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BtVS, Very Vampires "At the end of the day, Darla made one and Dru made one, because after decimating an entire wine cellar of exceptionally well-fed pseudoaristocrats, neither of them was really hungry for two. Dru ate Lilah. She tasted like smooth, thick chocolate and soft warm fruit and fear, so much fear, that melted as she took more and more blood. Lilah looked like a doll, and the more color drained from her skin, the more Dru adored her. Darla had to remind her to feed her, so she wouldn't be lost to time. Darla ate Lindsey. He tasted kind of like ham." Too funny.

BtVS, Drown Dawn/Lilah. "On the Giant Scoreboard of Good, she figured that going to morally ambiguous bars to ogle the same sex was really kind of a minor offense, all things considered." Lovely Dawn-voice.

DS, 10 reasons to hate Ray Kowalski by Raymond Vecchio 1. His big mouth, 2. His clothes, 3. His hands... Ray/Ray.

DS, Closet Case Ray K. and Fraser, and inlaws. "So I'm less than happy when I'm woken up by construction sounds at 3 in the morning. Only in Chicago would some dumbass think 3 am is an acceptable time for carpentry. I get up to pee, and it's the queerest thing, because the hammering and sawing sound like they're coming from my closet."

DS, Dorothy "He sat down and watched as Louis toed off the sequinned red pumps and stuck his feet up on the coffee table with a sigh." Kowalski/Gardino, and queer as queer can be.

Good Omens, A Local Habitation "He wondered on what grounds he could write off spending an afternoon spying on a hospital for young ladies with leprosy. Harassment, maybe, or voyeurism. No, harassment wouldn't do; they didn't know he was there. And while the hospital was called St. James's, he doubted that St. James had actually had a hand in building it. In fact, he was willing to bet that good old Jim had stayed as far away as possible." St. James's park has its own illustrious history. Has illustrations! (I love Aziraphale's umbrella.)

Here is Greenwood, Happiness Through Good Works "Mitsuru hit the wall next to Shinobu's bed with his fist and moaned like a mating cat. Shinobu wondered if that was Mitsuru's inspiration, either out of inexperience or perversity, or perhaps he just needed a sound that Hasukawa would recognize." (Good Greenwood fic makes me very happy!)

HP, Open Your Mind Snape/Charlie Weasley. "I'm to tell you a message," the Malfoy said, breaking Charlie's train of thought. "I've come here with Snape, who says he needs the cover the preserve offers but knows he'll trip the charms." Interesting premise and pairing here.

SGA, Fellow Traveller, part one and part two (complete). The team meets an alien who may or may not be helpful. There are misunderstandings, and Wraith. "Really," Rodney muttered, mostly absorbed in taking energy readings. "I don't recall any incompetent transvestites with head injuries in our little community. Of course, there's Dr. Pierce in Biology, but I certainly wouldn't call him incompetent..." This should totally be an episode! Gen.


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