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I have a not so secret love of ghost stories, and Barb and I both share the same reality ghost show guilty pleasure. Though usually on weekend mornings. AKA, in the daytime.

Favourite not too scary let-me-tell-you-about-historical-things show: Great British Ghosts

Favourite "true story" recreation show: Paranormal Witness (although in later seasons, really, someone needed to tell them to cut back the odd bits of CG by about 70%). I am not terribly fond of the ones that are essentially "dude-bros yell at ghosts."

New favourite not-a-reality-show: The Living And The Dead. I have mixed feelings about the ending, as well-plotted and clever as it all was, and was disappointed to hear that there wasn't going to be a second season. But I enjoyed the swoopy BBC landscapes and period costumes, and excellent soundtrack nonetheless.

And now, Jezebel.com is doing their annual scary stories open post! The last few years, I've ended up reading all the comments on Halloween after the trick-or-treaters are gone. Barb will be working until 9:30 on Halloween night this year. Um. I got smart and started early, mostly during the day. It's an open invitation to their readers to share real-life spooky experiences, supernatural or not, and a few days before Halloween, they'll post a round-up of the top ten.

Past and current highlights:

Murder truck
The suicide car
The little girl who wasn't
The dairy barn
The Armoire
Count the crosses
Black-Eyed Children
James wouldn't like this
The house echoes
Accidental devil worshippers
That's not Papaw
Take care of Persephone
The green hand
The white lady

And I reallllly need to stop reading the comment thread at night now...
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I found this lurking in the depths of an old hard drive, mostly finished and just needing a few connecting paragraphs, and figured I might as well release it into the wild. If you'r reading this on DW, I even dug up a HCL icon to go with it. I think it dates back to about 2001... There's something fitting about posting HCL fic in the very early hours of the morning.

Fandom: Hard Core Logo:
Title: Hey Little Sister
Pairing: Billy/Joe (are you surprised?)
Warnings: Underage but not by much. Nothing that should surprise you in a fandom about punk musicians. A couple more specifics in terms of content can be found in the AO3 tags.
Rating: mature, but not explicit. 
When Billy gets drunk on alcohol, he gets morose. In years gone by he would have been violent. Now, he just sits. And broods.
But when he's drunk and punchy on adrenaline and exhaustion, he sits, and in that soft-spoken, achingly matter-of-fact way he's got, he talks. It's the only time you can get him to talk about the old days.
"Never had any brothers or sisters. Joe did, though."
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Realize I have a leek in the fridge. Try to remember why I bought it. Rinse and chop up the whites. Toss in a pot with some butter. Add a diced onion. Add the last two carrots, two and a half russet potatoes (half because one has a bad spot), and some celery from the freezer, leftover from the Thanksgiving stuffing. (Put the leek greens and the rest of the celery back in the freezer for soup stock.) Realize the onion is scorching on the bottom. Add frozen chicken stock with great haste.

Find some wilted green onion. Strip off the soggy bits and add the rest. Add some white wine, because we bought boxed wine just for this sort of thing. Add black pepper. Add about a quarter cup of red lentils, which will disappear while thickening soup and adding a bit more protein. Rummage through the fridge some more, add bacon salt and a spoonful of the bacon marmalade/spread brought back from vacation, which I think it better as an ingredient than on its own.

Turn down the heat a bit more and walk away for half an hour. Come back, decide not to use the immersion blender, but smash up the chunks of potato with a potato masher. Find some sour cream in the fridge. Realize it's been mixed up with mustard and worchestershire sauce to make dip. Add it anyhow.

Serve topped with a bit more sour cream (from a single-serving container left over from Swiss Chalet take-out), the last bit of green onion, leftover bacon from pancake night, and crunched-up roasted garlic potato chips.

Sooooooup. It will be even better tomorrow.
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Helloooo, LJ/DW. Fandom friends, I miss you. And I find Tumblr, while entertaining to skim through, not my thing for interacting with. So I'm going to try to semi-regularly say something here.

I got kind of stupid-ambitious knitting for Christmas this year, ending up finishing and gifting two cowls (a chunky neutral-toned one for Barb, and a simple but dense linen-stitch multicoloured one for one of my oldest friends) a pair of mittens (practically sister-in-law), a pair of socks (my mom), and four hats.

So I set out to knit my very serious and sober father a hat for Christmas. This is the man who came back from Disneyland and thought it was overrated. I thought I’d found a good hat pattern, nicely understated but still interesting enough to make it worth knitting, and a nice, sturdy plain yarn in my stash to knit it with.

The hat was still in progress December 23rd when we got to my parents'. (The hat wasn’t started until late on the 22nd, and went under the tree still on the needles, but c’est la vie.) I’d also knit three bear hats for the lovely [personal profile] zulu and [profile] usomitai and are exactly the sort of adorable goofy people who would want mama bear hats to match their baby’s. And I was joking with my mom’s neighbour how I should knit one for my dad and how unlikely that would be.

Well. My dad saw my picture of the three bear hats, and said that he wanted one too. When he unwrapped his hat in progress, I told him I’d put ears on as I finished it. I kept asking him if he was sure. Apparently, he is. The hat has ears.

Sad news

May. 28th, 2014 11:36 pm
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I'm very sorry to say that after a flurry of vet appointments over the last two days, Barb made the decision to let Trout go tonight, when we found out he had pancreatic cancer.
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Indexing by Seanan McGuire is on sale! I just finished the print version--if you're intruged by the idea of a secret government agency trying to stop fairy tale narratives from impacting reality, using the Aarne-Thompson Tale Type Index as their field manual, grab ebook for $2! ($2.18 in Canadian currency, if you're counting...)
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So. Sailor Moon.

I am far more excited than I thought I would be--not about the new Sailor Moon anime, because believe me, I am full of geeky joy. Last week maybe? Sometime really recently, it was announced that the one US company had the rights to re-release the entire series of Sailor Moon, and was going to bring it out on Bluray, uncut, both dubbed and subbed.

I could launch into a long history off the top of my head about the dub, the subbed episodes, the episodes that were cut especially from the first season, how the original sixty-five dubbed eps were aired out of order, the canonical gay couple where the pretty one was redubbed as a woman, the kick-ass lesbian couple who were translated into cousins, Sailor Says segments, how the end of the first season was chopped up to gloss over the deaths and make it more kid-friendly with some truly perplexing logic holes--guys, this was my first real fandom and I have a scary amount of details still squirreled away in my head, apparently.

Then there's nostalgia for the era of newsgroups, online friends, sending VHS tapes through the mail (I have no nostalgia for that part, actually), the box of VKLL fansubs that are still in my garage, how it turned out that VKLL was the neighbour of one of my friends from high school, watching the R movie for the first time dubbed into Cantonese with a fan translation script in my hand, the inordinate amount of trading cards I still have somewhere... I could keep going for a while.

Barb gamely watched the first season with me a couple months ago, and it was oddly incongruous to see it with the original Japanese voices and music. I watched a few of the old dub episodes off Youtube afterwards, and I love them in all their cheesy glory. (Barb saw parts of Stars airing live when she was teaching in Japan. She was bemused by the whole thing and came away from watching the Starlights transform with the vague notion that whoever took their clothes off the fastest won.)

But. I'm curious about the new dub now... the first episode went live today, and I'm waiting to see if I'm going to be able to stream it online in Canada. (WORDS LIKE SCIENCE FICTION compared to even a decade ago.) And... I'm excited!


Jan. 2nd, 2014 05:57 pm
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In theory, Barb's vampire books will be up on Amazon for Kindle sometime in the next twelve hours.

Also, Smashword lets you do coupons. So she's made one for friends, Lineage for 50% off (expires February 2, 2014) Use coupon code SH94D when checking out.

And somebody may have spent the afternoon submitting said book to a dozen review sites...
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We spent New Year's Eve curled up on the couch at home eating fancy cheese, and watching the BBC miniseries of Death Comes to Pemberley.

Cheese, couch and wine portion of the evening: five stars.

Death Comes to Pemberley: meh.

I only kept watching because it was pretty BBC period drama, though I don't NOT like Pride and Prejudice, I am not hugely emotionally invested in it, and because Elizabeth Darcy was played by the actor who is Susan in The Bletchley Circle, which I DO highly recommend. (Ladies! Who were codebreakers! Solving crime together in post-war Britain! I successfully pimped it out to [personal profile] zulu and [personal profile] bell when they came to visit last weekend.)

And Barb's alter ego has a new book coming out in less than two weeks! So last night, we got her out of print vampire series up for sale on Smashwords. The cover artist she contracted did an awesome job, and the formatting using Smashwords was less painful than I thought it would be. The next experiment is to see if I can get them onto Amazon today. There are advantages to being an author married to a librarian...

On the go

Aug. 10th, 2013 12:12 pm
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Watching: Parks and Rec, and finding past season one is far more endearing than expected.

Reading: So many things, as always. Just finished the Montmaray Journals, Bitterblue, re-reading the October Daye books, and have the next three manga volumes of Usagi Drop

Listening to: Welcome to Night Vale.

Cooking with zucchini and rhubarb. In separate dishes.

Knitting more socks.
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Me, after opening a link from Tumblr: Apparently, websites that automatically play music at you are still a thing.

Barb: 1998 called. It said "Boo!" because Geocities is dead.

Me: ... I'm totally posting this on LJ/DW. I think there'll be more of an audience for it there than on Facebook.
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If you've seen the news of flooding in Alberta over the weekend, [personal profile] troutkitty and I were unaffected by any of the evacuation orders. The one community in the river valley was evacuated, but the big fear in the city was that they'd close the roads over the river, which never happened. We were under a state of emergency, but it has been lifted, and we're no longer being asked to follow temporary water conservation measures.

Calgary, however, oh my hometown. The last major flood was in 2005. The volume of water in the river at the worst of it was four times the 2005 flood, up to ten times its normal rate.

In a city of a million people, 75,000 people were evacuated. (I've also heard 100,000 but I think that's province-wide right now.) The downtown core was shut down, and is still without power, I think. Last I'd heard, though they're starting to lift evacuation orders, most of downtown will probably be shut down until the middle of next week. (Current estimates are that 350,000 people are typically living and working in the downtown core on a weekday.)

My parents's house is well away from the river, and though I've heard from a couple friends who were evacuated or almost evacuated, I think everyone and their pets are safe and sound. My one cousin and his family weren't in an evacuation zone either, and both my brothers are in unaffected cities.

The Stampede Grounds are flooded. The Stampede starts in two weeks, and they say it's still going to happen. The Saddledome (the major stadium) filled with water up to the eighth row of sets, though. Prince's Island Park off the Eau Claire market downtown was practically submerged, and Shakespeare in the Park is relocating this summer. The Calgary Zoo did not have to evacuate the big cats to cells at the courthouse, though apparently it was a contingency plan.

Here's a great quote from Mayor Nenshi. His city wants him to take a nap now.

Twenty-four municipalities have declared states of emergency, though I think most of them have been lifted by now. The town of High River was one of the hardest and earliest hit, with three reported deaths so far. But if any of the other pictures, you've seen a guy swimming after his cat, don't worry, Momo the cat made it. Canmore, just outside of Banff, was also devastated--looking at the pictures and video, I'm surprised the washed-out highway is already open. Banff flooded too, and lost power when a transformer station went down, but they're back up now. Now Drumheller and Medicine Hat are under flood advisories, and the Armed Forces have been deployed to Medicine Hat to sandbag and build retaining berms.

It's been unreal watching the story unfold on social media, with the amount of information available and how communication has worked compared to the 2005 flood.

So for now, we're going to sit tight, count or blessings, and I'm going to finally get around to running the dishwasher and see if it's dried up out there enough to mow the lawn.
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The hot water tap in our tub upstairs is dripping again. If you should USE the tub, after turning off the tap, it goes beyond a drip to a small, steady stream. It stops running if you go downstairs, turn off the water, go upstairs, take apart the tap, fiddle with the screw holding the washers into the stem, put it back together, go back down to the basement and turn the water back on. I've done this about four times this and last week.

Our tub is probably original to the hundred-and-two year old house. The tap looks new-ish, but there is no brand name on it.

After multiple trips to both Canadian tire and Home Depot and replacing washers three times, I am (on the advice of the last guy I talked to at Home Depot), taking pieces of the tap to a speciality plumbing place because he suspects it's a non-standard sized washer.

I am tired of a) turning the water on and off, and b) having to leave a screwdriver and wrench on the bathroom counter for tap disassembly.

I am armed with two labelled envelopes containing the removables parts of the hot and cold water taps, and pictures on my phone of the tub, the tap, inside the disassembled taps, and the shower head.

Wish me luck.


Apr. 2nd, 2013 12:46 am
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So. I am a giant dork and my first introduction to fandom at the age of seventeen was when we got the internet, while I was watching Sailor Moon with my youngest brother. I then discovered fanfic, more anime, and slash, in that order. This was the era of newsgroups, before Yahoo mailing lists, when the internet was new. (Somewhere I still have my alt.fan.sailor-moon pin.)

I am rewatching Sailor Moon. Barb is humouring me and watching along, even with me peppering her with a running commentary of trivia about sub vs dub vs manga vs fanon.

It's a bit, what's the word, incongruous? watching the first season subbed and in its original form, partly because the music is different. Also, the first half has a lot of filler, even more so when you add in the episodes that were cut from the dub.

The amount of sheer ridiculousness! Hee.

I am totally all *hand-wavey* about the age differences. Because really, what else can you do?

Barb was most interested in Zoisite and Kunzite, and their doomed romance. (Me: don't worry! Kunzite has Endymion to play with! ... I'm sure someone's written that fic.)

We're three quarters of the way through Classic. They've just found the Moon Princess a few episodes ago, and Zoisite is no more. Endymion is running around being brainwashed, squabbling with Kunzite, and Usagi is mopey. Oddly enough, there is a bunch of footage from the Silver Millenium that I remember being in the "Crystal Clear Destiny/Reluctant Princess" episode that don't show up until later.

The only moment so far where I prefer the dub is the scene where the Moon Princess is revealed, and only for the soundtrack in all its cheesy glory. (Before the first North American soundtracks came out, I had the songs recorded on cassette tape by turning the TV volume as high as it would go and putting a tape recorder next to it.) I have the sneaking suspicion that I'll feel the same way about "Carry On" when we get to the final battle.

I was tempted to watch the dub. And then we watched a few clips off Youtube tonight. Like Nephrite's death, complete with Molly's faux-Brooklyn accent. As he dissolves into multicoloured lights, she cries "Nooo, don't go, we'll get a doctah!" As Barb said, yes, because there's a shot for that.

However, Tuxedo Umino is still goofy in either language. Fried shrimp throwing stars transcend language barriers.
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We saw Paranorman last weekend. It was almost. Almost more than the sum of its parts, but not quite. It still has some great moments, but some of the slapstick goes on too long, IMHO. Some of the plot twist-y bits though are quite good, and there's one scene that's just awesome.

I have been putting out Halloween decoration things a bit at a time. Our front window now has gravestones in it. They're actually silhouettes cut out of craft foam hot-glued to cardboard, but hey. Seasonal! I also put up a few strings of lights, which meant climbing around on the stepladder over the overgrown tomato plants that have come in from inside and overtaken the sun porch since we've started getting frost at night.

Forays into craftiness: wreath swathed in cheesecloth, and skeleton-hand candle holders. The living room still smells of permanent marker. I have more plans involving ghosts made from balloons, cheesecloth and glow-sticks, but that involves finding more cheesecloth. There may also be some more glowstick-related plans on the go. Yes, I am a giant dork, and spent several hours Friday night randomly browsing Halloween crafts and decorating.

Will we make Halloween chocolates and cupcakes this year? That still remains to be seen!
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If you are in the mood for some seriously creepy YA set in the 1920's in New York, check out Libba Bray's The Diviners. (Be careful not to get the wrong The Diviners, for if you end up with Margaret Laurence instead, you are in for rather a different reading experience of the classic Can Lit variety.) It IS the start of a series, but the first one is reasonably satisfying and more of the intriguing sort of future possibilities ending rather than a giant cliffhanger.

If you would rather a period detective sort of story, I am enamored lately of the Phryne Fisher books. It is set in 1920's Melbourne, and is about a glamorous lady detective who dashed about, solving murders and sleeping with pretty young men. A tip for those of you in Alberta--your local public library should have all nineteen books as ebooks, via the slightly fiddly Freading ebook database, due to the magic of province-wide consortia licensing. Out of province types, you might have it too if your library subscribes, or in print, but I can't say for sure... I am not usually a big mystery reader, but I'm thoroughly enjoying them. There's also a thirteen episode TV series adaptation that's full of fabulous costumes and what, after the first five episodes, looks to be like an additional spin added in the form of an overarching plot.
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Random links of randomness!

Geektastic baby Halloween costumes. Seriously. Baby Tardis. That is all.

Terry Pratchett’s Own TV Company To Adapt Good Omens And The Watch. This would be pretty awesome if it actually happens...

Alexie mixes previously published stories with batch of new ones Sherman Alexie, author of The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian, has a short story collection coming out and two novels in the works, including one that's from the POV of the main character's friend in Absolutely True Diary.

Craftiness inspired by John Green's A Fault In Our Stars.

Spiffy new covers on the ebook release for the Sorcery and Cecelia series, and an interview with Caroline Stevermer.

This is for [personal profile] zulu! Please Pass The Loofah: Old Spice Guy encounters FEMINIST HULK in the shower. Judith Butler ensues.
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So. Um. Hi, flist. What's cool and/or awesomely geeky on Tumblr?

(Because I am off work next week and CLEARLY I NEED TO SPEND IT READING THE INTERNET.)
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You guys! We were shopping with friends who have small children, and there are Fisher Price Little People DC Superheroes! (I may have bought myself the Batgirl and Wonder Woman two-pack. I did not buy Wonder Woman's invisible jet, though it was tempting.

In other news, [personal profile] zulu is awesome, and sends me things like A Professional Assessment of Twilight Sparkle As A Librarian.

And I am on a surprisingly difficult quest for pencil toppers, the little plastic doodads you put on pencils, in order to make double-pointed knitting needle holders. So if you see them, let me know?
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Sailor Moon reboot!!!!!! This is old news, I know, and has been sitting in an open browser window on my laptop for ages. But my excitement is sustained! (I've been reading the manga, starting with Sailor V and got all the way through R. Now I'm waiting until I have all of S.)

Sailor Moon was my very first fandom. It was 1995, I was seventeen, and then we got the internet. And then I found fandom. Newsgroups! Geocities webpages! FTP sites! It was an era of MIDI and WAV files, 14.4 dial-up modems, and swapping VHS fansubs through the mail. Pretty much all Sailor Moon fanfic out there was on A Sailor Moon Romance, and it was all in a list on one page. New releases came out Friday nights, in two zip files, one for the gen stories (though we didn't call them that), and one for the lemons (aka smut of all varieties).

Last weekend, we visited [personal profile] zulu and [personal profile] bell, and [personal profile] bell and I are both full of fannish glee. We may have made our extremely understanding spouses watch some of Sailor Stars. (Barb was teaching in Japan when Sailor Stars was originally airing. She said when she first saw it, as far as she could figure, whoever took their clothes off first won.) I had forgotten how WTF Stars is, especially without watching the previous four seasons first.

I mayyyyy have a USB key loaded up with all forty-some eps of the first season, thanks to [personal profile] bell...


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