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My new computer, it is waiting to be picked up! *happy dance* I'm minorly annoyed because I didn't get any notification from Purolator that it was there, and found out by checking my online order status. Also, the pick-up place is only open M-F, 10am-6pm. But realistically, I still have to spend a day or so sorting out and backing up everything on my current hard drive, and cleaning up my incredibly messy desk, etc.

That being said, I have the usual eclectic mess of recs and links:

Battlestar Galactica/[Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Stargate Atlantis, Sports Night, Alias], Domo Arigato "Look," Izzie said. "We're all really stressed right now. We all handle it different ways. Cristina moved in with Dr. Burke, I'm having sex with Alex, Meredith's having sex with... everyone... [...] Look, if George needs to think he's a robot, I think that's a perfectly valid choice." Izzie smiled at him. (Insanely, cracktastically brilliant!)

Barbie, Doll Parts Femmeslash, yay! "The thing about Barbie is that she's not as dumb as she looks."

SGA, Out of Bounds Fantastically cracktastic figure skating AU. (which [livejournal.com profile] mockingspike should read and tell us what he thinks, because that's the kind of t hing we make him do.)
Part one: 'Get back out there.' – 'No. I'm taking up hockey. It'll *hurt* less.'
Part two: 'So why do we have to skate in the nude again?'
Part three: Naturally, John had brought the boom box but had forgotten to bring any music.
Part four: Rodney wondered if John knew 'Mustang Sally' was a favorite with strippers the world over.
Part five: 'This is hero worship, isn't it?'
Part six: 'Me coach. You student. You keep forgetting that lately.'
Part seven: It was just hockey, not a cardinal sin.
Part eight: I'm sure when we were being chased by sabre-toothed tigers we did all kinds of neat tricks.
Part nine: 'You want to be alone?' Kim-the-unutterably-stupid asked.

SGA, The Illustrated Rodneysaurus I know I've linked to this before, but this one has pictures. Pictures!

SGA fanart, Steampunk Victorian London

Dan Brown, Cover Your Eyes: Gay Porn 'Da Vinci' Adaptation to Be Released Same Day as Ron Howard's 'Da Vinci Code' (reads premise) (dissolves into helpless giggles)

This one's also for [livejournal.com profile] mockingspike: Flashbacky Filky Things

The Calls of Cthulhu (looking at [livejournal.com profile] alessar...)
SOLICITOR: Hello, Mr. Cthulhu?
SOLICITOR: Do you have good car insurance?
CTHULHU: I am an Elder God of the Damned. I don't need that simplistic mode of transportation.
SOLICITOR: Well, I understand that you, as an elderly person, must pay a high premium.

And on a tangentially related note, Living dead take prize as oddest literary title The winner of the Bookseller magazine award for the year's oddest book title is the US volume, People Who Don't Know They're Dead: How They Attach Themselves to Unsuspecting Bystanders - and What to Do About It, by Gary Leon Hill, which is said to have sold 15,000 copies.

To Cuddle a Mockingbird "A new survey for World Book Day [...] found that most readers would far rather read a novel that ends happily ever after. Pride and Prejudice was voted the happiest ending in literature, followed by To Kill a Mockingbird and Jane Eyre. In that spirit, therefore, I have begun rewriting great literature to bring it into line with popular sentiment"

An excerpr from Meg Cabot's new adult book, Queen of Babble.

From library activist Sandy Berman, Classism in the Stacks: Libraries and Poor People, and a very reasonable response, On Libraries and the Homeless.
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Last lj spamming before bed, I promise.

It's been a while since I've done this...

(dumping links from umpteen-zillion open tabs into lj)

Which reader are you...? from the Telegraph, a tongue-in-cheek look at different kinds of summer readers.

Gakked from [livejournal.com profile] olympia_m, New Sappho poem discovered, which in and of itself is really kind of amazing.

From Dan Savage, Just in time for Pride Month, advice for 15-year-old fags and dykes from grown up gays and lesbians... Some of the replies make sense, others I don't quite agree with. Anyhow.

On the strange and ironic side, a project to create an android of Phillip K. Dick.

Local folk might find http://www.calgarygasprices.com useful.

On the fannish side, Alias/Bruno & Boots crossover. I am amused, despite not knowing Alias.

New DS community, [livejournal.com profile] dues_research, useful for fic-writing details, etc.

Intersections is SGA fic, set in Atlantis, pre-series, John/Rodney.

And more SGA, Crush. "Will someone explain what this word 'man-crush' means?" Hee.

And Face Value, in which Rodney gets telepathy. With the snark and the pining and all. Fun!

Bushwhacked: Outer space, deviant sexualities, and FIREFLY's fanciest lad is an interesting essay on who else, Simon Tam.

(Incidentally, Jewel Staite, Kaylee, was Da Vinci's daughter on Da Vinci's Inquest. Hmm, and also in X-Files, The Odyssey, and Are You Afraid of the Dark?)

Gakked from [livejournal.com profile] simplelyric, season four of Due South is coming out on DVD in September.


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