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First off, pretty wallpapers!

Obssession of the Moment has some pretty wallpapers--got the link from someone on my list, can't recall who. Mostly Buffy and Angel, some assorted others.

Educated Virgin also has lost o' Buffy stuff--[livejournal.com profile] queenzulu, take note! Pretty Faith here! Also at Bittersweet Flowers (ditto on the lots of Faith).

Heroine Chic is also heavy on the Whedon wallpaper, including lots of Firefly! Hee! Can't Take the Sky has lots of pretty Firefly screencaps and promo shots. (craves Serenity movie...)

I spent first thing this morning steadfastly ignoring the snow drifting down outside the window (which didn't stick much, and melted away by late afternoon, or I would be complaining about it much more bitterly), and re-reading Transfigurations by [livejournal.com profile] resonant8. Happysigh. Long and plotty, and full of all sorts of lovely details. Also, Harry/Draco, but, y'know, GOOD Harry/Draco.

Random link from the Librarian's Guide to the Internet: If You Are Concerned About Your Child's Gender Behaviors: A Parent Guide.

Another random link, gacked from [livejournal.com profile] simplelyric: Brazilian Town Declares Orgasm Day.

What I've been watching: A couple random eps of Futurama. A few more eps of Witch Hunter Robin. (Waiting for some sort of larger plot to manifest... I'm eight or nine eps in so far.) Twitch City. (With the pon farr, and the gay white supremacists, and Hugh Dillon as Howard the Cannibal! Hee!) House 1x20, "Love Hurts."

Oh, House. With the dominatrix, and Chase, and the overprotective Wilson.

Wilson, off watching TV with House. The patient-guy, telling House that he's gay if he doesn't have sex with Cameron. (And all the slashers shout "Well, duh!") Wilson, sprawled on House's couch, advising him on date etiquette and offering condoms. Wilson, telling Cameron not to hurt House. Clearly, there was a lot of Wilson-love going on this ep.

Cameron had more backbone and poise than she's shown in a while. I'm still adamantly opposed to House/Cameron, mind you. And House's summary of the situation ("I'm broken, and you just want someone you can fix,") was perfect, especially coming over dinner like that.

And you can't forget Chase, with the whole dominatrix... knowledge... thing. (That's me being vaguely incoherent at the possibilities.)

I'm vaguely disappointed that they're pulling the House's-old-girlfriend card. But we shall see how jealous Wilson gets.... *g*

And alas, no more TiW for now... not even the DVDs. Not until July. Hopefully. Hmph.
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