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SGA, Prime (Alpha Centauri 4) "Two weeks in bed was a pretty bad deal when you spent most of it celibate and partially chitinous." John/Rodney/Ronon

SGA, untitled fic snippets by [livejournal.com profile] rageprufrock. Including a high school AU, and Rodnet undercover as a kindergarten teacher. Hee!

SGA, Sand and Sea John. Rodney. A beach, and some quiet domesticity.

SGA, He's Having His Baby! "There are times when John is reminded painfully of the fact that Carson's a research physician and not a general practitioner, because any normal doctor wouldn't be saying, 'I'm sorry--I've just got to do an anal exam--I have no idea how this is scientifically possible.'

SGA, Butterscotch "Sheppard's looking at him like he's butterscotch." Ronon/Sheppard.

Chicago Tonight's Entertainment Velma/Roxie. "You've been a wonderful audience."

Discworld, Cross'd. "Oh, we have a much more romantic plan than that," Julie assured her. She leaned closer to Magrat and confided in an excited whisper, "We're going to kill ourselves! Then everyone will be sorry! Isn't that the most romantic thing you ever heard of? Couldn't you just die?"

Due South, Knowing. "Of all of the things I need in my life, casual sexual encounters facilitated by my roommate-cum-partner are not high on the list."

SGA/Hitchiker's Guide fusion-crossover-thingie Infinity Plus One John Shepplebrox from Betelgeuse Five.

Men With Brooms, Throwing Off Glass. "These weren't the best guys in the world, or the brightest, but they were her guys."

Johnny Maxwell, Bags of Time. "A trolley containing time in plastic shopping bags seems a bit mundane. But it works."

Shawshank Remption slash, which makes me want to rewatch the movie. I haven't seen it since the first time, about ten years ago. Andy/Red, post-movie, lovely and warm and full of saltwater and sun.

Strangers in Paradise drabbles, including a Sandman crossover.

Young Wizards, The Right Place Tom/Carl. Post-High Wizardry. (I so wish I still had that "Because the lone power could totally kick Voldemort's ass" icon...) And there's a Young wizards fic community, [livejournal.com profile] myriadwords.


Not Necessarily Fanfic:

The Tiger Strikes Again, a newspaper article about Bill Waterson and Calvin and Hobbes.

CNL has SG-1 DVDs on sale for under $35 for most seasons.

Meg Cabot's blog is every bit as fun as her books. I especially like the Oct. 5 entry (scroll down to see it) about the boyfriend store.

Firefly ref in one of the webcomics I read. And some awesome Serenity meta from [livejournal.com profile] cesperanza.

Universal Pictures Picks Up Joss Whedon's Goner "According to Variety, Universal Pictures has paid seven figures for "Goner," a fantasy thriller spec script Joss Whedon wrote and will direct." Also, "[Whedon] acknowledged he has been toying with a TV project that would continue the Buffy the Vampire Slayer universe, focusing on Spike, the punk-haired vampire played by James Marsters." Eee! There needs to be a Joss show on the air, there just does.

Pics from the newest issue of the official Stargate magazine.

[livejournal.com profile] queenzulu is taking drabble requests. [livejournal.com profile] mockingspike wants a Muppets/Coupling crossover... The twisty working so fhis brain never cease to amaze me.

[livejournal.com profile] naked_bandit's son says the best stuff. But we knew that already.

I have icon angst. I'm trying to decide if I should rotate out either my SGA icon or my TiW icon to use my Buffy Halloween one again. (It has Giles! In a sombrero! Fiesta Giles!)
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Fic, vids, and some assorted stuff at the end. The usual.


Little Things "They lie together on the hard little bed with the sheets that don’t turn back. Waiting; waiting for the roof to move." Skin-crawlingly creepy as only SF can be.

Requiem "When it's over he wanders out into the cool evening air, hand pressed over his mouth, eyes hot and wet." Rodney goes to a concert and is moved. Which doesn't quite capture the eloquent grief in this short snippet.

Passing"You can pass, can't you?" Rodney said, finally. "You can pass for normal."

Temporary Engagement When CEO Elizabeth Weir needs someone to pose as her fiance, she turns to her administrative assistant, one Radek Zalenka... ([livejournal.com profile] sga_flashfic and the Harlequin challenge strike again!)

Fearless, Mindless Fancy John is Mulder to Rodney's Scully. It is an AU, there is a haunted house, and it's all even funnier if you've seen way too many haunted house documentaries. (Like the truly cheesy Creepy Canada...)



If I Were Gay made me laugh. A lot.

Wraith Wraith Bug is cracktastic. (But you should watch the Llama Llama Duck vid first, as linked with the SGA vid, if only to get some idea what the words are.)

Hallelujah as an SGA vid, and even though the Firefly one is still what I think of first, this is an awesome vid in its own right.


More fic that's not SGA:

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy slash, Second Best Arthur learns that "not if you were the last man on earth" means exactly that.

Due South/Harry Potter crossover
How to Spot a Rabid Animal Two wolves, no rabies.

Firefly/Buffy, Her Vorpal Sword in Hand, River/Cordelia.

Angel, The Role of Fred Burkle Will Be Played by Charlize Theron "It was a good thing Harmony was sober, or things might have gotten out of hand..." Fred/Harmony. Fun!


Misc stuff:

Offbeat New Tokyopop series. I love my shoujo/shounen ai manga! Where else can you get taglines like "Not Your Usual Boy Meets Boy Story..."? I think I'm going to have to pick up at least the first volume of this...

Things I’ve learned from British folk ballads "Don’t ignore warnings. If someone tells you to beware of Long Lankin, friggin’ beware of him. If someone tells you not to go by Carterhaugh, stay away. Same goes for your mother asking you not to go out hunting on a particular day. Portents about weather, particularly when delivered by an old sailor who is not currently chatting up a country maid, are always worth heeding." It goes on from there...

CBC on Demand Free CBC shows online! Including The Newsroom and two seasons of Kids in the Hall.


I've still got links from while I was away, and the couple days before that, and also, a con report. Which I may actually write sometime befoe next summer. (Actually, I'll have to do something with it soon, since I was the official taker of quotes all weekend, and I'd hate it if they went to waste. Mwah.) Also, [livejournal.com profile] mockingspike has filked [livejournal.com profile] queenzulu's con experience. It's called "I'm Sorry, Larry Niven," and is genuinely more fact than fiction. Especially the bit about the naked swimming.


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