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A random assortment of everything except the SGA, of which there is enough for its own post later. Tangentially, I read a BSG/Dead Like Me crossover a little while ago. Does anyone else remember seeing it, and have the slightest clue where I could find it?

Bruno & Boots, Hot Commodity "So let's try this again," she said, pointing to the flow chart she and Diane had specially made for the occasion. "Boots," she tapped her makeshift pointer (which Bruno thought might have once been the bone of an unfortunate previous student) against the stick figure with a blond squiggle on top of its head, "is captain of the hockey team, co-captain of the football team and captain of the swimming team," she tapped the varying sports items drawn next to the plus sign by "Boots."

BSG/GA, The Space Between "Lying in bed her fingers find their way under the cheap fabric of the clothes she's turned into nightwear, and as hard as she tries to think about Derek, she thinks about President Roslin instead."

BTVS/AtS, Les Cousins Dangereux Connor/Dawn "Connor Summers's real memories start coming back that summer.

DS, Ten Things To Get Used To "I think that maybe the biggest shock of moving north was--not the snow, not the cold, not the dark, not the isolation, not the stupendous beauty of the landscape and the eerie feeling that you're living in the middle of the Chicago Zoo because yeah, those are bears and that's a moose and those are wolves and that's a giant fucking bird, whatever it's called. It wasn't even the fact that it gets freakin' hot here in the summertime and turns into a whole different place. No, I think the biggest shock was realizing that Benton Fraser is not like other Canadians."

DS, Aurora "Sprawled out in the bed of Fraser's truck, Ray closed his eyes and for just a moment, it was like he was eighteen all over again, lying back on the hood of the Goat and watching the stars overhead, thinking about what the future held for him. "

GA, The Plan "The thing about it, though, was that it was one of Meredith's plans. Which meant it had to have a downside. And the downside of this one was that, no matter how gorgeous he was, after a month or two of sleeping with Derek every night, she had to admit that loving heterosexual sex with a man who happened to be married was starting to get boring. Or maybe terrifying. Maybe both. At once. Because that was how it worked, for Meredith. Maximum drama, maximum trauma, all the time."

Jeeves & Wooster, fanart. There is a flamingo contained within...

Jeeves & Wooster, a story told in postcards and artefacts I cannot describe the coolness of this in mere words. Go look!

Jeeves & Wooster, With Sheep "Between the gardens and the park lies rather a large ornamental lake, and in the middle of the lake is a smallish ornamental island with a few ornamental trees and bushes. On warm summer evenings, it is quite pleasant to row out to the island and bathe from the side that is away from the hall, with a sheep or five as one's only audience. What is a dashed sight less pleasant is to find, after a refreshing splash, that the small boat and all one's clothing has vanished."

Madeleine L'Engle books, Learning Fear, Polly/Emily. Snippet.

Slings & Arrows, there's an art to the laughter (there's a science) "Turned out Oliver was right. It had all started so well; love is an antidote to madness, Oliver said, and then he had held forth on the difference between madness and insanity and good old garden-variety street performer craziness in the backseat of their taxi, while Geoffrey and Ellen kissed on the other side of the seat, oblivious to anything and everything he had to say. Except that later, after, Geoffrey remembers Oliver saying that madness is, at least, attractive, and Hamlet didn't make him crazy but Ellen might have."
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La, la, la. Down to twelve windows of tabs instead of fourteen. Expect more fic recs sporadically, as I get to it.

BtVS, The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking Oz/Xander "This is Daniel. Daniel's eighteen years old, a pretty bad bass player and a pretty good Duke Nukem player, and his friends call him Oz. When he was a kid, his friends were geeks and nerds. When he got to high school, he was friends with the same geeks and nerds, but now they played instruments which made them cool, somehow. About a year ago, he made friends with a new set of geeks and nerds, but this group fought demons instead of playing instruments. Usually Daniel -- shall we call him Oz, as his geeky, nerdy friends do? -- is very easygoing, but lately he's been quite the cranky puppy."

Discworld femmeslash ficlets, City Watch and Monstrous Regiment characters.

Discworld/HL, Death and Taxes The hair on the back of his neck stood to attention, but his body, better-trained, remained in the sprawling, curiously graceful seated position on the sand. "I haven't talked to you in years," he said, grateful for the terror that numbs the senses.

DW, Waiting to Happen Ten/Rose, "For once it all goes according to plan. There are no alien invasions, no startling discoveries of history gone awry. Just the two of them amidst the throngs of carefree tourists on holiday, just the two of them blending in."

DW, when she came back she was nobody's wife Rose/Rose "She turns a corner and it's her room, but she's already in it. The other her raises a finger to her lips, and she clutches the object in her hand convulsively rather than let it fall and raise an alarm. (She trusts herself instinctively, even if time travel has taught her so much more than that). The other her smiles, lips wide, gleaming rows of teeth, and it's a predator's smile, but she can't help smiling back."

DW/SGA, Taking Time "It didn’t really matter what he called himself as far as John was concerned, he just wanted to know if they were about to be invaded by cheerful Englishmen in blue police cubicles."

GA, Palimpsest "This is them, together. This is Addison, curled around Meredith while she talks and talks about everything and anything but the fact that she's lying in her ex-boyfriend's bed and his wife is running her fingers over the curve of her hipbone."

Good Omens fanart, What is it good for? Pepper, War. Hee.

House, Maui Gold Wilson takes House home for dinner with the parents. "No, not that. That," House said, pointing at Wilson's left hand. "You appear to have a growth on your ring finger. Looks like precious metal. Either I need to start mining you, or you're wearing your wedding ring." "Oh, that," Wilson replied nonchalantly, pointedly keeping his eyes anywhere but on House. "So?" "Well, I just thought that wearing one symbolically declared your eternal love for your significant other. And that thing hasn't left the windowsill in my kitchen for the past three weeks, so I'm assuming your parents don't know about Julie yet," House said carefully.

House snapshot "It starts when House spends a solid forty minutes looking for his Xbox, he sees the Post-It note on the back of Wilson's DVD player saying: CONSIDER THIS YOUR COMEUPPANCE."

House, Eight Days "The Macramé for Dummies book is crammed between three sets of referral paperwork and a note from transcription. Wilson stares at it half a beat before he opens the cover and a note drops out. It reads HAPPY JEW CHRISTMAS in House's distinctively disastrous handwriting."

I Want to Go Home (Kormanslash), This is going to be A Very Long Summer Rudy/Mike. "In the course of his friendship with Rudy Miller, Mike Webster had seen some terrible things – dawn over a small lake in Ontario from the vantage point of a rapidly disintegrating raft; a conga line of camp counsellors, red-faced and jovial, shaking their collective tails to ‘Lion Sleeps Tonight’ led by Rudy himself; on innumerable occasions, the cumulative garbage created by 200 or so healthy young males trapped on an island together; and, though thankfully only blurrily recollected, on the weekend after they graduated high school, the interior of what Mike was pretty sure was a bar full of transsexuals in lumberjack shirts. None of these had really prepared him for the horror that met his eyes as he stepped off the bus at the Camp Algonkian Island dock." Rudy and Mike are clones for the summer. Awesomely perfect in both tone and plot.

Jeeves and Wooster, Jeeves and an Excess of Prudence "After this, an onlooker might have observed a certain froideur in the atmosphere chez Wooster, despite Jeeves’ customary inscrutableness and my own decision to sweep the whole thing under the rug. The camaraderie between us had been put on the back burner, so to speak. Thinks were strained. All was not right with the state of Denmark. Jeeves took to acting as if I was something rather disgusting he would prefer not to have to look at. As time progressed, and the Suit and Prudence continued to hold sway, his “Indeed sir?” began to acquire a tone which would have chilled lemonade." Slash.

Jeeves and Wooster, The Matter of the Bed "Really, sir, I fear that you might find cause for admonition were I to serve as your bedfellow," Jeeves said.

Narnia/Muppets I'm going to go back there someday "Once upon a time there were many Muppets living in a very big house. And four of those Muppets were Kermit, Piggy, Pepe, and Gonzo. Gonzo was not the smallest- that would be Pepe- but he was the strangest, and sometimes he felt very alone. After all, all the other Muppets knew what they were: frog, pig, king prawn. But Gonzo was just a Gonzo. He didn't quite fit in. One day, all the Muppets were playing Hide and Seek in their house..."

SPN, Two For One Pairing: Threesome -- Dean/Brandy/Brandy's friend from Provenance. "So when it became crystal clear after a couple of beers, a phone number and a surprisingly strong grip high up on his thigh that Brandy ("with a Y") and her friend Tania ("with an I") were perfectly willing to come as a package deal, it seemed only fair to offer the blonde to Sam. Sam liked blondes. Dean liked brunettes. It didn't take higher math to figure out which one to toss Sam's way."

SPN, When Siblings eAttack
Imp67: is this sam
Imp67: sam winchester who is soooooo hot
SamIAm: Whoever this is, I'm really busy right now. If you have something to say...
Imp67: i heard you can suck whole watermelons through a garden hose
Imp67: And you're so badass when you're at a loss for words, Sammy
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Okay, I still have seven windows of open tabs, but they're, um. Less densely packed than before.

Rick Mercer is my seekrit TV boyfriend.

If you keeping refreshing the main page at www.neilgaiman.com, eventually you'll get a picture of Neil witha plushy Cthulhu on his head.

[livejournal.com profile] heresluck is sharing Monday poems, yay! Last week's is Trying To Raise the Dead. And this week... When I was in high school, we were instructed to bring in a Canadian poem for English class. One of my classmates brought in Carrots.

These Poetry Month ecards from Endicott Studio are fantastic. So are the poems, like Journeybread Recipe by Lawrence Schimel ("1. In a tupperware wood, mix child and hood. Stir slowly. Add wolf.")

Speaking of poetry (only a month late), the first two Edna St. Vincent Millay poems here do indeed make sense after that snippet of biography I caught on CBC in the car. (And I got to where I was going JUST as they were discussing her many conquests in her all-female college...)

Portland changes its name for a day


Icons, mostly Doctor Who and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.


Angel/BtVS, techsupoort@demons.com "To: wrosenb@ucs.edu From: queenc@lanet.com Subject: Question" Epistolary and apocalyse-y mid-series goodness.

Firefly/Sandman, Everybody Dies Alone "You’re Death," he said. She smiled and tapped her nose. "But . . . ain’t you s’posed to be ugly?"
"I think you’re confusing me with dying," said Death wryly. "That can be an ugly business, I’ll admit."

GA, Christina commentfic "Cristina lost her virginity to a boy in high school, because it seemed like something to do."

GA, Seattle Grace's Scandalous Lesbian Affair, as Told Through Sports Terminology 1. First Base: When Izzie and Addison first kiss, they're arguing. Izzie starts respectfully disagreeing with Addison on the walk from a patient's room, until they're both too upset to continue to disagree respectfully, and Addison steers Izzie into an empty patient's room so she can lose her temper.

GO, Trials and Tribulations In which Aziraphale dodges evangelists.

House, Observations Did anybody else notice how Wilson still never got his DVD player back?

SN, The Memory of Hurts "Casey." Dan was earnest. "Just think of it as another assignment, okay? One where we got incredibly lucky with the travel agent, and we know that no one is gonna look at our expense reports."

SGA, Poltergeist "Sleep to sex in under ten seconds. Maybe I'm not sorry I woke you after all." Non-work-safe snippet.

SGA, Offer Extends to the Pegasus Galaxy "You'd think the mission reports would be enough to silence the gossip. Since Elizabeth just tends to sigh, shake her head and say 'I was warned about this, I can't say I wasn't prepared. I brought it on myself by agreeing to head this mission. Did you get the grain shipment?', you'd think they'd stop. But no, it just seems to fuel the nay-sayers."

SGA, 2010 "Just try to remember not to mention aliens in your acceptance speech." And a related ficlet, Class As

SGA, The Scientific Method
"Congratulations, Colonel, I suspect you've just managed to be the first person in history to have an accidental orgy." Ancient techology made them do it!

SGA, Headbangers Ball "Traditionally, Teyla’s people sing only on the most formal and solemnof occasions, mainly to commemorate the fallen. This is music like nothing she has ever known – fiercely, relentlessly joyful, tumultuous and noisy and disorderly, and it haunts her, a thunderous tide at theback of her mind. It feels blasphemous to sing. It feels necessary. She thinks she may know why this is."

SGA, Missionary Position The Wraith was looking at Rodney again, fixedly. "Proceed," it said. "Describe your non-lethal mating procedure." One of the funniest things I've read in a good, long while.

SGA, Hold Hands and Try To Look Sincere
"for a brief moment, John was utterly, utterly sure that Rodney was going to open his mouth again and say something completely and positively true and also completely and positively inappropriate and regarding their sometimes usually-when-under-alien-duress sex life." Hee! Much fun.

SGA, Welcome to the Working Week "Oh, and by the way, it's not actually your job to make coffee. I mean, it's not in your job description or anything. But I'm telling you now: make the coffee. First of all, it's something to hold over Dr. McKay's head, because technically you could stop and he'd shrivel up like a raisin. Second, the days here are twenty-eight hours long, so trust me, you are not going to make it through the period of adjustment without your friend and mine, caffeine. Third, you only have to make the first pot, and anything after that is their job-- yeah, I think the guy before me insisted on that. Anyway, when Dr. McKay is being mean, I usually make the first pot so it makes about a cup and a half. Then I have a big cup of coffee." Fantastically realized futurefic.

SGA, The Last Full Measure of Devotion "So he sets his teeth and lets it happen." Rodney dreams of a better world. Dark. (Easily the creepiest thing I've read since Seven Circles Twisting.)

Traders, Love and Kisses Grant learned about ‘kissing on the mouth’ when he was four. Pyjama’d and teeth brushed and tucked up in blanket next to his Nana on the couch, watching actors in a black and white and gray movie, he asked: "What are they doing?"

Wilby Wonderful, ficlet "Say you meet this genie, and he tells you can have whatever your heartdesire. Anything you want," Duck says, and then he waits.


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