Jan. 14th, 2017

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Step one: post fanfic (back-dated) that I genuinely forgot I wrote. Old-school nineties anime, unaltered from its 2001 form. Video Girl Ai, Geometric Progression, in which I make a secondary character gay. Don't judge my early-twenties self for the angst, woe, and probable overuse of adverbs.

Step two: post fanfic I wrote and abandoned on my hard drive. Obscure nineties anime, with a few small continuity tweaks now that I've seen the whole series. Oniisama E.../Brother Dear Brother, The Sharp-Winged Bird in the Gilded Cage, in which I make another secondary character gay. (Not that Oniisama E... needs much help on that front.) No apologies for angst and woe in this fandom, ha.

Step three: Finish Oniisama E... fic with the unlikely pairing of Miya-sama/Kaoru no Kimi. 

Step four: Finish the rambling headcanon type Parks and Rec library AU fanfic, because someone should. (How is there no AU for this fandom where Leslie loves libraries and hates the Parks department??) Not quite there yet, but US friends, if someone wants to answer a few questions on American library systems, let me know. (Would a town in Indiana belong to a bigger consortium or system, for example? Who would do their cataloguing?)

Step five: Convince self that neither Yuri On Ice or Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu need (any more) potentially-angsty vignette-style fanfic. I'll let you know how that turns out...


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