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Hmm, time to clear out my links file and start anew with the *cough* nine windows of open tabs.

Addams Family/Angel, Her Beauty and Her Terror Wednesday/Harmony. Amanda Buckman moved to California, changed her name, and became a vampire. Wednesday can't help but approve. "It has in fact been a decade since Wednesday had Amanda Buckman tied to a stake and doused with kerosene. She remembers the fear in her eyes as she struck the match. Wednesday may not have changed - she is older and her chest finally filled out, a lot - but Amanda, she can see, is truly no more. The soul is gone, and in its place something darker, older. It's quite disturbing to think of that girl, that pretty, blonde girl as she knew her that Summer, becoming a creature of the night. Wednesday, naturally, approves."

DS, On Strike "Frannie is sick of guys. The way they smell, the way they don't listen, the way they either hit on you like you're a piece of meat or ignore you like you're a nun. They don't notice when you dress up for them, they never know when you need a compliment, they don't respect you, see who you really are, all your potential that's just bursting out all over. Men. They're pathetic. Frannie's on strike. No more men." Frannie/Meg Thatcher.

HCL, untitled fic Postfilm, and Joe's still messing around with Billy's things. She sits down on one of the flat rocks. Feels warm. “Who are you?” “Call me Joe. We’re gonna go a long way, you and me,” he says with a grin.

HP, Are You There, God? It's Me, Draco Harry and Draco are straight Aurors. Then they're gay teachers. It makes sense in context."Of course, they hadn't actually been holding hands. A melting hex cast by one of the spies had bound their wrists together by the skin, and neither of them had had time between briefings and debriefings to get to a Healer to get it fixed. Wizard press had never been particularly hampered by the burdens of proof and truth, however, and so the Evening Prophet headlines had screamed GAY AURORS IN LOVE and much had been made of the epic tale of Harry's and Draco's supposedly-former schoolboy enmity which had, in a long-standing tradition embraced by romance novel readers and writers everywhere, gradually morphed into a deep, passionate, frequently sweaty love." Post-OOTP, no spoilers for DH.

HP, End of the Line Hell was, Snape decided, a crowded railway platform. DH spoilers!

HL/Angel, Antiquaires, "In which there are quips, a book, a sword, an immortal who cannot die, an erstwhile rogue demon hunter, and an unknown quantity of scotch." Methos/Wesley.

Shrek, Snow White and the Treasures of Beauty Sleeping Beauty/Snow White. "It was strange having breakfast without the dwarves arrayed around her table, making as much noise as seven - now six - little men wanting to sound bigger than they were could. It was quiet here, with nothing but birdsong and a slight purring snore to emphasize the lack of song and noisy eating. She moved Beauty's head slightly to get to the toast, feeling her heart move in quite a new kind of tenderness."

SGA/Torchwood, A Ring in the Black Sea She did not pair with people of her own tribe, because that would cause conflict among them. She did not pair with her team for the same reason, although Rodney and Ronon--but not John, not for women, at least--were passionate men and would, she was sure, be willing. And she did not have time to seek a companion among the others on Atlantis. She still did not understand their exhausting sexual taboos. "Come," Teyla said. "Let us find a bed." Het and slash and sheer awesomeness!

SPN, And this is Home "The east block is the nicest. Dean hasn’t seen the cells in the other wings, but by his estimation they’ll either have crappy views or miss the sunlight entirely. His cell has a good view of the church and if you really crane your neck, when the sun rises, you can see the light glinting off the stained-glass windows; it’s like a ripple of ruby and emerald and sapphire. Dean prefers to stare out the window at that first thing rather than the blacktop wasteland of the exercise yard, listening to the creak of the link-chain fence that surrounds it." Gen.

Torchwood, The Supply of Time "Listen to me," Jack breathes in his ear. "You're not meant to be bachelor Uncle Ianto forever, alone with his young, secret lover until he dies. You're not meant to fall to a Weevil, or to come back to life again and again because I can't stand for anything else. Get out, Ianto, while we've had a good run that hasn't been spoiled by your stubborn refusal to see that things are finished, that you're done here."

Transformers/SPN More than Meets the Eye, Wincest. "The yellow robot was reaching down for them, and all of a sudden the Impala backed up a few paces, smacked her hood down and her doors shut, and then she was unfolding rapidly and standing up and up and up, gleaming black and silver, and she reached out and grabbed the yellow robot's hand before he could touch them. 'They're mine,' she said firmly." Now with fanart!

Transformers/SPN Look What My Baby Can Do "He’s stuck between instantaneous glee and horror, because Dean’s standing right next to the impala robot, and aren’t all giant car robots evil?" Gen.
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Here, have some random fic links.

DS, The Food of Love In which Ray runs a catering company, and Fraser is having a wedding to be catered. AU.

DS, Pas de Deux In which Ray runs a dance studio, and Fraser takes lessons.

Heroes, Traces Hiro/Ando. "He would have three different apartments in New York City, and he knew their locations and color schemes, their narrow horror-movie hallways and pervasive odors. Some patterns were harder to grasp, however. Twin beds in the first apartment, exchanged for one creaky queen-size that engulfed his third New York bedroom. Sounds in the bathroom that he couldn't account for as he spied on his own future habits."

House/SG1, Hotel Sex Daniel/House. "Inevitably, Dr. Jackson comes looking for him. House has moved over to the buffet. There's shrimp. He has, so far successfully, defended the shrimp bowl from unwanted incursion. Unfortunately, it's impossible to juggle the needs of a drink, a silly little plate, and his cane, so he can either eat or keep moving." (And make sure you click through the link at the end to get to the epilogue-y bit afterwards.)

Torchwood/Jeeves and Wooster Timely Advice "Mr. Harkness, I regret to inform you that Mr. Wooster will be unable to accept your interesting invitation, as I have taken the liberty of disposing of your note without informing him of it. R. Jeeves"

Torchwood, That Old Black Magic "Ianto makes coffee, drinks coffee, shares coffee, buys coffee, spills coffee, ruins coffee, loses all taste for the stuff, and learns a few things along the way."

And now, I really should go to bed. Good god, I need a weekend.
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...to your semi-regular dose of fanfic links.

CSI, Fibonacci A cracktastic premise (hooker!fic), made into real. Greg/Nick. "I know how this works," Greg had said. "You don't have to wine and dine me. Cops get freebies." And it was kind of hilarious in retrospect the way Nick's eyes had widened in unexaggerated horror, how he'd said, mortified, "I meant coffee! Real coffee!" and how Greg had been so shocked stupid all he could say was "Oh."

Kormanverse, I Want to Go Home, Five Things That Hang On the Wall Of Rudy Miller's Home Office 1. A green pennant, with the following text, slightly faded, printed in white: UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO TRIVIAL PURSUIT CHAMPION. One day, eight weeks since the last time Mike and Rudy had a moment alone together. Sequel to A Very Long Summer and AVLS Epilogue: II. MAde of awesome.

SGA, A Slightly Different Quality of Light John sees, for a single split second, every single atom in Atlantis, every piece of information and stream of data, every problem and interface and the answer to every single mystery--the full weight of a city and its people and its 10,000 year old history and then he sees nothing at all because it's being pulled out of him, like a black hole draining a star.

SGA, Tab A Slot B "The men spend the entire meeting trying not to stare at each other's tits and failing miserably."

SGA, Two-Stepping "I didn’t know what had happened then, really." Katie’s still talking to her knees. "But I thought – some of what he said didn’t sound like Rodney, so..." Laura Cadman/Katie Brown

SGA/X-Men, With Wings So Bright They Burn "He blinked, and looked again. Where every other expedition member had their mutant abilities listed, there was a short, black line in McKay's file. McKay was human. Entirely human, and maybe John had sensed that somehow, maybe that was the reason for his spontaneous dislike, despite McKay being actually kind of cool underneath his asshole exterior."

Torchwood, Employee Benefits "He wants to see how much I want this job, I think for a minute, and then we’re back and working and it doesn’t matter, because I’m thinking; working; my brain’s ticking like I’m high on something other than Neapolitan pizza and coffee and the results are starting to make sense, I can see a pattern emerging and I’ve got a grin the size of the Bristol channel because this is just fucking brilliant." Jack/Owen

Supernatural, Under Hill "Can't we just kill a bunch of elves without having to talk about our feelings?" Dean said. "We don't know anything, okay? Maybe we hate each other's guts. Maybe we're just partners, like cops or something."


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