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Despite the INTENSE BURNING STOMACH PAIN that kept me awake for most of the night, I've managed to down half a bagel with PB, and a cup of coffee with no ill effects. So far, so good. Sigh.

Link, link, linkety links!

HP fanfic: A Place to Be by [livejournal.com profile] hesychasm. Post-war, Harry and Neville are both left behind. Starts with the immediate, gut-wrenching devestation and aftermath of Harry's defeat of Voldemort, and quietly unfolds from there on in. Not explicitly slash.

SGA fanfic: Existence as Interesting as Possible is cool for two reasons--good fic, and it means Wax Jism is writing SGA. Oh, the thrills of being in a live fandom--one that's more than a dozen people.

An interesting article here on Russell T. Davies and the queerness of Dr. Who.

I need to take a look at these Graphic Classics graphic novels. (The public library's got the Robert Louis Stevenson and O. Henry ones. I'm encouraged by the cover art-- the adaptations might be pretty good.

An editorial here on a library's that's rescinded its rule that for-profit day cares can't sign their kids up for the summer reading game. I'm of two minds on this--on one hand, hooray for universal access to library programs, services and materials. On the other hand, there's nothing to stop those kids from signing up individually. It's further muddied by the fact that the library's been distinguishing between for-profit and not for-profit day cares. I can see their logic; the parents are paying the day care to keep their kids entertained and taken care of. It then shouldn't become the job of the public library to do so. The same problem happends with day cares that want to sign their kids up for library storytime programs. (Um... we only have fifteen spots per program, it always fills up with kids and parents who've come in of their own initiative, and you want to take up twelve of them? With kids you're being paid to supervise yourself? No, the answer isn't going to change how mattter how many different people on staff you ask.) However, there's no mention of what the summer reading game entails, or how fierce the demand is. which would all be deciding factors. ... and that was more than I'd intended to say on the matter.

Blogging and job prospects for academics, and a commentary on blog content that's aimed at corporate and business blogs. The first at least recognizes the distinction between a personal and a professional blog, and the second... well, doesn't.

It's another gorgeous sunny day out there. I suppose I should do something about the sink full of dirty dishes and the mountain of laundry. Then I can go sit outside with a book and a glass of iced tea. Too bad we have yet to find the perfect hammock... (well, I did, but it was a humongous one that definitely something that needed to be in a back yard rather than out on a balcony. Sigh. ... and that picture makes it look like a to-scale model or something. Very strange...)


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