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I have a not so secret love of ghost stories, and Barb and I both share the same reality ghost show guilty pleasure. Though usually on weekend mornings. AKA, in the daytime.

Favourite not too scary let-me-tell-you-about-historical-things show: Great British Ghosts

Favourite "true story" recreation show: Paranormal Witness (although in later seasons, really, someone needed to tell them to cut back the odd bits of CG by about 70%). I am not terribly fond of the ones that are essentially "dude-bros yell at ghosts."

New favourite not-a-reality-show: The Living And The Dead. I have mixed feelings about the ending, as well-plotted and clever as it all was, and was disappointed to hear that there wasn't going to be a second season. But I enjoyed the swoopy BBC landscapes and period costumes, and excellent soundtrack nonetheless.

And now, Jezebel.com is doing their annual scary stories open post! The last few years, I've ended up reading all the comments on Halloween after the trick-or-treaters are gone. Barb will be working until 9:30 on Halloween night this year. Um. I got smart and started early, mostly during the day. It's an open invitation to their readers to share real-life spooky experiences, supernatural or not, and a few days before Halloween, they'll post a round-up of the top ten.

Past and current highlights:

Murder truck
The suicide car
The little girl who wasn't
The dairy barn
The Armoire
Count the crosses
Black-Eyed Children
James wouldn't like this
The house echoes
Accidental devil worshippers
That's not Papaw
Take care of Persephone
The green hand
The white lady

And I reallllly need to stop reading the comment thread at night now...
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