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Strees = insomnia, bleargh. Have some links. (Content? What content?)

This one's for [livejournal.com profile] queenzulu: otters holding hands.

[livejournal.com profile] hth_the_first posts about a horror movie campaign and why Joss Whedon is awesome.

For Dan and Mannie over at [livejournal.com profile] pocky_dot_org, and [livejournal.com profile] jetwolf because I know her weakness for cute puppies, How To Talk Like a Corgi.

For Coupling fans, [livejournal.com profile] perian has posted the blurbs that Steven Moffat wrote about what happens to all the characters after the end of season four.

If you've seen the Helsinki Complaints Choir, here's another variant. CBC Radio's "As It Happens" uses listener complaints to record the first Canadian complaints choir.

You could go and get yourself a chocolate deity, or just have some Dalek Chocolate Cake.

(Incidentally, we're going to be in Calgary over the weekend--I think the plan involves wings on Saturday, suppertime-ish. Details provided upon request!)
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(Content? What content?)

Supernatural Season One timeline, potentially useful.

[livejournal.com profile] sga_canada_help is a new community, for fanfic fact-checking about Canada. Not just for SGA fandom!

[livejournal.com profile] girlgerms_news A newsletter collecting links to fic, art, vids and meta centred on women. This can include slash, gen or het, but the focus of each piece must be a female character, either canon or original.

Photo History of Neil Gaiman's hair. Seriously. What else can I say?

Hewlett to pen Starcrossed TV series "David Hewlett (Stargate Atlantis) will draw on his own experiences to pen this quirky half-hour about life behind the camera at a long-running sci-fi space soap."

Dorling Kindersley (who, if you know kids' nonfiction book, does the Eyewitness series), in addition to the Star Wars Ultimate Visual Guide, has also put out the CSI Ultimate Guide, the Smallville Visual Guide, and the Stargate Ultimate Visual Guide. Among others.

Diane Duane talks about the possibility of a So You Want to Be a Wizard movie, which both fills me with large amounts of glee, and makes me vaguely apprehensive.

[livejournal.com profile] liviapenn has an awesome analogy between fanfic warnings and food allergies.

An edition of the Green Man Review that's a tribute to Charles DeLint

A couple of Neil Gaiman short stories, to be listened to online. ("Snow, Glass, Apples" and "Murder Mysteries," both have been up for a while.)

The VOCO Clock wakes you with the "special, soothing voice" of Stephen Fry. ([livejournal.com profile] queenzulu should be very glad that she didn't get this for Christmas. Because you so know she would have. If it had been, um, cheaper.)

A greeting card line with collection names like "f*ing funny" and "oy vey." Because who wouldn't want to get a card that says "I am soooo fucking in love with you!"
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Here are icons made of:

Good Omens
Neil Gaiman

That is all.
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I did not feel like going to the gym tonight, but dragged myself out... only, as I was getting ready to go, to discover that I had no idea where my MP3 player was. And I still don't. It's not on my desk, bedside table, shelf by the door where the keys go, in my purse, my jacket pockets, the pockets of the sweatpants or jeans I was wearing, in the car, the gym bag, the trunk of the car, or turned in at the gym. Grrr.

I mean, I've had it for about three years and it was relatively inexpensive when I got it. But. Still. I hate-hate-hate misplacing things. And also, I have a strong aversion to having to listen to other people's music choices. Rargh. But at least we had yummy things for supper.

Onward to other things!

[livejournal.com profile] danmatakizawa and [livejournal.com profile] ming_lei have migrated over to pocky.org. I went ahead and syndicated the RSS feed at [livejournal.com profile] pocky_dot_org, because I am lazy and read off my lj flist more often than not. Corgi pictures, Japan trip video, video games, and other stuff! Oh, and Bilk. (Beer + Milk. I am not making this up. Neither is Dan. It's a Japanese thing.)

I have not seen the Blood and Chocolate movie yet, but I am dubious. So they've decided to set it in Bucharest. Um, okay. I seem to remember the book taking place in the small-town rural US. (Though I could be wrong, it's been a while.) But whatever. But... WTF is up with the "she must marry the head vampire" plot twist?? And... and... and... yeah. It's from the people who brought us Underworld. I am not confident. At least it will look pretty, though it's a shame the plot looks, um, not quite the same, since the book it's based on is pretty good.

And Bridge to Terebithia! Once again, WTF?? I think I need to re-read it, because I remember it being not-so-much about magic quests and spiffy CGI, as... well. Death. I haven't read the book since I was about nine, but lemme tell you, that's the part I emphatically remember. When I saw the trailer, I may have... reacted somewhat strongly. But we'll see.

Lest you all think I hate all book-to-movie adaptations, the new Charlotte's Web actually looks pretty good. (And no, I haven't seen it yet.)

And a trailer for Blood Ties, based on Tanya Huff's Blood books. Yayness! I am full of anticipation and squee. (She's... a half-blind former police detective. He's.... a romance-novel-writing vampire. Together, THEY FIGHT CRIME! No, seriously!)

A bit of frivolous, Why a Writer Reality TV Show Wouldn't Work.

And finally, the totally random, the Helsinki Complaints Choir is just one of those bizarre, quirky things. "Finnish artists Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen collected the pet peeves and angst-ridden pleas of people in Helsinki and then composed this choral work around the list of complaints. Music composed by Esko GrundstrÃm." I'm not going to even try to describe it.
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... return of the random links! Various things that have collected over the past few months. Some of this may be old news by now.

When I left the school in June, I got assorted wee gifties from the kids. One of my grade five library helpers gave me this figurine, which I think is absolutely lovely and wanted to share.

Jeanette Winterson has written a children's novel.

Jeeves & Wooster T-shirt designs. Hee.

A Survey of the Lesbian Fiction Publishing Industry

The winners of this year's Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest have been announced. This is the contest where people try to create the worst opening sentence of a novel ever. "You've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel loquacious?' - well do you, punk?"

The Top Five Ways to Totally Sabotage Your Comic Submission The top five things NOT to do, and show you how looking at the flip-side of each huge mistake reveals a way to really make your submission stand out from the rest of the pack (or, in this case, from the rest of the envelope pile). From the current submissions reviewer at Dark Horse Comics.

Harper Lee Writes Rare Item for O Magazine "Harper Lee, author of the novel "To Kill A Mockingbird," has written a rare published item _ a letter for Oprah Winfrey's magazine on how she became a reader as a child in a rural, Depression-era Alabama town."

When love flourished in M for medical textbooks "Two weeks ago, Rachel Cooke sparked a nationwide debate by standing up for libraries under threat of closure by penny-pinching bureaucrats. Now, we publish a personal account of how libraries have the power to change lives for the better." By Eva Ibbotson.

SGA reference material: A Primer To Allergic Reactions And Anaphylactic Shock. Also, Heat Stress. 'nough said.

The International Eating Etiquette Test, Don’t Gross Out the World. Is a flash thingie with music, be warned. (I love their question about Canada. It's about the Inuit, and kind of makes me question the validity of the rest of the quiz.)

This one's for [livejournal.com profile] devohoneybee: pretty necklaces! (Though she may have seen it because I think I found the link on Neil Gaiman's blog.)

Pippi Longstocking icons, yay!

Forever Knight season three is coming out on DVD. However, I think the DVD releases are the US episodes, which are each short a few minutes from the aired Canadian versions. Can anyone confirm or deny?

From afterellen.com, Batwoman's Lesbian Identity is No Secret to Comic Book Fans

A federal judge Monday temporarily barred the Miami-Dade County School District from removing a children's book on Cuba from school libraries.

Regender is a translation page for pronouns.

[livejournal.com profile] nestra is collecting stories in comments about whackjob professors.

Livejournal Dungeon Adventure! "Enter your LiveJournal username, or that of any friend or enemy, to explore a dungeon magically generated from their interests and friends list, a dark, underground realm of treasure and monsters and slightly surreal background details." A highly amusing way to waste much time.

Teresa Neilsen Hayden on Fanfic In a purely literary sense, fanfic doesn’t exist. There is only fiction. Fanfic is a legal category created by the modern system of trademarks and copyrights. Putting that label on a work of fiction says nothing about its quality, its creativity, or the intent of the writer who created it.

Heads Up: 'Princess Diaries' Author Has a New Calling—Not Suitable For Children! "But for this particular story, I really feel like the blowjob just hasn't had enough coverage in literature. I was like, "Damn it, I'm going to put that in, because we girls need to talk about it. I did that on purpose because I do feel like there has been a lot of talk lately about adolescent girls doing the whole blowjob-at-parties thing, and I feel like they're not getting the point. You've got to get something back, because it's great if you're going to do that for him, but what's he going to do for you? So I feel like that is something that older women think about, that I don't know necessarily if girls are. That's my calling—to put the blowjob back in literature. It just hasn't had enough exposure." The truly fantastic Meg Cabot, talking about her adult fiction.

The Regeneration of Doctor Who: The ninth Doctor and the influence of the slayer "The new series of Doctor Who and the extent to which it has been influenced, both generically and thematically by US imports, specifically Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

[livejournal.com profile] fish_like_bikes Introducing: Fish Like Bikes, (aka The Female Stargate Characters Fanfiction Kink & Cliche Challenge. "Fish Like Bikes" for short.)
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Okay, I still have seven windows of open tabs, but they're, um. Less densely packed than before.

Rick Mercer is my seekrit TV boyfriend.

If you keeping refreshing the main page at www.neilgaiman.com, eventually you'll get a picture of Neil witha plushy Cthulhu on his head.

[livejournal.com profile] heresluck is sharing Monday poems, yay! Last week's is Trying To Raise the Dead. And this week... When I was in high school, we were instructed to bring in a Canadian poem for English class. One of my classmates brought in Carrots.

These Poetry Month ecards from Endicott Studio are fantastic. So are the poems, like Journeybread Recipe by Lawrence Schimel ("1. In a tupperware wood, mix child and hood. Stir slowly. Add wolf.")

Speaking of poetry (only a month late), the first two Edna St. Vincent Millay poems here do indeed make sense after that snippet of biography I caught on CBC in the car. (And I got to where I was going JUST as they were discussing her many conquests in her all-female college...)

Portland changes its name for a day


Icons, mostly Doctor Who and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.


Angel/BtVS, techsupoort@demons.com "To: wrosenb@ucs.edu From: queenc@lanet.com Subject: Question" Epistolary and apocalyse-y mid-series goodness.

Firefly/Sandman, Everybody Dies Alone "You’re Death," he said. She smiled and tapped her nose. "But . . . ain’t you s’posed to be ugly?"
"I think you’re confusing me with dying," said Death wryly. "That can be an ugly business, I’ll admit."

GA, Christina commentfic "Cristina lost her virginity to a boy in high school, because it seemed like something to do."

GA, Seattle Grace's Scandalous Lesbian Affair, as Told Through Sports Terminology 1. First Base: When Izzie and Addison first kiss, they're arguing. Izzie starts respectfully disagreeing with Addison on the walk from a patient's room, until they're both too upset to continue to disagree respectfully, and Addison steers Izzie into an empty patient's room so she can lose her temper.

GO, Trials and Tribulations In which Aziraphale dodges evangelists.

House, Observations Did anybody else notice how Wilson still never got his DVD player back?

SN, The Memory of Hurts "Casey." Dan was earnest. "Just think of it as another assignment, okay? One where we got incredibly lucky with the travel agent, and we know that no one is gonna look at our expense reports."

SGA, Poltergeist "Sleep to sex in under ten seconds. Maybe I'm not sorry I woke you after all." Non-work-safe snippet.

SGA, Offer Extends to the Pegasus Galaxy "You'd think the mission reports would be enough to silence the gossip. Since Elizabeth just tends to sigh, shake her head and say 'I was warned about this, I can't say I wasn't prepared. I brought it on myself by agreeing to head this mission. Did you get the grain shipment?', you'd think they'd stop. But no, it just seems to fuel the nay-sayers."

SGA, 2010 "Just try to remember not to mention aliens in your acceptance speech." And a related ficlet, Class As

SGA, The Scientific Method
"Congratulations, Colonel, I suspect you've just managed to be the first person in history to have an accidental orgy." Ancient techology made them do it!

SGA, Headbangers Ball "Traditionally, Teyla’s people sing only on the most formal and solemnof occasions, mainly to commemorate the fallen. This is music like nothing she has ever known – fiercely, relentlessly joyful, tumultuous and noisy and disorderly, and it haunts her, a thunderous tide at theback of her mind. It feels blasphemous to sing. It feels necessary. She thinks she may know why this is."

SGA, Missionary Position The Wraith was looking at Rodney again, fixedly. "Proceed," it said. "Describe your non-lethal mating procedure." One of the funniest things I've read in a good, long while.

SGA, Hold Hands and Try To Look Sincere
"for a brief moment, John was utterly, utterly sure that Rodney was going to open his mouth again and say something completely and positively true and also completely and positively inappropriate and regarding their sometimes usually-when-under-alien-duress sex life." Hee! Much fun.

SGA, Welcome to the Working Week "Oh, and by the way, it's not actually your job to make coffee. I mean, it's not in your job description or anything. But I'm telling you now: make the coffee. First of all, it's something to hold over Dr. McKay's head, because technically you could stop and he'd shrivel up like a raisin. Second, the days here are twenty-eight hours long, so trust me, you are not going to make it through the period of adjustment without your friend and mine, caffeine. Third, you only have to make the first pot, and anything after that is their job-- yeah, I think the guy before me insisted on that. Anyway, when Dr. McKay is being mean, I usually make the first pot so it makes about a cup and a half. Then I have a big cup of coffee." Fantastically realized futurefic.

SGA, The Last Full Measure of Devotion "So he sets his teeth and lets it happen." Rodney dreams of a better world. Dark. (Easily the creepiest thing I've read since Seven Circles Twisting.)

Traders, Love and Kisses Grant learned about ‘kissing on the mouth’ when he was four. Pyjama’d and teeth brushed and tucked up in blanket next to his Nana on the couch, watching actors in a black and white and gray movie, he asked: "What are they doing?"

Wilby Wonderful, ficlet "Say you meet this genie, and he tells you can have whatever your heartdesire. Anything you want," Duck says, and then he waits.


Apr. 23rd, 2006 11:35 pm
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La, la, la. I have a kerzillion open tabs of random things:

Unabashedly Geeky Punctuation & Geek Icons, and icons from TS Eliot's The Wasteland, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Fry & Laurie, Jeeves & Wooster, and Doctor Who

McDonald's Prepares for Fast Food Nation "McDonald's however, isn't running scared. Oh no. Instead, they're exchanging war-like internal memos, and promising a "full-scale media campaign" in responses to the upcoming media assault."

Chew on This: Everything You Didn't Want to Know about Fast Food looks like Fast Food Nation for junior high and up. (Too old for my library, or I'd totally be getting it.)

grainspotting Webcomic.

Firefly lights, very cool, but annoyingly, the site plays music at you when it first loads. If I had a yard, I'd want some of these.

Inside Out: Straight Talk from a Gay Jock by Mark Tewksbury. Autobiography from the gay Olympic swimmer, just out. (The book is just out, not the author, who was out already.)

Goth subculture may protect vulnerable children "About half of teenage goths have deliberately harmed themselves or attempted suicide, a new study suggests. But joining the modern subculture – which grew out of the 1980s gothic rock scene – may actually protect vulnerable children, researchers say."

"The best-selling report by the commission that examined the September 11 attacks is being adapted into a graphic book, which the publisher hopes will widen the audience for the panel's findings. The 9/11 Report, A Graphic Adaptation will be published in September." Hmm.

Slings & Arrows season one on DVD! Yay!

Win a copy of the David Hewlett moive Ice Men. Open to US residents only, alas. (Especially since it's SUCH a Canadian movie--one of many ways to tell, from the one hockey scene, all the actors skate and know how to play a pick-up game.)

Iyari Limon on Buffy, Bisexuality, and Adventures in Cooking "When Limon landed the role of Kennedy on Buffy, she knew that she would be playing a lesbian. But what she didn't expect was the personal impact the role would have on her, that it would resurrect truths about her sexuality that she had tried to bury."

Trailer for the book King Dork.

Good Omens fan art, Spectators

The Drugs of Fandom "SGA = Acid. I…I don’t think there’s a whole lot of explanation necessary for this one. If you’ve ever even peeked at SGA fandom, you know that everyfreakin’body is tripping balls."

Okay, that's the random linkspam. There will be more fanfic links in the not-so-distant future.
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My new computer, it is waiting to be picked up! *happy dance* I'm minorly annoyed because I didn't get any notification from Purolator that it was there, and found out by checking my online order status. Also, the pick-up place is only open M-F, 10am-6pm. But realistically, I still have to spend a day or so sorting out and backing up everything on my current hard drive, and cleaning up my incredibly messy desk, etc.

That being said, I have the usual eclectic mess of recs and links:

Battlestar Galactica/[Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Stargate Atlantis, Sports Night, Alias], Domo Arigato "Look," Izzie said. "We're all really stressed right now. We all handle it different ways. Cristina moved in with Dr. Burke, I'm having sex with Alex, Meredith's having sex with... everyone... [...] Look, if George needs to think he's a robot, I think that's a perfectly valid choice." Izzie smiled at him. (Insanely, cracktastically brilliant!)

Barbie, Doll Parts Femmeslash, yay! "The thing about Barbie is that she's not as dumb as she looks."

SGA, Out of Bounds Fantastically cracktastic figure skating AU. (which [livejournal.com profile] mockingspike should read and tell us what he thinks, because that's the kind of t hing we make him do.)
Part one: 'Get back out there.' – 'No. I'm taking up hockey. It'll *hurt* less.'
Part two: 'So why do we have to skate in the nude again?'
Part three: Naturally, John had brought the boom box but had forgotten to bring any music.
Part four: Rodney wondered if John knew 'Mustang Sally' was a favorite with strippers the world over.
Part five: 'This is hero worship, isn't it?'
Part six: 'Me coach. You student. You keep forgetting that lately.'
Part seven: It was just hockey, not a cardinal sin.
Part eight: I'm sure when we were being chased by sabre-toothed tigers we did all kinds of neat tricks.
Part nine: 'You want to be alone?' Kim-the-unutterably-stupid asked.

SGA, The Illustrated Rodneysaurus I know I've linked to this before, but this one has pictures. Pictures!

SGA fanart, Steampunk Victorian London

Dan Brown, Cover Your Eyes: Gay Porn 'Da Vinci' Adaptation to Be Released Same Day as Ron Howard's 'Da Vinci Code' (reads premise) (dissolves into helpless giggles)

This one's also for [livejournal.com profile] mockingspike: Flashbacky Filky Things

The Calls of Cthulhu (looking at [livejournal.com profile] alessar...)
SOLICITOR: Hello, Mr. Cthulhu?
SOLICITOR: Do you have good car insurance?
CTHULHU: I am an Elder God of the Damned. I don't need that simplistic mode of transportation.
SOLICITOR: Well, I understand that you, as an elderly person, must pay a high premium.

And on a tangentially related note, Living dead take prize as oddest literary title The winner of the Bookseller magazine award for the year's oddest book title is the US volume, People Who Don't Know They're Dead: How They Attach Themselves to Unsuspecting Bystanders - and What to Do About It, by Gary Leon Hill, which is said to have sold 15,000 copies.

To Cuddle a Mockingbird "A new survey for World Book Day [...] found that most readers would far rather read a novel that ends happily ever after. Pride and Prejudice was voted the happiest ending in literature, followed by To Kill a Mockingbird and Jane Eyre. In that spirit, therefore, I have begun rewriting great literature to bring it into line with popular sentiment"

An excerpr from Meg Cabot's new adult book, Queen of Babble.

From library activist Sandy Berman, Classism in the Stacks: Libraries and Poor People, and a very reasonable response, On Libraries and the Homeless.


Feb. 4th, 2006 09:04 pm
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More links coming in the not-so-distant future, now that I've fixed my internet.

Sign-up is open for the Get Cordy Laid ficathon. On the anime side of things, [livejournal.com profile] yuri_challenge is now open to claim a request. (Yuri=femmeslash, for the non-anime folk on my flist.)

Some icons, including HP fanart, and Libby Bray's A Great and Terrible Beauty books.

Meg Cabot posts a vid-lit of a day in her life as a writer.

Buffy and Angel, Five Lovers Cordelia Chase Could Have Totally Had, If She'd Wanted Them "Touch her again and I’ll kill you." Oddly enough (for one of my recs), all het.

Firefly, Serenity as Told By the Muppets More fan art than fanfic. Must be seen to be believed.

Grey's Anatomy, Addison kisslets "Kissing Meredith *was* to get back at Derek. If it were for her, it would have been Izzie, all blonde and pretty and competent."

QAF US, Why Alcohol and Justin Don't Really Mix “Hey,” he says... or rather, slurs, but since everybody else at the table is also slurring he figures this is no big deal. He holds his drink aloft, some pink concoction that Emmett bought on Round Whatever-The-Fuck, and continues, “Have I mentioned that these are really, really good drinks?”

SGA, Coup! Badfic challenge. "Rodney and Atlantis trade bodies and a fight for John's luv ensues. Rodney tries to figure out a way to get his body out while Atlantis finally figures out what a man can do." [...] "When John is summoned to an early-morning meeting, he's more than happy to leave his 2IC with his hangdog expression and another two hours worth of inventory, even though Elizabeth's got that weird tone in her voice that means 'problematic' but also 'kind of cool'."

SGA, More Than "The wall clock said it was 1:45 in the afternoon; he'd left for lunch at 1:00 and a quick bank run--which gave him half an hour before Carter started calling at mind-bogglingly annoying three and a quarter minute intervals. Then, he'd call Rodney who'd send in the Air Force, so John figured that in the interest of saving NORAD, the United States Air Force, the local FBI bureau, the Colorado Springs police force, and himself a terrifyingly humiliating public relations incident he should probably get out of this hostage situation on his own."

SGA, Mission Reports "As of right this moment, mission reports will include only details pertaining to the status of negotiated treaties, trade agreements, or possible ZPMs. All medical details will be filtered through Dr. Beckett. As far as the Atlantis mission is concerned, don't ask, don't tell has been replaced by I don't want to know!" Flashfic documentation challenge.

SGA, Plants Flashfic documentation challenge. Short and sweet Katie fic.

SGA, Program Results "Subroutine: Daedalus\engineering\alphashift\boardroom.exe" Hermiod is perplexed.Flashfic documentation challenge.

SGA, Executive summary of the 2,037th ICCAAS human population assessment. Carried out by the Standing Committee on Statistics and Research of the Interstellar Commission for the Conservation of Ancients and Ancient-like Species (ICCAAS) during the 29,856th Wake Cycle. [Translated from the Wraith.] Flashfic documentation challenge.

SGA, Twenty Four Hours With a Rodneysaur "Rarr!" Rodney said, which didn't reassure John, but spending the evening trapped in a room with a small bored dinosaur was probably not going to be much fun.

SN, kissing snippet "Happy birthday," Casey said, and stuck an envelope under Danny's nose.

Check out the Wilby Wonderful Fanfiction index, maintained by [livejournal.com profile] pearl_o!

Here's a Buffy-centric but widely applicable essay on writing fight scenes.

An interesting post on language and gender.
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Making my way through the many, many open tags. Haven't touched the bookmarks yet. Here's the first two windows' worth.

Pimping first: here's the sign-up post for [livejournal.com profile] femslash06.

BTVS, A Slow, Steady Cadence She buried her head under Willow's pillow and spoke into the covers. "College is worse than high school. And boringer." Buffy and Willow bonding. Awww.

BTVS, Fire in your Blood Dawn/Willow, wishverse.

Firefly, Shone a Light and Called It a Star "Jayne's mind ain't been settled since they left Miranda, and this thing with Mal ain't helping matters." Jayne/Mal. Awesome Jayne voice, and the slow build-up is perfect.

Grey's Anatomy, Appendectomy "Surgery is a series of small things." Meredith misses the small things.

Mary Poppins (movie), from [livejournal.com profile] femslash100, #51, lust "I can't very well go gadding about with just any Tom Henry on my day off, can I?" When Jane asked Mary why she'd come to her, this was all the answer she got. Slash.

SGA, Important: Do Not Kill the Scientist Flashfic documentation challenge. "Dear Staff Sargeant Pedersen and Kitchen Staff of Atlantis, Without me you would all be dead several times over. Since I have prevented your horrible and untimely demises please return the favour and keep these lists handy and available to all kitchen staff at all times. I would recommend memorizing their contents because yes, they are that important and yes, I will keep asking." Just fun.

SGA, Performance-Based Acquisition Flashfic documentation challenge. It's about "the incident."

SGA, Moka "Major," Rodney answered, his voice breaking with emotion. "They're roasting coffee beans." Slash. Hurt/comfort. Long and plotty, and has some very creepy moments. Also, will have you craving a really good cup of coffee. (Provided you drink it. Mmmmm, dark roast...) Highly recommended.

SGA/SV, untitled bit of crossover CRACK "When Rodney abuses his top-secret LexCorp security clearance and bursts into Lex Luthor's penthouse apartment, he finds John Sheppard wandering around in some skintight jeans and nothing else."

SGA, 404s "ZPM cannot be displayed. The ZPM you are looking for is currently unavailable. The technology might be experiencing procurement issues, the power signature you are seeking might be almost depleted or you may need to adjust your sensors to detect it." Flashfic documentation challenge.

Angel and Buffy bloopers! Awesome!

All sorts of things found in the comments thread of this femmeslash ficlet-a-thon.

From [livejournal.com profile] book_icons, Harry Potter iCons.
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Between the Female Gen ficathon, I Saw Three Ships, and the SGA Badfic Summary Minificathon (which I have barely started to read), I have many, many recs. Some of them are as follows:

Angel, Three Vital Rules for Staying Stylish, Even (Especially) in a World Overrun by Monsters "Look, you might know ancient prophecies and demonic dialects, and you might know axe-blades and street-fighting kung fu moves, but *I* know clothes, okay?"

Dead Like Me, Ship of Dreams Because it's about Penny.

due South, Kowalski "Even when she'd first thought about divorcing Ray, she'd never considered changing her name. Part of that was practical-— she'd battled to get where she was, and people knew her as ADA Kowalski. Part of it was simple courtesy; her mother had always told her it was devastatingly rude to return a gift given in good faith. And partly, she felt she owed it to Ray."

Firefly, Catching Snowflakes on her Tongue "The snow can't feel," River says. "It's just a thing, doesn't feel at all, no how. Not like a girl."

Firefly, Daughters of Jerusalem River's toes are always cold. This is the way she likes them. She can feel each of them at the end of her feet, count them without looking. The press down on the metal floors of Serenity, they wiggle and skim the ground (it's not ground, but it is, it's her homeland, she remembers coming from here and everything before was a dream, in utero), and when she pulls them up to sit on the chair with her, she can see white spots on the bottom of them that fade again to red as she watches. White spots like stars. "When stars fall," she tells Mal, "they turn into toes." River/Mal, eventually.

Firefly, Making New "As Inara puts the kettle away, she hears someone moving from the bridge to the kitchen. The footsteps are quiet and firm, the easy stride of someone who knows the ship and their way through it, but who is being considerate of others sleeping."

Firefly Where Circles Begin "They say most men are a little bit sly, and it may be true," Zoe mused. "But I should've known no man who used to have that mustache could be a hundred percent upright."

Grey's Anatomy, Grey's Apocalypse "The world ends on a Saturday and the first George hears about it is when a nurse comes out of the cafeteria and she walks right into him without saying anything. He's all set to get indignant when he sees that she's crying and then he just feels bad, so he apologizes for getting in her way and then gets out of it."

Grey's Anatomy, Indecisive, Thy Name Is "Later, after bad Chinese food and too much tequila, George let himself be maneuvered into service as a body pillow. Meredith lay stretched out on the couch, her head on his lap, his hands playing in her hair. Izzie tossed kernels of corn at both of them from her position on the floor, leaning against George's left leg, his right propped up on the coffee table."

Grey's Anatomy Just a Daisy in the Shadow of the Sun "His mother taught him manners, taught him to be polite to women. You open doors for them and buy them dinner and pat their shoulder when they cry and you love them, even when they break your heart, because some girls can't help but do that. Pick up their books when they drop them, pull out their chairs, never make lewd comments, never let your eyes linger below their neckline, women have eyes, they have brains, they should be respected. George knows how to treat women, but he never gets them in the end."

Grey's Anatomy, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year "This is not hate-filled rage-baking, she thinks as she grabs another armful of ingredients from the cupboard. Nor is it panicky, stressed-out avoidance-baking. No, this is Christmas-morning-in-her-slippers-with-chocolate-baking; the oven is warming up the whole kitchen and everything smells homey and the early morning quiet is just perfect as she leans her elbows on the counter and licks the wooden spoon."

Harry Potter, Twenty Random Facts About Ginny Weasley "7. For most of her first year at Hogwarts Ginny was teased mercilessly by Vera Goldman and Henrietta Wainthropp because of her second hand robes and taped together books. By second year she had learned not to let bullies get to her. She had also learned the Bat Boogey Hex."

Harry Potter, three ficlets, The Ugly Duckling, Rumplestiltskin, and Beauty and the Beast "I don't want the second one free. I don't want either one," the Goblin said. "In fact, there are still twelve minutes to go...I'm going to tell you my name, and then you'll know it and the deal will be off."

Pirates of the Caribbean, Of Swords and Flowers "Bodies were buried feet pointing east, and soon Anamaria could point due east from any point in town. Jacques called her La Boussole, and soon she was betting the other children she could point due east even blindfolded. Children who took the bet and then claimed they had no compass and thus could not confirm whether she was correct woke up to fish in their beds the next morning. Anamaria did not take kindly to losing."

RPS, Illegal Zombie-Actor Cage Fighting "You're supposed to be the guy to call if an actor wants to learn to fight zombies." This is utterly insane and I know I'm missing a lot of the jokes, but way too funny, none-the-less.

Six Feet Under, Uncertainty Billy once told Brenda that there was no such thing as a candid photograph. He sat cross-legged in the center of their parents' bed, accentuating every few words by slapping one pajama-clad thigh. "Every human being, Bren – you and I and Mom and Dad and even Dr. M.-D.-P.-H.-D. Gareth fucking Feinberg is always being observed, and any attempt to construct a narrative in which any individual can divorce himself from the gaze of the other in some arbitrary fashion long enough to be considered candid, is an imposition of false consciousness and belongs on the scrap heap of outmoded art forms."

Slammerkin by Emma Donoghue, What D'Ye Lack? A drabble, Mary/Doll.

SGA, Acts of Contrition When the engines finally roar to life, Rodney McKay is not in the engine room, one fist victoriously upraised, clutching a wrench, scorch-marks on his fingers and coolant smeared across his cheek like a red badge of courage. He does not make any speeches, does not loudly proclaim his own genius, does not even offer his team a pithy, "Good work, people. Let's bring her home." When the engines start purring, when the Ancient warship Helios stirs and shudders like a cat stretching out after a ten-thousand-year nap, when the systems all start coming online at once and Rodney's crack team of highly trained scientists are in the engine room squealing like a high school pep squad, Rodney is down the hall in a utility closet.

SGA, An Aesthetic Solitary Thing "My people--" He paused again, shoulders tense, hands curled into white-knuckled fists. He was looking around at them, obviously waiting for the freak-out to come. John's pulse picked up and he was aware of the gun on his hip, but he held himself still. Rodney went on. "We can 'seed'," he made air quotes, "other races. We can pass for human." Cracktastic wingfic.

SGA, Dex In which this summary "OMG So Jon n Rodny want 2 go back 2 Lantis but sum EVOL aliens capture them! and make them make out and wear eyeliner and stuff!1! Will they EVAR get back home?!?! also, Ronin eats a cookie." becomes a partial comic, and Ronon is tricksy.

SGA, Spanish Melodies and Bones Rodney McKay/Laura Cadman/Katie Brown. Rodney looks around the empty corridor, then leans close to her and whispers. "Just because we happened to share a body once, Cadman, doesn't mean you have the right to, to," he flaps his hand between their bodies,"insinuate things."

SGA, Pull Back to Reveal Rodney/John/Ronon, A Canadian, a Satedan, and an American, in twenty steps. Exactly one week after Ronon arrived in the city, Rodney caught him standing shirtless outside Sheppard's quarters and panting. Envy trounced sensibility. "Very impressive," Rodney said. "Very muscley. And seriously, if you were trying to seduce one of the marines, or maybe Elizabeth I'd say you've got a, oh, I don't know, one in three shot? One in four if you get one of the heterosexual ones. But either way, a great initial move."

SGA, Under the Sea "You went to a frat party and tutored them in physics?" Morgenstern pulled out his chair and sat down and rubbed his face. "Of course you did." College AU! John the drunken princess! Rodney being... Rodney!

SGA, Mixing Memory and Desire “A pen?” Rodney continued. “Loose change? Scrunchies? That’s the best you could offer for me? I’m sure I’m worth much more than that on a competitive market, not to mention the fact that--ooh! Are those, what’s the word, powerbars? Is that the peanut butter flavor?”
John frowned. “Rodney, are you all right?” he started, but just then Rodney made a move for the shiny foil wrapper and John had to focus all his attention on placating the outraged Neerian, who refused to calm down and stop making explosive and most likely rude gestures until John proved that he had sufficient control over his slave by tying the piece of string around Rodney’s wrist. “You really do bring these things on yourself,” John said, as he led Rodney away.

SGA, Release Mechanism "Ronon was pretty sure it was weakening their bargaining position to stand here yammering all night. Anyone who called himself a warlord was going to notice that they had a slight issue with chain of command in this outfit, and for a people who demonstrated their prowess through the quality and quantity of the slaves they controlled.... Ronon was no diplomat, but it seemed to him that they should be taking steps to disguise the fact that there wasn’t anyone on this mission who could compel the KP sergeants to give them extra whipped cream on their sweet potato pie, let alone keep a slave in line."

SGA, In conclusion, John totally likes Atlantis best "As they're attempting to leave with their trade agreement--in the form of an enormous ark filled with painted, wooden representations of agreed-upon goods--the eldest of the four Ho'llan princes bursts into hiccupping sobs and clings to Sheppard, eyes huge and artistically red with grief at the loss of his true love."

SGA recap of 2x16, The Long Goodbye "Dude. Weir has a pimping big screen. She totally has her Playstation hooked up and plays Katamari Damancy all day while making important 'I'm working very hard' noises."

Sports Night, Imaginary Husbands of the African Savanna "One night, feeling punchy, Dana cut a picture of Joe Crede out of an old Sports Illustrated and taped it to the control room desk. Looking at him made her more confident in her producing abilities. His mild face and powerful home-run-hitting biceps had a calming effect. Natalie approved of Dana's addition to the control room décor. 'Your baseball husband should have a place of honor,' she said. Natalie, who had been loyal to Derek Jeter for as long as Dana had known her, understood baseball husbands. She understood, for instance, that it did not constitute polygamy to also have a basketball husband, a football husband, and a tennis husband."

Sports Night, I Will Be With You Again "1988 was the year Dan spent falling into bed with pretty nearly anyone, male, female, whatever, anyone who'd smile at him, anyone who'd laugh at his jokes. That was the year of the New Year's Eve party where he slept with, well, no, nobody slept, but anyway, slept with at least three of the girls there, never learning any of their names, not caring. And 1989 was the year when he was plagued by a painful, burning sensation, the year when he learned more than he had ever wanted to know about the nature of antibiotics." Six New Years' for Dan Rydell.

Then there's Fellowship of the Peep, which is LoTR, only more... marshmallowy.

From [livejournal.com profile] trull_sengar comes Amusing Typos from Church Bulletins "The ladies of the Church have cast off clothing of every kind. They may be seen in the basement on Friday afternoon."

A New Yorker article on Mary Poppins: "In the midst of the celebrating crowd, it would have been easy to overlook the sixty-five-year-old woman sitting there, weeping. Anyone who recognized her as P. L. Travers, the author of the Mary Poppins books, could have been forgiven for assuming that her tears were the product either of artistic delight or of financial ecstasy (she owned five per cent of the gross; the movie made her rich). Neither was the case. The picture, she thought, had done a strange kind of violence to her work. She would turn the personally disastrous première into a hilarious dining-out story, with Disney as the butt of her jokes. But she had a premonition that the movie she hated was about to change everything for her. Writing to a friend, she remarked that her life would never be the same."

Horn Book's Narnia Chronicled has a series of articles and editorials, including the 1950's original HB reviews of the books.

Out and Ignored Why are so many school libraries reluctant to embrace gay teens? From School Library Journal.
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Firefly/SGA, Of Mistletoe and Other Magic "Kaylee's got the mischievous look in her eyes of a girl who's been to the botany lab and's been spreading mistletoe all 'round 'Lantis, and she can't keep the grin off her face when a tiny but extremely peevish mob catches up with her." Complications ensue, Atlantis-style.

Fried Green Tomatoes, The Night Idgie Threadgoode Fought a Vampire in Alabama "Idgie Threadgoode. You been gone three days. No word, no news. You are not going to walk into my restaurant and tell me you've been fighting vampires."

Good Omens fan art here. Crowley, Aziraphale, and a chess board.

House, three snippets "So there's a *person* in Exam Two; that doesn't mean he's a *patient*. What if he's not actually sick? What if he's here because he skipped work last week to go golfing and now his boss wants a doctor's note? Then he's not a patient, he's just lazy."

House, In Gear "What?" House assumed as innocent a look as he could muster. "I just think we ought to christen the car." Slash.

SGA, Twenty Random Facts About Atlantis 1. There’s a working ZPM recharger in McKay’s lab. It was mislabelled as a broken Ancient hairdryer. They’ll find it one day. (But the idiot who mislabelled it will have been Wraithed by then.)

SGA, Kept By Ourselves In Silence and Apart McKay had complained bitterly from the moment they were taken prisoner until the first time they took him away. When they brought him back he was beat up and quiet. Ronon had asked him if he was okay. McKay had said: "No." and when Ronon came over to look at him he said: "Don't."

SGA, Ring Out the Bells Sora/Teyla "Sora bit into an Athosian fruit, red and firm-fleshed. The spurt of tartness shocked her. She caught Teyla's eyes across the table and licked the juice from her fingers. Her heart tripped over itself, racing."

SGA, untitled snippet, When John turned into a giant bug, he refused to leave his quarters.

SGA fan art for A Beautiful Lifetime Event.

Sports Night, Sixteen Random Acts
"Dana, we've got like 16 random acts of unpredictability taking place in the last two hours in professional sports. Why do you think it's impossible for us to have film on any one of these?"
"Well, Casey, seeing that it's us, that we're five minutes nineteen seconds short on the show, and that we're on the air in 11 minutes, I would assume that God or someone has ordained that it's impossible for us to have film on any one of those 16 .. whatever you just said."
"Eleven minutes? Natalie just called 10."
"Natalie's wrong."
"She's wrong?"
Dan joined them and tapped his watch with authority. "Natalie's wrong."

This one's for [livejournal.com profile] chaleur23. There's a new fanfic community, dedicated to hockey slash. [livejournal.com profile] 2mins4slashing. Too perfect.

5ideways is an awesome web comic (that seems to be more comic book than comic strip style in its storytelling than than the author's other project, Friendly Hostility) "Something went wrong the night I died." Has a similar sort of feel to a Neil Gaiman story.

On Brokeback Mountain, cowboy movies, and latent homosexuality, from The Guardian.

Joss whedon on the future of TV "Many people have asked me, "Joss, what is the future of television? What will we watch? And how will we watch it? Surely you must know, for you are wise, and slender." I usually smile and say nothing, because I wasn't actually listening to the question. But it's a good one, and I think it's time I let you in on a few highlights of Television-to-Be."
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Firefly/SGA, Of Mistletoe and Other Magic "Kaylee's got the mischievous look in her eyes of a girl who's been to the botany lab and's been spreading mistletoe all 'round 'Lantis, and she can't keep the grin off her face when a tiny but extremely peevish mob catches up with her." Complications ensue, Atlantis-style.

Fried Green Tomatoes, The Night Idgie Threadgoode Fought a Vampire in Alabama "Idgie Threadgoode. You been gone three days. No word, no news. You are not going to walk into my restaurant and tell me you've been fighting vampires."

Good Omens fan art here. Crowley, Aziraphale, and a chess board.

House, three snippets "So there's a *person* in Exam Two; that doesn't mean he's a *patient*. What if he's not actually sick? What if he's here because he skipped work last week to go golfing and now his boss wants a doctor's note? Then he's not a patient, he's just lazy."

House, In Gear "What?" House assumed as innocent a look as he could muster. "I just think we ought to christen the car." Slash.

SGA, Twenty Random Facts About Atlantis 1. There’s a working ZPM recharger in McKay’s lab. It was mislabelled as a broken Ancient hairdryer. They’ll find it one day. (But the idiot who mislabelled it will have been Wraithed by then.)

SGA, Kept By Ourselves In Silence and Apart McKay had complained bitterly from the moment they were taken prisoner until the first time they took him away. When they brought him back he was beat up and quiet. Ronon had asked him if he was okay. McKay had said: "No." and when Ronon came over to look at him he said: "Don't."

SGA, Ring Out the Bells Sora/Teyla "Sora bit into an Athosian fruit, red and firm-fleshed. The spurt of tartness shocked her. She caught Teyla's eyes across the table and licked the juice from her fingers. Her heart tripped over itself, racing."

SGA, untitled snippet, When John turned into a giant bug, he refused to leave his quarters.

SGA fan art for A Beautiful Lifetime Event.

Sports Night, Sixteen Random Acts
"Dana, we've got like 16 random acts of unpredictability taking place in the last two hours in professional sports. Why do you think it's impossible for us to have film on any one of these?"
"Well, Casey, seeing that it's us, that we're five minutes nineteen seconds short on the show, and that we're on the air in 11 minutes, I would assume that God or someone has ordained that it's impossible for us to have film on any one of those 16 .. whatever you just said."
"Eleven minutes? Natalie just called 10."
"Natalie's wrong."
"She's wrong?"
Dan joined them and tapped his watch with authority. "Natalie's wrong."

This one's for [livejournal.com profile] chaleur23. There's a new fanfic community, dedicated to hockey slash. [livejournal.com profile] 2mins4slashing. Too perfect.

5ideways is an awesome web comic (that seems to be more comic book than comic strip style in its storytelling than than the author's other project, Friendly Hostility) "Something went wrong the night I died." Has a similar sort of feel to a Neil Gaiman story.

On Brokeback Mountain, cowboy movies, and latent homosexuality, from The Guardian.

Joss whedon on the future of TV "Many people have asked me, "Joss, what is the future of television? What will we watch? And how will we watch it? Surely you must know, for you are wise, and slender." I usually smile and say nothing, because I wasn't actually listening to the question. But it's a good one, and I think it's time I let you in on a few highlights of Television-to-Be."
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About half of my open tabs:

Firefly, Manners Kaylee/Inara ficlet.

SGA, Tango
"I am not your personal wind-up genius!" Rodney said. "Keep your hands to yourself!"

SGA, Consilience Sometimes Rodney's brain scares him.

SGA, Contraindicated
"My people have been telling me children's tales of men with the strength of the Wraith," Kolya said. "Yesterday, I saw them myself. Something gives them that power."

SGA, bit of WIP "How the hell did a pregnant cat get aboard the Daedalus?

SGA, Jack + John = BFF 4 EVAR, pt 1/2 On December 17th, Stargate Command got a surprise data transfer from Atlantis that, couched in strictly military terms, essentially said, "Oh my God! We found four ZPMs! It's the best ever! Come over and we'll make brownies!"

boys kissing picspam

Canadian actor picspam. (Molly Parker is pretty. So is Sandra Oh.)

The Sentinel is coming out on DVD.

Meg Cabot's blog is now available as a syndicated lj feed!

"Combining food additives may be harmful, say researchers New research on common food additives, including the controversial sweetener aspartame and food colourings, suggests they may interact to interfere with the development of the nervous system."

From Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett's Good Omens, Aziraphale and Crowley's New Year's Resolutions. Written by the authors(!), because of the new 2006 edition of the book.

A fan-made doll from Neil Gaiman's short story "Snow, Glass, Apples."

Muppet Christmas Carol quote icons! I love this movie. I need to rewatch it sometime in the next few days.

And then we've got HP badfic quote icons!

From the webcomic Something Positive, comic book geeks. Snark.

Drunken Santas run riot in Auckland Really, the headlines says it all.

Some more on the ALA and speaking at conferences, ALA, relevance, and the almighty dollar.
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I am using my happy wombat icon, for though I don't have carrots, I do have chocolate-dipped ginger. Mmmmm.

Links! Many, many links! More later, when I finish with the rest of my tabs.

Babysitter's Club, Postcardathon results. This one's for [livejournal.com profile] queenzulu.

BtVS, Miraculous "Giles, you have to do something," Buffy said, and there was more panic than whine in her voice. "I'm not ready for this! It's too much responsibility! I don't have room! I don't have those little walkie-talkies! I don't have--a college degree!"

BtVS, Fallen Princesses "Slayer!" Drusilla gasped through a split lip that trickled down blood. "Naughty slayer come to finish me off....the stars...! the stars....they whisper lies and.....no....no...no..."

BtVS/Angel, Burkle, W., & Calendar, J. (1995). A non-linear representation of eight months in the lives of two graduate students. Really, the title says it all.

DS, more kidfic from [livejournal.com profile] pearl_o here and from the same continuity by [livejournal.com profile] lalejandra here. Ray Vecchio died in June, two weeks after Carrie came home for the summer.

HP, Cedric Diggory is very very gay a love story told in screencaps.

SGA, Pegasus in Flight About the boy who wanted to fly.

SGA, Alterations John hadn't always wanted to be a doctor.

SGA, Still "On PX-3456 Ronon gave Sheppard a clump of dirt."

SGA, Office Space and Other Tools of the Villanious Plot For the [livejournal.com profile] undermistletoe challenge "The Billionaire's Bodyguard." “You made him wear a collar?” “Yes, though the bell was more the point of it really,” Rodney says, the corner of his mouth slanting into his distracted ‘idiots, idiots, why am I fixing the mistakes of idiots’ expression.

SGA, Bell Curve, 9/10 "You know I have this thesis I'm working on?" John asked sarcastically. "You're just looking for an excuse to cheat on me with Norton," Rodney shot back, and handed John a muffin. "Here, it's cranberry walnut. Eat it before I steal the top." And John would, because he recognized a love token from Rodney when he saw one.

SGA, The Top of the List Rodney comes to the rescue. “That guy was—look, you don’t have to deny what—happened to you, I think, I mean, I saw—“

SGA, The Spare When she pressed her back against the ridged back of her chair, her fingers white against the armrests, Elizabeth said, "It is your duty to the empire to marry Rodney McKay."

SGA, Feeding Frenzy The pairing is anyone/everyone. Incredibly un-work-safe, incredibly funny.

SGA, WWII desktop No, not fic, but damn nifty.

Young Wizards, drabble. The pairing? Lone Power/Nita.

Some Macdonald Hall quotes on icons.

[livejournal.com profile] girlwank, the watch journal for [livejournal.com profile] femslash_today, is collecting holiday fic challenges with femslash. So if you know any that need to be added to the list, let them know! (That would be things like the [livejournal.com profile] saffic holiday challenge!)

And speaking of challenges, there's The Alantis Urban Legend Slash Challenge.

A new SGA community, [livejournal.com profile] stargate_legos. Hee!

Cool Roman legion T-shirt from glarkware.

Neil Gaiman's blog: Here at www.neilgaiman.com we're painfully aware that, after five years of me blogging, we're alienating a whole new generation of blog-readers for whom a middle-aged male author maundering on about writing stuff is, frankly, pretty stale. We need a breath of fresh air, just like Winnie the Pooh. Therefore the rest of this blog entry will be written by Skippy, a fictional six-year-old tomboy and computer genius, with a small number of endearing catchphrases.

I wholeheartedly agree with [livejournal.com profile] spike21's 10 things that technology seriously needs to invent right now.

Same-sex marriage ruling a positive step South Africa will be the first African nation to legalize same-sex unions.

The American Library Association makes members pay the registration fee to speak at conferences. I cannot tell you how wrong this is. Gyah.

And now, I need to go get some shopping done. I am afraiiiid...
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Clearing out my tabs. Many more bookmarked to go back to later. But for now...

Angel, Intervention With the Vampire "Angel, we're not judging you. We're concerned about you. We want to help you." She smiled at him again, and, really, this was getting scary. Had she always had that many teeth? "We think you have Seasonal Affective Disorder. You were a lot better in Pylea, with the sun." (Highly, highly amusing.)

Angel, Into the Woods Fred/Lilah. Sort of AU-ish, pre-series, in so far that Fred is working in Wolfram & Hart's library.

Buffy, Candygram! Worst Case Scenario Challenge, how to fend off a shark. In which Dawn is kick-ass and there is sushi.

Buffy, In the Bleak Midwinter Xander/Dawn. No, really. "I told you she thinks we're useless," Dawn says, kicking at a clump of snow as they walk down the sidewalk towards St. Catherine's. "Everyone else is out on a raid of the lair of the most dangerous vampires since prohibition, and we're looking for a life-size plaster baby Jesus stolen from a nativity scene."

Century Hotel, Best Man Spoilers for the David Hewlett bits of Century Hotel.

CSI, Stop Whispering Jillian Stokes thinks it's a good idea to retrieve a few things from Nick's townhouse. Post-Grave Danger. Nick/Greg.

Good Omens, A Hole in the Hedge "If anyone asked her, Pepper would say that she doesn't remember much about that time. She thinks it's better that way."

HCL, Groupie "Billy goes missing for a couple of days, though that's nothing unusual. He convinces himself that it's just one of Billy's stray cat things until Ox says something about having run into Billy at the fucking UBC art cinema, which, okay, what the fuck?" Mmm, HCL.

HP, Double Happiness Masala Lupin/Snape, nonmagical AU. "Severus had been told that the computing department would send someone to get rid of the virus that had gone through the pharmaceutical department like, well, like the disease it was described as. He disliked intensely the idea of anyone rummaging through his hard drive. But he especially disliked having Remus Lupin in his office."

HP, Society Pages "Honestly, Pansy," her mother said, just before biting down on a cream cake. "You're acting like you've never been betrothed before." Pansy Parksinson/Lavender Brown

HP, The Little Death Viktor/Cedric. Warnings at the top of the fic. Um, so not work-safe.

A Little Princess, Princesses Live Happily Ever After "Sara has discovered that listening to other people’s stories is even nicer than it is to tell her own. Becky swears loyally that Sara’s are always the best and although Sara knows that that can’t be true, Becky saying it gives her a funny, warm feeling in her chest."

Mr & Mrs Smith, Pushover "Oh, don't be such a baby," Jane said. "I'm really not sure about this," John said. Not work-safe, aka smut!

Narnia, Poleis Parts one and two of a WIP (part two linked at the end of part one.) "And that was how Edmund found himself the owner of a smooth-limbed eunuch."

QAF US, Brian Kinney Saves the Universe One morning as they were eating breakfast Brian set down the newspaper he was reading and said, "I should be a senator."

SGA, nine things john has loved and lost*
*and two things he's learning to trust will be there when he needs them
What the titles says. Awesome fic, and an interesting experiment with footnotes. (If I remember right, mouse over them to get a pop-up box with the footnote in it. May require some fiddling with settings if you use a pop-up blocker.)

SGA, Bell Curve 8/9 "On Sunday morning, Rodney woke up late and when he stumbled out of bed he found John sitting on the floor of the living room, the Los Angeles Times opened like newsprint butterfly, wings all over his floor as John methodically read every story out of the science and technology section. Rodney maybe fell in love with him but probably not, since Rodney had kind of been falling in love with John all of Saturday and for at least an hour on Friday while John was editing his thesis."

SGA, Cannonball Sweet little snippet about a heatwave and team bonding. ... Okay, that totally sounds smutty, but this one's completely gen, really!

SGA/Angel, Outward Bound Gunn/Ronon. "He was roughly twelve feet tall, with caramel skin and hazel-green eyes and the motherfucking sexiest sidearm that Gunn had ever seen, if a surface-to-air missile could qualify as a sidearm just because a twelve-foot-tall man strapped it to his thigh. He probably had Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, he looked sort of lost and childlike when he was forced to quit patrolling and come inside with people, and he ate oatmeal with his fingers."

SGA/Father Ted Major Ted “What about M8R-271?” Elizabeth asked. “M8R-271?” His hands were back in his lap, fidgeting again. “The planet where Sergeant Doyle forced an entire village to drink her tea. At gunpoint.” Hee. I love [livejournal.com profile] sga_fusion.

SGA fanart, a seasonal little cartoon.

SV, teaser for the end of Visiting Hours LUTHOR HEIR VICTIM OF HATE CRIME By Lois Lane, Staff Reporter

Stargate Wallpaper Database, including SGA, SG-1, and the original movie.

[livejournal.com profile] femslash_today is a multifandom weekly newsletter for--what else?--femslash, yay!

The Straight Dude's Guide to Brokeback Mountain. "This necessarily presents a dilemma: how to make her happy and endure your first gay-themed movie where guys actually make out on a very big screen right in front of your face? And that’s where I come in. I’m a red-blooded American male homosexual movie critic who’s already seen “Brokeback Mountain.” And I could just tell you how great the film is, that it’s really powerful and moving and all that, but that isn’t what you want to hear. So I have some viewing tips for you, my straight brothers. I promise I’m only here to help..."

Here's a current Funky Winkerbean plot arc about comics and censorship.

From one of my daily web comics, Catharsis, Sometimes holiday cookies go horribly, terrifyingly wrong.

Liebrary. Like Balderdash, but with books.

From Library Land, a blog post about the pros and cons of Library Elf, which lets you track multiple personal library accounts, and sends email remindesr about your overdues.
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Pratchett--Monstrous Regiment, This Little Chapel,"There were plaques up all around the Grey House, hanging over them as they worked. Magda once found Tilda Tewt tracing the curvy letter with the line across on the wall below, her lips moving. Abomination. Sister Marcus was walking just behind Magda, so she cleared her throat loudly. Tilda was startled and drew her hand down just in time. That was before they really knew each other." Grim in the right places, and hopeful at the end.

Sports Night, Good Idea, Bad Idea "Whose idea was it to send us to Pittsburgh to cover the Steelers' game? Both of us? I'd be a lot happier if I were watching you suffer through this wind chill from the comfort of a nice warm studio."

SGA, Bell Curve, 7/10 They ate dinner on the living room floor, watching the lights blink and The Christmas Story on television and trading off "My worst Christmas ever…" stories until John fell asleep on Rodney's shoulder, snuffling into Rodney's neck, hair soft and warm against Rodney's cheek.

SGA, Northeastern "The snow didn't bother him, like it did to some of the other students. Whenever someone else came into the lab while he was working, they talked about how much they all wanted the winter to end. Frankly, Rodney started to tune them out; they just interrupted his train of thought. He had been yelling at them at first and of course that earned him no new friends, but he wasn't in school to make friends." Plus, there's a cute kitty!

SGA, blood in old snow Sheppard/Ronon/Teyla, "Two against one is bad odds!"

SGA, untitled snippet, "Afterwards John could never quite remember the worst moment. He remembered with terrifying clarity the time before - the way he’d stood warily in the cell as the three guards came in instead of taking him out, not what he’d been expecting, the way he hadn’t tried to get away because he knew it was pointless, the way he’d struggled anyway, hopeless, helpless instinct, when they pinned him across the table in the corner, his back bent mercilessly double, arms wrenched above his head, and the third one grinned at him and opened his pants and reached out for him." Also related, this snippet.

SGA, Quiet "What Rodney says when he says nothing."

A list of the extras on the SGA DVDs.

Whedon: Buffy Lives In Comics Joss Whedon told fans on the Whedonesque.com fan Web site that he will be continuing the story of the Slayer in a series of Dark Horse comics, which he will write.

So You've Decided to Raise the Dead, a discussion of zombies from scifi.com.

Otters winning battle of wits "In an admission that the slick-furred creatures refuse to respect boundaries imposed by man, authorities want to officially abandon their otter-relocation policy."

Amusing little animation thingie here, Interview with an Honest Boss.

And an addictive pig-stacking game. No, really!
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Have I mentioned that [livejournal.com profile] queenzulu wrote me the truly awesome This is Wonderland fic Beachware for my birthday? Because she did and it is. "Everything is already planned. All the details are set, and you are not going to mess them up, nothing is messing this up, especially not you. You might be a judge, but everyone knows you're a crazy judge. Sir."

Angel, Domination "Cordelia threw them out a little after three, just as Wesley was about to send troops into Paraguay."

BtVS/AtS, Emerging "After five dates, Spike still didn't know they were dating, and Xander was okay with that. He didn't want to spook the guy. They went to the movies a few more times, and out for drinks, and once to a gallery opening, because there was a postcard for it in the café and Xander had never been to one. Openings were boring, he decided, but there was free wine and crackers and you could mock people. Spike and he clearly had the same interests in that direction."

DS, Ice "OK, this? This is stupid, Fraser, this is illogical, because, in case you haven't noticed, it's still snowing. You shovel now, two-three hours later, you gotta come back out and do it all over again. What you do is, you wait until it quits, then you do the whole thing once, then you go collapse and have a beer."

DS, Four Ways Benton Fraser and Ray Kowalski Never Met, and One Way They Did The one where Fraser's grandmother moves them down to chicago and they meet in junior high is just exactly the way it would be.

Firefly commentfic containing Big Damn Serenity spoilers. Autumn is a state of mind.

Firefly, The Instant of a Wreck " 'Hell no. Nothing can -- nothing can touch me.' Dicarlo's words came harsh and broke from his mouth, but there was a plea hidden in his tone. His eyes were screwed shut, his mouth a grimace in his pale face. In Mal's eyes lust suddenly looked like terror."

Firefly, Eight First Kisses River often wonders about her first kiss.

Good Omens, Come and See "Famine isn't aware of the point at which he becomes himself. One moment he was, a freefloating cruelty in distended bellies and parched mouths; the next he was a man."

Good Omens, Eight Nights "The first night, Crowley didn't even notice anything different in Aziraphale's shop. The angel normally put up some ratty bits of tinsel and coloured lights, and once Crowley had had his ritual yearly sneer at them they could be ignored. The only reason he was here, he told himself, was to see what the angel was up to. Aziraphale was up to something, that was certain. His phone call had been very suspicious."

Good Omens, Revisited and Riding Out It was another nice day.

SGA, Eight Ways John and Rodney Gave Themselves Away "Beckett finds out in one of those awkward conversations you sometimes have to have with your doctor, the type made even worse when said doctor starts blushing about halfway through and can’t stop. But bloody hell, it’s not his fault! He’s a geneticist, for Christ’s sake--genes don’t generally tell you embarrassing secrets about their sex lives and then hit you up for more condoms!"

SGA, a spiffy Rodney character study, from John's point of view. "Rodney's scared: his mouth is slashing downward at an even stronger angle than it usually does, his eyes are bright and wild, and he's belting out, John estimates, probably about a hundred thousand words per minute, the edges and ends of each of them precise and laser sharp."

SGA, The Theory of John "Sometimes, Rodney thinks John has the power to make him stupid."

I'm sure most of you who would want a Rodney/John t-shirt have seen them here. But just in case you haven't.

Then there's the The Curmudgeony Librarian Superstore. I want a "Will Storytime for Food" t-shirt.

An awesome rant on fandom and male privilege.

Electric kettles vs stovetop. Which gives me the impression that stovetop kettles are far more common in the States. Huh.

Here's an article on Bay Area writers and their workspaces

Paul Gross's latest project, Film to capture tragic WWI battle of Passchendaele.

[livejournal.com profile] violetisblue is posting yummy-sounding recipes.

Gakked from [livejournal.com profile] simplelyric, who always has the cool media-related news, Bend it Like Beckham sequel, Rupert Grint on playing Ron Weasley, and Joss Whedon Cheers on Buffy's Alumni.

DRM This, Sony! Scary article on Sony and Digital Rights Management.

Alarm clocks are bad. How to wake up and feel better.
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Huh, it's been a while. At least now I can close all my tabs, and make a dent in the bookmarked stuff. (Oh yes, there will be more later.) As usual, a bunch of Stargate: Atlantis fic, some Due South, miscellaneous others, and some truly random links.


Discworld, The Imperfect Mirror of Art "'Fine, fine,' growled Angua. 'Use the uniforms. But my likeness is off limits, do you understand? None of this "horny werewolf officer mooning the city" business. Vampire and werewolf lesbian officers? Werewolves hate vampires!'"

DS, Character sketches Fraser, Ray, and Ray tells us what they know. "Benton Fraser knows: how to tie a bowline knot, tiller's hitch, sheepshank or sailor's knot. Under ideal conditions, over four thousand stars can be seen with the naked eye. To make pemmican, slice your kill into long strips, knead in salt and smoke the meat over green twigs."

DS Ray Is Not Actually Graphing The History Of His Relationship With Fraser--That Would Be Pathetic, And Ray Is Not Pathetic--But If He Was Graphing It, Even Just In His Own Stressed-Out, Messed-Up Brain, It Might Look Something Like This See, if Fraser was a girl (lady, woman, whatever), Ray would have a) figured out they were having a Very Important Relationship Conversation, and also 2) known exactly what he was expected to say.

DS, Rosebud "Fraser had often ruminated on the likely circumstances of his death, and while 'trapped in an ice crevasse,' had certainly been one of them, he hadn't anticipated, 'while arguing with Ray Kowalski about Citizen Kane.' " Not deathfic, don't worry. Short and snappy.

DS, White Gloves and Wet Umbrellas, cover here. Young Stella and both Rays, and wee Frannie. Dance class and an unrealized bit of paths crossing.

DS/SGA Andthentheyhadsex #002 John/Fraser, hotel bar. Chatspam about how John Sheppard and Benton Fraser would hook up.

Firefly, Rain Dances, Little Dreamer, Therapeutic. AU, on a ranch somewhere in Montana. River/Mal.

Fried Green Tomatoes, Obligation "I wasn't sure what you wanted. I just knew what you had to get away from." Idgie was meeting her eyes now, but she was staring up defiantly, like she thought she was telling Frank Bennett. "I didn't really think about anything past getting you out of that goddamn house and into Julian's truck."

Grey's Anatomy, Two Beer Queer "A six pack of Corona, a couple of horny doctors, a pair of salmon surgery scrubs, and a redhead of questionable authenticity." Femmeslash, yay!

SGA, Bell Curve, or, Ladies Night at the Boom Boom Room, pt 6/? "In which Rodney does not believe in an elegant universe, Rodney and Jeannie actually have a moment, and John give Rodney a freebie."

SGA, Circle "John is a little bit intimdiated by how he looks when he's wearing two X chromosomes: all spare lines and pale skin." Genderswap, and some very nice Teyla characterization in this little ficlet.

SGA, some more genderswap fic, "Oddly the first leaping wrongness was who in the hell used their property allowance to bring nail polish to another galaxy?"

SGA, Complimentary, part 1/? Because what sGA fandom needs is more hookerfic. "The view is gorgeous and the city is all twinkling desert from his enormous windows, and Rodney's drunk enough to wax poetic about it--At least until the complimentary hooker shows up. 'Oh, hey,' Rodney says, 'I didn't know I got one of these, too.' "

SGA, Perimeter, part 5 of Alpha Centauri, first four parts linked at the beginning of the post. Rodney/John/Ronon series. "Rodney snorted and slammed his glass of tea down on the table. 'I’m sorry, my mistake, that was very imprecise of me. Maybe he wants to eat with one of his many girlfriends.' "

SGA, Thirst "How many minutes would a mouthful of lukewarm water add to Sheppard's lifespan? What would it feel like?"

SGA, Edges "In one way or another Rodney has always known he was going to lose John." Quietly, devastatingly effective and real, without an ounce of melodrama to spare.

SGA, Separate Sand from Salt "Screw it, Kate thought. She could only stand being professional for so long, when one of her friends was hurting like this. She laced her hand though Laura's and quickly squeezed."

SGA/Macdonald Hall, Snapshot: Reverse Polarities "The best part of this plan is," Bruno said, "if it doesn't work, and the girls break through the barriers we're putting up so that McKay can make his romantic approach to Sheppard's room--they'll just cannabalize him and we're still free!" Boots wanted to cry, but didn't, and it was very hard. "I'm going to go take a shower now." Bruno waved him off. "Don't take too long--I'm cultivating aphrodesiac plants in there."

SGA/Sports Night, Thospar "Fools." Teyla shook her head as she rose to help the doctor up. "It is Thospar's special day."

Young Wizards series by Diane Duane, Spring Cleaning Tom and Carl and a little snippet of happy domesticity. Cute!

Young Wizards, Poetry and Practice and Better When She Glows, Futurefic Nita/Kita snippets.

Young Wizards, why you so young, Nita's parents, spoilers for A Wizard Alone.


Supernatural vid to the Linkin Park song "Faint."

[livejournal.com profile] pearl_o has posted some Wilby Wonderful screencaps.

[livejournal.com profile] undermistletoe is a Smallville and Stargate: Atlantis holiday fanfic challenge.

Two Newsweek articles about the new Narnia movie.

This page of customized super-hero Barbies includes a pretty spiffy-looking Death from Neil Gaiman's Sandman. Also, [livejournal.com profile] endlesscostumes is a community dedicated to costumes of the Endless.

An interview with David Hewlett here. Includes the most embarassing moment of his career.

The website for the game in the latest Terry Pratchett book, Thud. Definitely worth looking at, even if only for the historical perpective on the game, written by Terry Pratchett.

The film short D.E.B.S., that was later turned into a full-length movie, is available online here. Lesbian schoolgirls with guns! I think is stands up better as a film short, actually. (And incidentally, the same site has the short Interview with my Next Girlfriend, with Anne-Marie Macdonald and Cara Pifko from This is Wonderland, among others.

Somewhat late, but a couple of very cool anecdotes, on Rosa Parks and Sojourner Truth.

It's probably old news by now that George Takei (Mr. Sulu on Star Trek) has come out. So has WNBA MVP Sheryl Swoope. And also, James Howe, author of Bunnicula, among other things.

The Altered Art Gallery Cool bits of, well, stuff, turned into art.

Salem Press is giving away "Reference is Cool" buttons.
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SGA, Bell Curve part four is up! Though if you're reading this particular WIP, you probably know that already. "Well, he's very good at drawing F14's on students' papers," Rodney said, business-like, and immediately regretted it when he saw the look on Sheppard's face, which was neither pride nor amusement, but a distressing combination of discomfort and embarrassment. "And uh, things involving advanced physics and math, of course."

SGA, Touch "Rodney McKay was a cuddler. Which was more than John had wanted to know."

SGA, Midnight Munchies is cute team-fic. Yay, group dynamic!

Babysitter's Club, So Hypothetical, this link's for [livejournal.com profile] queenzulu. *g*

Good Omens, For the Birds "For once, Aziraphale couldn't make any excuses, and he couldn't blame the Arrangement, either."

ATLANTIS AMALGAMATED! This looks like the awesomest challenge ever. (I would love to/am afraid to see someone (who's NOT ME, because it takes me literally years to finish anything) write a SG team made up of HCL.)

The second picture down here, of CKR, prompted this lovely bit of Due South scenario.

Neil Gaiman ref in Something Positive this week. (Mirrormask, oh Mirrormask, why are you not opening in a theatre near me?)

Pretty, pretty pictures of the male cast of Firefly. Links to pictures of the girls here. Very, very shiny!

Lenore Vol. 3 is coming out in December! ("And the moral of the story... Be More Specific!")

Cookie With Monkey is just too cute.


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