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I continue to have Opinions on the internet.

I have seen one too many pieces of fic on AO3, or fanart on Tumblr, (or vice versa) with tags or author's notes bemoaning how much it sucks. (And here I will say here on LJ, it makes me feel old and want to pat people on the head and give them cookies and a fuzzy blanket.)  So here is what I told the internet, whether or not they're listening.


Dear creators,

Artists and authors and creative people of all types, please do something. For me, and for the rest of your audience, and most of all, for yourself.
Please stop apologizing. Don’t put down your work.
I know it’s hard. I know sometimes all you can see are the flaws and mistakes, and all the million ways it doesn’t match what’s in your head.
It’s okay.
I know it’s frustrating, and it’s so hard not to compare it to your own vision, and to what other people can do. It’s okay to still be learning. (It’s better to never stop learning.) It’s okay to not be perfect. (Spoiler alert: it will never be perfect.)
Be proud and own it. Put it out there trusting that it will bring someone joy. 
Take the compliment. Don’t put your own work down when someone tells you they love it. Just say thanks. It’s okay to own the bits that didn’t turn out, but don’t forget to claim the parts that went right too, and the work that went into it.
I used to teach storytelling, and borrowed the words of the person who came before me. Storytellers are magic. Don’t worry when you make a mistake. Never stop and apologize. Just keep going, because you’re the only one who knows the way you meant the story to go. Your audience doesn’t care, because storytellers are magic. 
Here’s a secret. Making something from nothing is magic. You are all magic, and you don’t need to apologize. It’s okay to be proud of your work.
So stop saying sorry. Just say thanks. You’re magic, and we love you.
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