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Clearing out my tabs. Many more bookmarked to go back to later. But for now...

Angel, Intervention With the Vampire "Angel, we're not judging you. We're concerned about you. We want to help you." She smiled at him again, and, really, this was getting scary. Had she always had that many teeth? "We think you have Seasonal Affective Disorder. You were a lot better in Pylea, with the sun." (Highly, highly amusing.)

Angel, Into the Woods Fred/Lilah. Sort of AU-ish, pre-series, in so far that Fred is working in Wolfram & Hart's library.

Buffy, Candygram! Worst Case Scenario Challenge, how to fend off a shark. In which Dawn is kick-ass and there is sushi.

Buffy, In the Bleak Midwinter Xander/Dawn. No, really. "I told you she thinks we're useless," Dawn says, kicking at a clump of snow as they walk down the sidewalk towards St. Catherine's. "Everyone else is out on a raid of the lair of the most dangerous vampires since prohibition, and we're looking for a life-size plaster baby Jesus stolen from a nativity scene."

Century Hotel, Best Man Spoilers for the David Hewlett bits of Century Hotel.

CSI, Stop Whispering Jillian Stokes thinks it's a good idea to retrieve a few things from Nick's townhouse. Post-Grave Danger. Nick/Greg.

Good Omens, A Hole in the Hedge "If anyone asked her, Pepper would say that she doesn't remember much about that time. She thinks it's better that way."

HCL, Groupie "Billy goes missing for a couple of days, though that's nothing unusual. He convinces himself that it's just one of Billy's stray cat things until Ox says something about having run into Billy at the fucking UBC art cinema, which, okay, what the fuck?" Mmm, HCL.

HP, Double Happiness Masala Lupin/Snape, nonmagical AU. "Severus had been told that the computing department would send someone to get rid of the virus that had gone through the pharmaceutical department like, well, like the disease it was described as. He disliked intensely the idea of anyone rummaging through his hard drive. But he especially disliked having Remus Lupin in his office."

HP, Society Pages "Honestly, Pansy," her mother said, just before biting down on a cream cake. "You're acting like you've never been betrothed before." Pansy Parksinson/Lavender Brown

HP, The Little Death Viktor/Cedric. Warnings at the top of the fic. Um, so not work-safe.

A Little Princess, Princesses Live Happily Ever After "Sara has discovered that listening to other people’s stories is even nicer than it is to tell her own. Becky swears loyally that Sara’s are always the best and although Sara knows that that can’t be true, Becky saying it gives her a funny, warm feeling in her chest."

Mr & Mrs Smith, Pushover "Oh, don't be such a baby," Jane said. "I'm really not sure about this," John said. Not work-safe, aka smut!

Narnia, Poleis Parts one and two of a WIP (part two linked at the end of part one.) "And that was how Edmund found himself the owner of a smooth-limbed eunuch."

QAF US, Brian Kinney Saves the Universe One morning as they were eating breakfast Brian set down the newspaper he was reading and said, "I should be a senator."

SGA, nine things john has loved and lost*
*and two things he's learning to trust will be there when he needs them
What the titles says. Awesome fic, and an interesting experiment with footnotes. (If I remember right, mouse over them to get a pop-up box with the footnote in it. May require some fiddling with settings if you use a pop-up blocker.)

SGA, Bell Curve 8/9 "On Sunday morning, Rodney woke up late and when he stumbled out of bed he found John sitting on the floor of the living room, the Los Angeles Times opened like newsprint butterfly, wings all over his floor as John methodically read every story out of the science and technology section. Rodney maybe fell in love with him but probably not, since Rodney had kind of been falling in love with John all of Saturday and for at least an hour on Friday while John was editing his thesis."

SGA, Cannonball Sweet little snippet about a heatwave and team bonding. ... Okay, that totally sounds smutty, but this one's completely gen, really!

SGA/Angel, Outward Bound Gunn/Ronon. "He was roughly twelve feet tall, with caramel skin and hazel-green eyes and the motherfucking sexiest sidearm that Gunn had ever seen, if a surface-to-air missile could qualify as a sidearm just because a twelve-foot-tall man strapped it to his thigh. He probably had Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, he looked sort of lost and childlike when he was forced to quit patrolling and come inside with people, and he ate oatmeal with his fingers."

SGA/Father Ted Major Ted “What about M8R-271?” Elizabeth asked. “M8R-271?” His hands were back in his lap, fidgeting again. “The planet where Sergeant Doyle forced an entire village to drink her tea. At gunpoint.” Hee. I love [livejournal.com profile] sga_fusion.

SGA fanart, a seasonal little cartoon.

SV, teaser for the end of Visiting Hours LUTHOR HEIR VICTIM OF HATE CRIME By Lois Lane, Staff Reporter

Stargate Wallpaper Database, including SGA, SG-1, and the original movie.

[livejournal.com profile] femslash_today is a multifandom weekly newsletter for--what else?--femslash, yay!

The Straight Dude's Guide to Brokeback Mountain. "This necessarily presents a dilemma: how to make her happy and endure your first gay-themed movie where guys actually make out on a very big screen right in front of your face? And that’s where I come in. I’m a red-blooded American male homosexual movie critic who’s already seen “Brokeback Mountain.” And I could just tell you how great the film is, that it’s really powerful and moving and all that, but that isn’t what you want to hear. So I have some viewing tips for you, my straight brothers. I promise I’m only here to help..."

Here's a current Funky Winkerbean plot arc about comics and censorship.

From one of my daily web comics, Catharsis, Sometimes holiday cookies go horribly, terrifyingly wrong.

Liebrary. Like Balderdash, but with books.

From Library Land, a blog post about the pros and cons of Library Elf, which lets you track multiple personal library accounts, and sends email remindesr about your overdues.
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Whole bunch of stuff here, mostly fic recs, but with various and sundry bits and pieces thrown in.

Here's an interview with the actress who played Cadman in the SGA ep "Duet." Interesting tidbit in here about that scene with the sheet...

And lovely little Duet Teyla snippet.

Chaos Theory is SGA fic all with the AUs and alternate selfs, and much fun.

Like Running Through Water As far as McKay was concerned, John was a really nifty remote control for Ancient toys. Some great, sharp Rodney characterization here.

And oh dear, Rodney and phone sex do not make a good combination.

And I Would Be is SGA flashfic for the skirting challenge, and hurts, in the good way. Faggots don't fly.

[livejournal.com profile] rageprufrock has updated her
, including some spiffy Bruno & Boots slash, and her SGA AU Hindsight, which is now finished and no longer a WIP.

The Firstlings of the Flock, Good Omens fic in which vegetarianism does not sit well with Crowley.

Some very sparse and lyrical (shut up, the words made sense together in my head) Pirates of the Caribbean fic as recced on [livejournal.com profile] crack_van here.

Ditto for this QAF fic, Growing Up Kinney. Gus is a teenager. And you try finding seating for (let alone explaining) his extended family come graduation.

The Futility of Duty is Due South, Bob-centric fic.

More DS with the post-series Gladly Beyond. All the trademark quirky humour of Due South dead-on, plus some fantastic Ray and Fraser characterization. Especially the bit with the red button.

And look! HCL fic! Honesty is Overrated captures Billy and Joe very succinctly, and ends with the perfect last line.

There's a complete Buffy box set coming out. The bastards.

If you're at all interested you've probably seen it already, but here are the SGA season two opening credits that Sci-Fi cuts when the episode airs. They're kind of disappointing, actually. Very blue.

The German covers for HP and the Half-Blood Prince are spoilerific, but I think the art's cool.

Newspaper editorial gacked from [livejournal.com profile] carlanime, a mother's reflections

Incredibly amazing street art.

Hee, a blog dedicated to the misuse of kanji in Western culture. Hand warmer and Air Conditioner indeed.

And always, there are fannish politics, namely the individual who's asking people to pay her so she can stay at home and write fanfic. An articulate and intelligent response from lj user="cesperanza"> here. I particularily liked:
This isn't fandom. Fandom is not--in my opinion, and despite the constant whining, worried, self-justifying quotes in mediocre newspaper articles--merely a "training ground" for professional writing. Yes, many fan writers become pro-writers, and many people find their writing skills improve as a result of writing fanfic, etc., which is terrific and makes me happy: you go, guys!! Similarly, many fan writers are already pro writers, or English majors, or publishing people, or journalists, or technical writers, or college professors, or--shock!--avid and involved readers, who'd'a thunk. But I believe that that's not why they're fanwriters, and if it IS why they're fanwriters, i.e. purely as a steppingstone to somewhere else, then they're not really in the fannish community

Photos from Animethon are up, and all I can sya is they made Mark a costume with breasts again. And [livejournal.com profile] nekosei has assorted vids he's done on his website, including con opening vids, etc. (I especially like the SakuraCon 2005 vid ([livejournal.com profile] ming_lei and [livejournal.com profile] danmatakizawa as pocky addicts!), and the Animethon 12 AMV opener...)

The Booker award shortlist has been announced. I have not read any of them--oh, no, I lie. I started Never Let You Go, but once I knew the premise, was completely uninterested in finishing the book. (YMMV, especially if you like creepy dystopic concept-driven SF stories.)

And if that isn't enough for you, airborne cats and Stuff on my Cat.


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