seriously needs to invent right now.

Same-sex marriage ruling a positive step South Africa will be the first African nation to legalize same-sex unions.

The American Library Association makes members pay the registration fee to speak at conferences. I cannot tell you how wrong this is. Gyah.

And now, I need to go get some shopping done. I am afraiiiid...
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Clearing out my tabs. Many more bookmarked to go back to later. But for now...

Angel, Intervention With the Vampire "Angel, we're not judging you. We're concerned about you. We want to help you." She smiled at him again, and, really, this was getting scary. Had she always had that many teeth? "We think you have Seasonal Affective Disorder. You were a lot better in Pylea, with the sun." (Highly, highly amusing.)

Angel, Into the Woods Fred/Lilah. Sort of AU-ish, pre-series, in so far that Fred is working in Wolfram & Hart's library.

Buffy, Candygram! Worst Case Scenario Challenge, how to fend off a shark. In which Dawn is kick-ass and there is sushi.

Buffy, In the Bleak Midwinter Xander/Dawn. No, really. "I told you she thinks we're useless," Dawn says, kicking at a clump of snow as they walk down the sidewalk towards St. Catherine's. "Everyone else is out on a raid of the lair of the most dangerous vampires since prohibition, and we're looking for a life-size plaster baby Jesus stolen from a nativity scene."

Century Hotel, Best Man Spoilers for the David Hewlett bits of Century Hotel.

CSI, Stop Whispering Jillian Stokes thinks it's a good idea to retrieve a few things from Nick's townhouse. Post-Grave Danger. Nick/Greg.

Good Omens, A Hole in the Hedge "If anyone asked her, Pepper would say that she doesn't remember much about that time. She thinks it's better that way."

HCL, Groupie "Billy goes missing for a couple of days, though that's nothing unusual. He convinces himself that it's just one of Billy's stray cat things until Ox says something about having run into Billy at the fucking UBC art cinema, which, okay, what the fuck?" Mmm, HCL.

HP, Double Happiness Masala Lupin/Snape, nonmagical AU. "Severus had been told that the computing department would send someone to get rid of the virus that had gone through the pharmaceutical department like, well, like the disease it was described as. He disliked intensely the idea of anyone rummaging through his hard drive. But he especially disliked having Remus Lupin in his office."

HP, Society Pages "Honestly, Pansy," her mother said, just before biting down on a cream cake. "You're acting like you've never been betrothed before." Pansy Parksinson/Lavender Brown

HP, The Little Death Viktor/Cedric. Warnings at the top of the fic. Um, so not work-safe.

A Little Princess, Princesses Live Happily Ever After "Sara has discovered that listening to other people’s stories is even nicer than it is to tell her own. Becky swears loyally that Sara’s are always the best and although Sara knows that that can’t be true, Becky saying it gives her a funny, warm feeling in her chest."

Mr & Mrs Smith, Pushover "Oh, don't be such a baby," Jane said. "I'm really not sure about this," John said. Not work-safe, aka smut!

Narnia, Poleis Parts one and two of a WIP (part two linked at the end of part one.) "And that was how Edmund found himself the owner of a smooth-limbed eunuch."

QAF US, Brian Kinney Saves the Universe One morning as they were eating breakfast Brian set down the newspaper he was reading and said, "I should be a senator."

SGA, nine things john has loved and lost*
*and two things he's learning to trust will be there when he needs them
What the titles says. Awesome fic, and an interesting experiment with footnotes. (If I remember right, mouse over them to get a pop-up box with the footnote in it. May require some fiddling with settings if you use a pop-up blocker.)

SGA, Bell Curve 8/9 "On Sunday morning, Rodney woke up late and when he stumbled out of bed he found John sitting on the floor of the living room, the Los Angeles Times opened like newsprint butterfly, wings all over his floor as John methodically read every story out of the science and technology section. Rodney maybe fell in love with him but probably not, since Rodney had kind of been falling in love with John all of Saturday and for at least an hour on Friday while John was editing his thesis."

SGA, Cannonball Sweet little snippet about a heatwave and team bonding. ... Okay, that totally sounds smutty, but this one's completely gen, really!

SGA/Angel, Outward Bound Gunn/Ronon. "He was roughly twelve feet tall, with caramel skin and hazel-green eyes and the motherfucking sexiest sidearm that Gunn had ever seen, if a surface-to-air missile could qualify as a sidearm just because a twelve-foot-tall man strapped it to his thigh. He probably had Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, he looked sort of lost and childlike when he was forced to quit patrolling and come inside with people, and he ate oatmeal with his fingers."

SGA/Father Ted Major Ted “What about M8R-271?” Elizabeth asked. “M8R-271?” His hands were back in his lap, fidgeting again. “The planet where Sergeant Doyle forced an entire village to drink her tea. At gunpoint.” Hee. I love [ profile] sga_fusion.

SGA fanart, a seasonal little cartoon.

SV, teaser for the end of Visiting Hours LUTHOR HEIR VICTIM OF HATE CRIME By Lois Lane, Staff Reporter

Stargate Wallpaper Database, including SGA, SG-1, and the original movie.

[ profile] femslash_today is a multifandom weekly newsletter for--what else?--femslash, yay!

The Straight Dude's Guide to Brokeback Mountain. "This necessarily presents a dilemma: how to make her happy and endure your first gay-themed movie where guys actually make out on a very big screen right in front of your face? And that’s where I come in. I’m a red-blooded American male homosexual movie critic who’s already seen “Brokeback Mountain.” And I could just tell you how great the film is, that it’s really powerful and moving and all that, but that isn’t what you want to hear. So I have some viewing tips for you, my straight brothers. I promise I’m only here to help..."

Here's a current Funky Winkerbean plot arc about comics and censorship.

From one of my daily web comics, Catharsis, Sometimes holiday cookies go horribly, terrifyingly wrong.

Liebrary. Like Balderdash, but with books.

From Library Land, a blog post about the pros and cons of Library Elf, which lets you track multiple personal library accounts, and sends email remindesr about your overdues.
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Have I mentioned that [ profile] queenzulu wrote me the truly awesome This is Wonderland fic Beachware for my birthday? Because she did and it is. "Everything is already planned. All the details are set, and you are not going to mess them up, nothing is messing this up, especially not you. You might be a judge, but everyone knows you're a crazy judge. Sir."

Angel, Domination "Cordelia threw them out a little after three, just as Wesley was about to send troops into Paraguay."

BtVS/AtS, Emerging "After five dates, Spike still didn't know they were dating, and Xander was okay with that. He didn't want to spook the guy. They went to the movies a few more times, and out for drinks, and once to a gallery opening, because there was a postcard for it in the café and Xander had never been to one. Openings were boring, he decided, but there was free wine and crackers and you could mock people. Spike and he clearly had the same interests in that direction."

DS, Ice "OK, this? This is stupid, Fraser, this is illogical, because, in case you haven't noticed, it's still snowing. You shovel now, two-three hours later, you gotta come back out and do it all over again. What you do is, you wait until it quits, then you do the whole thing once, then you go collapse and have a beer."

DS, Four Ways Benton Fraser and Ray Kowalski Never Met, and One Way They Did The one where Fraser's grandmother moves them down to chicago and they meet in junior high is just exactly the way it would be.

Firefly commentfic containing Big Damn Serenity spoilers. Autumn is a state of mind.

Firefly, The Instant of a Wreck " 'Hell no. Nothing can -- nothing can touch me.' Dicarlo's words came harsh and broke from his mouth, but there was a plea hidden in his tone. His eyes were screwed shut, his mouth a grimace in his pale face. In Mal's eyes lust suddenly looked like terror."

Firefly, Eight First Kisses River often wonders about her first kiss.

Good Omens, Come and See "Famine isn't aware of the point at which he becomes himself. One moment he was, a freefloating cruelty in distended bellies and parched mouths; the next he was a man."

Good Omens, Eight Nights "The first night, Crowley didn't even notice anything different in Aziraphale's shop. The angel normally put up some ratty bits of tinsel and coloured lights, and once Crowley had had his ritual yearly sneer at them they could be ignored. The only reason he was here, he told himself, was to see what the angel was up to. Aziraphale was up to something, that was certain. His phone call had been very suspicious."

Good Omens, Revisited and Riding Out It was another nice day.

SGA, Eight Ways John and Rodney Gave Themselves Away "Beckett finds out in one of those awkward conversations you sometimes have to have with your doctor, the type made even worse when said doctor starts blushing about halfway through and can’t stop. But bloody hell, it’s not his fault! He’s a geneticist, for Christ’s sake--genes don’t generally tell you embarrassing secrets about their sex lives and then hit you up for more condoms!"

SGA, a spiffy Rodney character study, from John's point of view. "Rodney's scared: his mouth is slashing downward at an even stronger angle than it usually does, his eyes are bright and wild, and he's belting out, John estimates, probably about a hundred thousand words per minute, the edges and ends of each of them precise and laser sharp."

SGA, The Theory of John "Sometimes, Rodney thinks John has the power to make him stupid."

I'm sure most of you who would want a Rodney/John t-shirt have seen them here. But just in case you haven't.

Then there's the The Curmudgeony Librarian Superstore. I want a "Will Storytime for Food" t-shirt.

An awesome rant on fandom and male privilege.

Electric kettles vs stovetop. Which gives me the impression that stovetop kettles are far more common in the States. Huh.

Here's an article on Bay Area writers and their workspaces

Paul Gross's latest project, Film to capture tragic WWI battle of Passchendaele.

[ profile] violetisblue is posting yummy-sounding recipes.

Gakked from [ profile] simplelyric, who always has the cool media-related news, Bend it Like Beckham sequel, Rupert Grint on playing Ron Weasley, and Joss Whedon Cheers on Buffy's Alumni.

DRM This, Sony! Scary article on Sony and Digital Rights Management.

Alarm clocks are bad. How to wake up and feel better.
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Fic, vids, and some assorted stuff at the end. The usual.


Little Things "They lie together on the hard little bed with the sheets that don’t turn back. Waiting; waiting for the roof to move." Skin-crawlingly creepy as only SF can be.

Requiem "When it's over he wanders out into the cool evening air, hand pressed over his mouth, eyes hot and wet." Rodney goes to a concert and is moved. Which doesn't quite capture the eloquent grief in this short snippet.

Passing"You can pass, can't you?" Rodney said, finally. "You can pass for normal."

Temporary Engagement When CEO Elizabeth Weir needs someone to pose as her fiance, she turns to her administrative assistant, one Radek Zalenka... ([ profile] sga_flashfic and the Harlequin challenge strike again!)

Fearless, Mindless Fancy John is Mulder to Rodney's Scully. It is an AU, there is a haunted house, and it's all even funnier if you've seen way too many haunted house documentaries. (Like the truly cheesy Creepy Canada...)



If I Were Gay made me laugh. A lot.

Wraith Wraith Bug is cracktastic. (But you should watch the Llama Llama Duck vid first, as linked with the SGA vid, if only to get some idea what the words are.)

Hallelujah as an SGA vid, and even though the Firefly one is still what I think of first, this is an awesome vid in its own right.


More fic that's not SGA:

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy slash, Second Best Arthur learns that "not if you were the last man on earth" means exactly that.

Due South/Harry Potter crossover
How to Spot a Rabid Animal Two wolves, no rabies.

Firefly/Buffy, Her Vorpal Sword in Hand, River/Cordelia.

Angel, The Role of Fred Burkle Will Be Played by Charlize Theron "It was a good thing Harmony was sober, or things might have gotten out of hand..." Fred/Harmony. Fun!


Misc stuff:

Offbeat New Tokyopop series. I love my shoujo/shounen ai manga! Where else can you get taglines like "Not Your Usual Boy Meets Boy Story..."? I think I'm going to have to pick up at least the first volume of this...

Things I’ve learned from British folk ballads "Don’t ignore warnings. If someone tells you to beware of Long Lankin, friggin’ beware of him. If someone tells you not to go by Carterhaugh, stay away. Same goes for your mother asking you not to go out hunting on a particular day. Portents about weather, particularly when delivered by an old sailor who is not currently chatting up a country maid, are always worth heeding." It goes on from there...

CBC on Demand Free CBC shows online! Including The Newsroom and two seasons of Kids in the Hall.


I've still got links from while I was away, and the couple days before that, and also, a con report. Which I may actually write sometime befoe next summer. (Actually, I'll have to do something with it soon, since I was the official taker of quotes all weekend, and I'd hate it if they went to waste. Mwah.) Also, [ profile] mockingspike has filked [ profile] queenzulu's con experience. It's called "I'm Sorry, Larry Niven," and is genuinely more fact than fiction. Especially the bit about the naked swimming.
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The usual--more links. SGA fic and meta, books, and some wildly miscellaneous stuff.

Eight Days Ronon's forgotten how to live indoors.

A Sandwich Story John/Rodney/Radek, and all in pursuit of a turkey sandwich.

Another Word for Optimism "In which Rodney has coffee, optimism, luck with Ancient tech, and absolutely no tact whatsoever."

Containment I said that Rodney shouldn't weep in fic, and [ profile] special_trille pointed me to this fic and proved me wrong.

Quest "Now, now, we'll need those for our sacred quest to spring McKay from slavery."

Clockwatching When the really sleazy aliens offer you a ceremonial drink? You might have some slight cause for concern...

Something BorrowedIt wasn't his personal item.

The Accidental Husband John accidentally gets married. Rodney doesn't approve.

Lingual Rodney/Ronon. Ronon likes puff pastry.

[ profile] kormantic has an absolutely cracktastic Buffy/SGA crossover idea.

An interesting post on slash, 'shipping, and platonic love.

And another on SGA characterization, Elizabeth Weir, and Ronon. Likewise, some Teyla meta.

Imperfect is a short Mary Poppins character piece. Mary Poppins and Mrs. Banks.

The trailer for Brokeback Mountain is up. (Gay cowboys!)

And here's an interview with Matt Damon and Heath Ledger about Brothers Grimm and Brokeback Mountain.

U.S. Teenage Girls Prefer Japanese Heroes Gee, manga written for Japanese girls appeals to North American girls too, who'd of thought?

2006 nominations for YALSA's Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults are up: Criminal Elements, Books That Don't Make You Blush: No Dirty Laundry Here, Disease and Disorder, and GLBTQ

A short rant on YA SF.

The longlist for the Guardian First Book Award is up.

The BBC plans to put shows online.

An editorial on teen books with sexual content. "It's not an issue appropriate for children, I'm told. Excuse me, but the issue here is children. If somebody's child doesn't think it's all right to talk about this, nobody's going to jail."

Turn Flickr images into magazine covers, looks like fun.

This site is just as time-sucking, if more disturbing. Lets you mouse over airbrushed photos, and see what the model looked like before all the digital enhancing.

Mindset of the Class of 2009 "In the coming weeks, millions of students will be entering college for the first time. On average, these members of the Class of 2009 will be 18 years old, which means they were born in 1987. Starbucks, souped-up car stereos, telephone voicemail systems, and Bill Gates have always been a part of their lives."

And some sheer and utter strangeness: The Rocky Horror Picture Show enacted in thirty seconds by bunnies.
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([ profile] queenzulu, you were right. It did take me ages to do this. Heh.)

dvd meme )

In other news, birthday party for my darling [ profile] troutkitty tomorrow night! 7:30!

We're also planning on catching some of the movies showing at the Fairy Tales Film Festival over the next week. (Anybody else want to come? [ profile] queenzulu?)

link-link-link )

FoodTV has just informed me that lemongrass and citronella are the same thing. Huh.
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What with the whole general busy-ness and trip to Edmonton this weekend, I was almost a week behind on lj come Monday. And after spending most of the evening catching up, I have more than twenty open tabs.

(dumps a slew of links into lj)

Here's an interesting news article on accessibility from one of my library lists, Visually impaired struggle with smart machines.

Also, a New York Times article on how Nancy Drew is becoming a graphic novel. (You can go to bugmenot if you don't want to register to view it.)

From the Chronicle of Higher Education, Why Didn't I Get Hired, which is pretty much about academic libraries.

Tack-O-Rama is all fifties-style clip art and images, and is something that I think [ profile] mimisgrotto would enjoy.

[ profile] simplelyric posted
a selection of poems
from The Hell with Love: Poems to Mend a Broken Heart.

There's a new lj group for Twitch City, [ profile] twitchcity,
which has resulted in the first season and the first ep of the second being available for download here. Also, Twitch City recs here.

Black Book is Ilyria/Dawn fic, and makes fantastic use of Buffy-verse mythology.

And a DS/HCL xover featuring Joe as a guiding angel.

Pathogenesis and Intervention by Shalott is House/Wilson fic, and clever, with funny bits.

[ profile] queenzulu is posting about truly bad fic.

And though I've only had time to glace at it,
The Darth Side: Memoirs of a Monster, Journal of Darth Vader, Lord of the Sith and Servant to His Supreme Excellency the Emperor Palpatine
looks highly amusing.

I've been sending off job applications. I still need to do three more, but the postings don't close for any of them until the end of next week at the earliest, and one of them needs letters of reference I'm still waiting to hear back about. Also, must send off general letter to pricate school libraries.


Instead, I am going to poke at Alice/Nancy fic, and write angst and misunderstanding. (Poor Nancy...) I suspect this is why I couldn't get any further in the charmingly-titled "tiw-nancy-slash.txt." It's gotta be angsty, dammit! And is going to be longer than I'd originally thought. Hopefully, I'll actually finish it. Heh.
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I have a large amount of tabs open. (dumps armload of links into lj) Wheee!

Here's an interesting post about Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell.

[ profile] brighidestone has been writing fic snippets: Firefly, SG-1 and American Gods, Farscape and Buffy, and a Wrinkle in Time universe.

Speaking of Firefly, here's a cool Simon vid. And Laura Shapiro's remastered a bunch of her vids! (Including the X-Files vid "Rook." And the Scully vid "More than Human" is incredible. And Due South and Buffy, too! You will need to email her for a password, but she's very obliging.

I just finished reading this Due South Hockey AU last night, and it is fantastic! She's reworked the universe beautifully, and almost all of the important recurring characters from the series show up in very cool ways. And there's all these cool footnotes, and quoting from Roch Carrier's The Hockey Sweater. (And oh dear lord, the bit about Victoria is truly gut-wrenching.) Ray is simultaneously a slut and a closet case, which works surprisingly well. And Fraser's relationship with Mark Smithbauer is um, very interesting. And Dief, oh Dief.

The original Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy game is up on the BBC's website in a new, graphic-y version! It still plays like a text-based game, though. I foresee myself wasting many hours on it.

It's old news by now, but the cover art for the new Harry Potter book has been released. Also, J.K. Rowling has posted The Ballad of Nearly Headless Nick to her website.

Another good way to spend many hours: the New York Public Library's just opened their digital gallery. Very cool stuff, like
The Floating World: Japanese Color Woodcuts by Kitagawa Utamaro
, a 'friendship book' from the circle of Percy Byssche Shelley, Medieval and Renaissance Illuminated Manuscripts from Western Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim in Early Prints and Photographs, and Turn of the Century Posters.

Some older links kicking around my desktop: about the word "fag", a cool HP snippet about Sybill Trelawney, and a study on how much a SF/F writer makes.

Things I need to do this weekend, in no particular order: Finish reading [ profile] guyindkny's book. Finish book for review (it's Canadian historical fiction this time, and, er, doesn't stand up well to the Jane Yolen book I just finished). Catch up reading GN-LIB (graphic novels for libraries) mailing list posts, and make appropriate revisions to graphic novels for libraries workshop. Get a large chunk of outlining and referencing done for online YA resources workshop (registration permitting, both of these are running at the beginning of April). Finish cover letter for job posting I desperately, desperately want. Do laundry. Iron large pile of clothes. Brush the cats. Go to friend's birthday party tonight, roads permitting. Go over to parents' tomorrow so my father will stop nagging me about doing my income tax.

In the next ten minutes goals: Pry [ profile] troutkitty away from Zuma game. Shower. Find food.
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.... for links? A whole chain of links? (Except they're not really linked to each OTHER, and are all unrelated.) A clamour? A slew?

Anyhow. I've got a bunch of tabs open, and I'll lose it all! forever! if my computer is unco-operative and crashes. So with no more further ado...

Buffy fic, The One in the Cave by [ profile] eliade, Spike/Xander, kinda PWP-ish, but the set-up is incredibly amusing.

I still need to read Hawks and Hands by [ profile] dsudis. A long and plotty Due South hockey AU!

Flying Blind is a lovely little bit of Due South fic from the incomparable [ profile] speranza, written for the [ profile] ds_flashfiction necking challenge. And the same challenge also produced Getting There by [ profile] resonant8 which just made me smile.

Getting There is Firefly, a bit of Zoe/Wash sweetness. The last line is what did it for me. *g*

And some snarky House fic over here. Sort of House/Wilson.

On a non-fic related note, Neil Gaiman's got a new audio CD out! (covets)

I need to get dressed and get moving. Fooood...
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I believe I promised links. So here's the fanfic side of what I've been reading lately.

Mweh. Dark is Rising/Harry Potter crossover. Makes me very happy.

And on the oh-dear-god side of things, first, there's this fun bit of fluff, Queer Eye for the Spike Guy, which is amusing if occasionally makes no sense. And then there's the Joe, You Ignorant Slut crossover challenge. This is me, falling off my chair with much amusement and no little amount of terror. Not in the least because I'm contemplating HCL/Firefly, Joe/Jayne. (C'mon, [ profile] queenzulu, I dare you to shock me with a pairing for this!)

And speaking of which, then there's [ profile] lynnmonster's Ego Collision, a DS/HCL xover. Mmmmm. Happy me. Then there's [ profile] sister_wolf's insane Hippy & Punk: The Amazing Adventures of Blair & Joe.
Part I: Location: Somewhere over Canadian soil
Part II: Location: Somewhere in the Canadian wilderness
Part III: Location: Outside the Secret Lair of the Bad Guys
Part IV: Location: Inside the Secret Lair of the Bad Guys
It's now crossed over with assorted other fandoms, including XF. Happy me, once again!

Also, there's now two lj communities for slashing Gordon Korman books. *snerk* Go check out [ profile] exaltedkarpoozi and [ profile] scrimmettes. However, be warned, things that bring me great glee may horrify others. Mwaha.
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Need to catch up on fannishness going on. (Need to finish one of the four or five This is Wonderland fic I've started in the past month. Heh.) Need to fiddle with icons since I'm vaguely bored of my current ones. Cannot justify getting paid account JUST for extra icons right now. Damn my randomly occuring sensible streak.

I was considering just saying to hell with it and posting the DS/HCL xover that's ben mostly done for several years now. I've filled in the missing bits lately. But it still feels vaguely uneven and I'm not entirely happy with it. (Even though I found out that Aukestrel already did Joe/Fraser, I, er, still like my version better. Because it's not quite as nice.)

[ profile] afrai is randomly writing a Smallville/Discworld crossover thing. It looks something like this. Annnd it seems to be friends-locked. Oops. So just go and read her other fanfic. because, hey, very cool Good Omens and Discworld slash.

HCL/TS? I was much amused by this Canadian shack crossover. But then again, I would be. And if you haven't seen the original Canadian Shack challenge... 101 stories by thirty writers in sixty-two fandoms. (One of which is Jeeves and Wooster, incidentally.) Go read.

While I'm linking, the Little Black Dress challenge aka Kryecek in crossover land, and many others including the MAry Sue challenge live on Te's challenge page here. (Because everyone has to read Tangerine Fairchild's License to Kill. "Hogwarts, check, makeover, check. Oh *crap*-- I'm late for catching the serial killer.")

Speaking of which, this is fandom.


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