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I seem to be on a finishing-things spree. Lest anyone get the wrong idea about my incredibly idiosyncratic fanfic productivity, most of this one was written three or four months ago, and just finished up today with the last couple paragraphs.

Considering that before this, I hadn't posted anything since 2006, I've been crazy-prolific (for me) with the odds and ends I've dug out, polished off, and thrown up on AO3 lately. There was the obscure anime secondary character femmeslash (in what is arguably already one of the gayest nineties anime out there), the classic eighties anime secondary character slash that had been out there but I just flat out forgot to post to AO3 with everything else (and boldly resister the urge to rewrite and edit because it was written fifteen-plus years ago), and the Hard Core Logo fic that was languishing on a back-up drive. I thiiiink that's all, other than the other continuing library au thing I've got on the go. (Although I do have a half-done Wilby Wonderful fic somewhere along the same how-can-I-queer-up-the-secondary-characters lines...)

But! I just do not understand how no-one has written a library AU of Parks and Rec. Seriously, fandom... seriously. So I finally did something about that.

Parks and Recreation AU: Pawnee Public Library Leslie Knope loves libraries (and hates the Parks Department, bunch of punk-ass dirt jockeys).
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