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Between the Female Gen ficathon, I Saw Three Ships, and the SGA Badfic Summary Minificathon (which I have barely started to read), I have many, many recs. Some of them are as follows:

Angel, Three Vital Rules for Staying Stylish, Even (Especially) in a World Overrun by Monsters "Look, you might know ancient prophecies and demonic dialects, and you might know axe-blades and street-fighting kung fu moves, but *I* know clothes, okay?"

Dead Like Me, Ship of Dreams Because it's about Penny.

due South, Kowalski "Even when she'd first thought about divorcing Ray, she'd never considered changing her name. Part of that was practical-— she'd battled to get where she was, and people knew her as ADA Kowalski. Part of it was simple courtesy; her mother had always told her it was devastatingly rude to return a gift given in good faith. And partly, she felt she owed it to Ray."

Firefly, Catching Snowflakes on her Tongue "The snow can't feel," River says. "It's just a thing, doesn't feel at all, no how. Not like a girl."

Firefly, Daughters of Jerusalem River's toes are always cold. This is the way she likes them. She can feel each of them at the end of her feet, count them without looking. The press down on the metal floors of Serenity, they wiggle and skim the ground (it's not ground, but it is, it's her homeland, she remembers coming from here and everything before was a dream, in utero), and when she pulls them up to sit on the chair with her, she can see white spots on the bottom of them that fade again to red as she watches. White spots like stars. "When stars fall," she tells Mal, "they turn into toes." River/Mal, eventually.

Firefly, Making New "As Inara puts the kettle away, she hears someone moving from the bridge to the kitchen. The footsteps are quiet and firm, the easy stride of someone who knows the ship and their way through it, but who is being considerate of others sleeping."

Firefly Where Circles Begin "They say most men are a little bit sly, and it may be true," Zoe mused. "But I should've known no man who used to have that mustache could be a hundred percent upright."

Grey's Anatomy, Grey's Apocalypse "The world ends on a Saturday and the first George hears about it is when a nurse comes out of the cafeteria and she walks right into him without saying anything. He's all set to get indignant when he sees that she's crying and then he just feels bad, so he apologizes for getting in her way and then gets out of it."

Grey's Anatomy, Indecisive, Thy Name Is "Later, after bad Chinese food and too much tequila, George let himself be maneuvered into service as a body pillow. Meredith lay stretched out on the couch, her head on his lap, his hands playing in her hair. Izzie tossed kernels of corn at both of them from her position on the floor, leaning against George's left leg, his right propped up on the coffee table."

Grey's Anatomy Just a Daisy in the Shadow of the Sun "His mother taught him manners, taught him to be polite to women. You open doors for them and buy them dinner and pat their shoulder when they cry and you love them, even when they break your heart, because some girls can't help but do that. Pick up their books when they drop them, pull out their chairs, never make lewd comments, never let your eyes linger below their neckline, women have eyes, they have brains, they should be respected. George knows how to treat women, but he never gets them in the end."

Grey's Anatomy, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year "This is not hate-filled rage-baking, she thinks as she grabs another armful of ingredients from the cupboard. Nor is it panicky, stressed-out avoidance-baking. No, this is Christmas-morning-in-her-slippers-with-chocolate-baking; the oven is warming up the whole kitchen and everything smells homey and the early morning quiet is just perfect as she leans her elbows on the counter and licks the wooden spoon."

Harry Potter, Twenty Random Facts About Ginny Weasley "7. For most of her first year at Hogwarts Ginny was teased mercilessly by Vera Goldman and Henrietta Wainthropp because of her second hand robes and taped together books. By second year she had learned not to let bullies get to her. She had also learned the Bat Boogey Hex."

Harry Potter, three ficlets, The Ugly Duckling, Rumplestiltskin, and Beauty and the Beast "I don't want the second one free. I don't want either one," the Goblin said. "In fact, there are still twelve minutes to go...I'm going to tell you my name, and then you'll know it and the deal will be off."

Pirates of the Caribbean, Of Swords and Flowers "Bodies were buried feet pointing east, and soon Anamaria could point due east from any point in town. Jacques called her La Boussole, and soon she was betting the other children she could point due east even blindfolded. Children who took the bet and then claimed they had no compass and thus could not confirm whether she was correct woke up to fish in their beds the next morning. Anamaria did not take kindly to losing."

RPS, Illegal Zombie-Actor Cage Fighting "You're supposed to be the guy to call if an actor wants to learn to fight zombies." This is utterly insane and I know I'm missing a lot of the jokes, but way too funny, none-the-less.

Six Feet Under, Uncertainty Billy once told Brenda that there was no such thing as a candid photograph. He sat cross-legged in the center of their parents' bed, accentuating every few words by slapping one pajama-clad thigh. "Every human being, Bren – you and I and Mom and Dad and even Dr. M.-D.-P.-H.-D. Gareth fucking Feinberg is always being observed, and any attempt to construct a narrative in which any individual can divorce himself from the gaze of the other in some arbitrary fashion long enough to be considered candid, is an imposition of false consciousness and belongs on the scrap heap of outmoded art forms."

Slammerkin by Emma Donoghue, What D'Ye Lack? A drabble, Mary/Doll.

SGA, Acts of Contrition When the engines finally roar to life, Rodney McKay is not in the engine room, one fist victoriously upraised, clutching a wrench, scorch-marks on his fingers and coolant smeared across his cheek like a red badge of courage. He does not make any speeches, does not loudly proclaim his own genius, does not even offer his team a pithy, "Good work, people. Let's bring her home." When the engines start purring, when the Ancient warship Helios stirs and shudders like a cat stretching out after a ten-thousand-year nap, when the systems all start coming online at once and Rodney's crack team of highly trained scientists are in the engine room squealing like a high school pep squad, Rodney is down the hall in a utility closet.

SGA, An Aesthetic Solitary Thing "My people--" He paused again, shoulders tense, hands curled into white-knuckled fists. He was looking around at them, obviously waiting for the freak-out to come. John's pulse picked up and he was aware of the gun on his hip, but he held himself still. Rodney went on. "We can 'seed'," he made air quotes, "other races. We can pass for human." Cracktastic wingfic.

SGA, Dex In which this summary "OMG So Jon n Rodny want 2 go back 2 Lantis but sum EVOL aliens capture them! and make them make out and wear eyeliner and stuff!1! Will they EVAR get back home?!?! also, Ronin eats a cookie." becomes a partial comic, and Ronon is tricksy.

SGA, Spanish Melodies and Bones Rodney McKay/Laura Cadman/Katie Brown. Rodney looks around the empty corridor, then leans close to her and whispers. "Just because we happened to share a body once, Cadman, doesn't mean you have the right to, to," he flaps his hand between their bodies,"insinuate things."

SGA, Pull Back to Reveal Rodney/John/Ronon, A Canadian, a Satedan, and an American, in twenty steps. Exactly one week after Ronon arrived in the city, Rodney caught him standing shirtless outside Sheppard's quarters and panting. Envy trounced sensibility. "Very impressive," Rodney said. "Very muscley. And seriously, if you were trying to seduce one of the marines, or maybe Elizabeth I'd say you've got a, oh, I don't know, one in three shot? One in four if you get one of the heterosexual ones. But either way, a great initial move."

SGA, Under the Sea "You went to a frat party and tutored them in physics?" Morgenstern pulled out his chair and sat down and rubbed his face. "Of course you did." College AU! John the drunken princess! Rodney being... Rodney!

SGA, Mixing Memory and Desire “A pen?” Rodney continued. “Loose change? Scrunchies? That’s the best you could offer for me? I’m sure I’m worth much more than that on a competitive market, not to mention the fact that--ooh! Are those, what’s the word, powerbars? Is that the peanut butter flavor?”
John frowned. “Rodney, are you all right?” he started, but just then Rodney made a move for the shiny foil wrapper and John had to focus all his attention on placating the outraged Neerian, who refused to calm down and stop making explosive and most likely rude gestures until John proved that he had sufficient control over his slave by tying the piece of string around Rodney’s wrist. “You really do bring these things on yourself,” John said, as he led Rodney away.

SGA, Release Mechanism "Ronon was pretty sure it was weakening their bargaining position to stand here yammering all night. Anyone who called himself a warlord was going to notice that they had a slight issue with chain of command in this outfit, and for a people who demonstrated their prowess through the quality and quantity of the slaves they controlled.... Ronon was no diplomat, but it seemed to him that they should be taking steps to disguise the fact that there wasn’t anyone on this mission who could compel the KP sergeants to give them extra whipped cream on their sweet potato pie, let alone keep a slave in line."

SGA, In conclusion, John totally likes Atlantis best "As they're attempting to leave with their trade agreement--in the form of an enormous ark filled with painted, wooden representations of agreed-upon goods--the eldest of the four Ho'llan princes bursts into hiccupping sobs and clings to Sheppard, eyes huge and artistically red with grief at the loss of his true love."

SGA recap of 2x16, The Long Goodbye "Dude. Weir has a pimping big screen. She totally has her Playstation hooked up and plays Katamari Damancy all day while making important 'I'm working very hard' noises."

Sports Night, Imaginary Husbands of the African Savanna "One night, feeling punchy, Dana cut a picture of Joe Crede out of an old Sports Illustrated and taped it to the control room desk. Looking at him made her more confident in her producing abilities. His mild face and powerful home-run-hitting biceps had a calming effect. Natalie approved of Dana's addition to the control room décor. 'Your baseball husband should have a place of honor,' she said. Natalie, who had been loyal to Derek Jeter for as long as Dana had known her, understood baseball husbands. She understood, for instance, that it did not constitute polygamy to also have a basketball husband, a football husband, and a tennis husband."

Sports Night, I Will Be With You Again "1988 was the year Dan spent falling into bed with pretty nearly anyone, male, female, whatever, anyone who'd smile at him, anyone who'd laugh at his jokes. That was the year of the New Year's Eve party where he slept with, well, no, nobody slept, but anyway, slept with at least three of the girls there, never learning any of their names, not caring. And 1989 was the year when he was plagued by a painful, burning sensation, the year when he learned more than he had ever wanted to know about the nature of antibiotics." Six New Years' for Dan Rydell.

Then there's Fellowship of the Peep, which is LoTR, only more... marshmallowy.

From [livejournal.com profile] trull_sengar comes Amusing Typos from Church Bulletins "The ladies of the Church have cast off clothing of every kind. They may be seen in the basement on Friday afternoon."

A New Yorker article on Mary Poppins: "In the midst of the celebrating crowd, it would have been easy to overlook the sixty-five-year-old woman sitting there, weeping. Anyone who recognized her as P. L. Travers, the author of the Mary Poppins books, could have been forgiven for assuming that her tears were the product either of artistic delight or of financial ecstasy (she owned five per cent of the gross; the movie made her rich). Neither was the case. The picture, she thought, had done a strange kind of violence to her work. She would turn the personally disastrous première into a hilarious dining-out story, with Disney as the butt of her jokes. But she had a premonition that the movie she hated was about to change everything for her. Writing to a friend, she remarked that her life would never be the same."

Horn Book's Narnia Chronicled has a series of articles and editorials, including the 1950's original HB reviews of the books.

Out and Ignored Why are so many school libraries reluctant to embrace gay teens? From School Library Journal.
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Whole bunch of stuff here, mostly fic recs, but with various and sundry bits and pieces thrown in.

Here's an interview with the actress who played Cadman in the SGA ep "Duet." Interesting tidbit in here about that scene with the sheet...

And lovely little Duet Teyla snippet.

Chaos Theory is SGA fic all with the AUs and alternate selfs, and much fun.

Like Running Through Water As far as McKay was concerned, John was a really nifty remote control for Ancient toys. Some great, sharp Rodney characterization here.

And oh dear, Rodney and phone sex do not make a good combination.

And I Would Be is SGA flashfic for the skirting challenge, and hurts, in the good way. Faggots don't fly.

[livejournal.com profile] rageprufrock has updated her
, including some spiffy Bruno & Boots slash, and her SGA AU Hindsight, which is now finished and no longer a WIP.

The Firstlings of the Flock, Good Omens fic in which vegetarianism does not sit well with Crowley.

Some very sparse and lyrical (shut up, the words made sense together in my head) Pirates of the Caribbean fic as recced on [livejournal.com profile] crack_van here.

Ditto for this QAF fic, Growing Up Kinney. Gus is a teenager. And you try finding seating for (let alone explaining) his extended family come graduation.

The Futility of Duty is Due South, Bob-centric fic.

More DS with the post-series Gladly Beyond. All the trademark quirky humour of Due South dead-on, plus some fantastic Ray and Fraser characterization. Especially the bit with the red button.

And look! HCL fic! Honesty is Overrated captures Billy and Joe very succinctly, and ends with the perfect last line.

There's a complete Buffy box set coming out. The bastards.

If you're at all interested you've probably seen it already, but here are the SGA season two opening credits that Sci-Fi cuts when the episode airs. They're kind of disappointing, actually. Very blue.

The German covers for HP and the Half-Blood Prince are spoilerific, but I think the art's cool.

Newspaper editorial gacked from [livejournal.com profile] carlanime, a mother's reflections

Incredibly amazing street art.

Hee, a blog dedicated to the misuse of kanji in Western culture. Hand warmer and Air Conditioner indeed.

And always, there are fannish politics, namely the individual who's asking people to pay her so she can stay at home and write fanfic. An articulate and intelligent response from lj user="cesperanza"> here. I particularily liked:
This isn't fandom. Fandom is not--in my opinion, and despite the constant whining, worried, self-justifying quotes in mediocre newspaper articles--merely a "training ground" for professional writing. Yes, many fan writers become pro-writers, and many people find their writing skills improve as a result of writing fanfic, etc., which is terrific and makes me happy: you go, guys!! Similarly, many fan writers are already pro writers, or English majors, or publishing people, or journalists, or technical writers, or college professors, or--shock!--avid and involved readers, who'd'a thunk. But I believe that that's not why they're fanwriters, and if it IS why they're fanwriters, i.e. purely as a steppingstone to somewhere else, then they're not really in the fannish community

Photos from Animethon are up, and all I can sya is they made Mark a costume with breasts again. And [livejournal.com profile] nekosei has assorted vids he's done on his website, including con opening vids, etc. (I especially like the SakuraCon 2005 vid ([livejournal.com profile] ming_lei and [livejournal.com profile] danmatakizawa as pocky addicts!), and the Animethon 12 AMV opener...)

The Booker award shortlist has been announced. I have not read any of them--oh, no, I lie. I started Never Let You Go, but once I knew the premise, was completely uninterested in finishing the book. (YMMV, especially if you like creepy dystopic concept-driven SF stories.)

And if that isn't enough for you, airborne cats and Stuff on my Cat.
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It took me a couple of hours on Tuesday to catch up on lj. Final total: skip=320, open tabs when done=36

Behold! Stuff!

DS ficlets from [livejournal.com profile] estrella30, including Ray/Ray, Fraser/Ray, and Frannie fic

Speaking of Frannie fic, [livejournal.com profile] cmshaw's Dearest Frannie, Maggie/Frannie, is succinct and sweet.

[livejournal.com profile] speranza's got a new DS fic, too, Bar None. And I love how very human her Fraser is.

And an interesting DS snippet from [livejournal.com profile] rageprufrock. Gotta love fandoms where ghost-fic is canon...

If her Mind Be Writ, is a lovely epistolary lit fic, from Ophelia to Juliet.

[livejournal.com profile] crack_van has a Pirates of the Caribbean reccer this month! Yay! Colours is a fic gakked from the aforementioned. Captain Jack Sparrow is his usual madcap, charming self. And magpie-like, his memories are stored in bits of bright colour. Slashy, het, and gen bits throughout.

A goofy little bit of PotC fic, Hanging Day, in which Norrington encounters some... monkey-related difficulties.

[livejournal.com profile] brighidestone has her SGA (and SG1) fic all up here!

And here are some drabbles from [livejournal.com profile] advent_atlantis.

Speaking of SGA, [livejournal.com profile] resonant8 has a new fic out, Advantage. "..and now Major Sheppard thinks he's my slave, and just please, please tell me you can undo this, Carson, because I can't have him tagging after me like an oversized kid brother..." Hee. Really, this one was inspired by the slavefic challenge on [livejournal.com profile] sga_flashfic and is a lot of fun.

Women Authors Rule Iran, a brief article on the increasing number and popularity of female authors in Iran.

Spock the Sith Slayer, a Wired article on fanfic. Better than some, but still.

Here's an interesting article from the NY Times on bisexuality.

Also, pollution-fighting trees!

Here's an article from the Wall Street Journal on teen books, and increasingly edgy content.

Potter helps kids learn new words: A new dictionary is using Harry Potter and other top kids' book titles to help children with reading and writing.

Also, this is kind of cool. Plant a Harry Potter Garden With Your Children.

[livejournal.com profile] mimisgrotto posted this absolutely too-cute-for words commercial for... er. Some magazine. The Observer's music magazine. But that's not important. What is important is the sheer adorableness of all the SD bands. More on the artist's site.

A Librarian's Guide to Etiquette. Contains entries like " Salary, On Accepting A Really Low One Because You're Too Wussy To Ask For What You're Really Worth."

This blog entry is a great summary of some of the high points of being a librarian.

Annnd... all that's left are three or four long fic I haven't read yet. I've been making vague gestures at a con report. We'll see if I get the initiative and impetus to finish it.
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Pirates of the Caribbean/Neon Genesis Evangelion crossover. No, really. Cool.

This weekend was the IFWA write-off. Translation: my girl and varied other members of her writer's group spent Fri night, Sat, and Sun all sitting in one large room, armed with comfy desk chairs, laptops or desktops or a notebook and pen, and various snack foods and beverages, and writing. Any socializing took place outside. (Though there was the notable "Dr. Ivan's House of Auuuuugh" aka a certain ifwit's massage table set up in the other room--that reminds me, [livejournal.com profile] mockingspike, we have your salsa!)

[livejournal.com profile] troutkitty finished editing her latest novel. It took her two weeks to do the first hundred pages, and she made it through the last three hundred-some this weekend. Yay! And [livejournal.com profile] queenzulu wrote HCL fic! Yay again! Now I just need to make her write more. But she did a very cool editing job of the IFWA Once More With Feeling video footage (IFWA does OMWF) complete with sparkly effects and [livejournal.com profile] mockingspike's repeated ballet number.

I, being an IFWA spouse rather than an actual member, only spent part of my weekend there, and am not nearly as sleep-deprived as my girl, who went off with [livejournal.com profile] jestyna and co. at the ungodly hour (at very least for a weekend) of 7:30 a.m. both Sat and Sun. In fact, I slept in until noon today. Funny, after those ten-eleven hours of sleep, I am wide awake right now. Ergh.

I so do not need one of these ducks. But they're still pretty cool.


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